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Winds of War

Planet earth is again in an era much like that time leading up to World War II. Beyond that, one senses that the time of the thawing of the Cold War era is at an end and that the prospects for nuclear winter, as John F. Kennedy once proposed was setting in to Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, is again in the offing.

Author Herman Wouk wrote about the time leading up to the Second World War in his novel, The Winds of War. A 1983 television miniseries based upon that book chronicled, through a fictional family and others, the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. The nearly fifteen-hour-long productions captured the essence of the geopolitical atmospherics of the time. The Winds of War was the perfect title for Wouk’s novel and for the miniseries.

Such a story could be written about these times presaging the buildup to an even more troubled time of human history. Much of our news today deals with  North Korea and potential nuclear conflict in the part of the Middle East where Israel must deal with hate-filled enemies. There still seems a general sense that the truly dangerous powerhouses of potential war-making are still in the Cold War thaw. Nothing could be more misunderstood.

Actually, thanks to the  totally out-of-control former American presidential administration, the United States is the only nuclear powerhouse which was continuing the Cold War thaw. While Russia, under a macho, ego-driven former KGB thug, was and is going at breakneck speed to increase Russia’s nuclear arsenal–and every other element of their military complex– Mr. Obama wanted America’s total nuclear stockpile reduced to around 300. This, he strove to do unilaterally. China, at the same time, was and is developing a nuclear submarine force and many other military assets–funded, may I say, by the US Treasury.

Both Russia and China have been flexing their burgeoning military muscle power. Russia has sent nuclear bombers near borders of northern Europe and along some coastal areas of Alaska, to test, it is thought, 1) defensive warnings and capabilities of those military powers Russian planners consider top enemy; and 2) to see just how far they can push, as is Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin’s proven way of being a bully.

China is constantly making incursions into areas of the Pacific and other places that the Chinese leadership and military strategists know are considered territorial waters that represent danger zones for producing potential conflict. Russia has built and continues to upgrade a huge complex in preparation for command and control in case of nuclear war, according to experts on such matters.

The National Defense Control Center (NDCC) replaces (is an upgrade of) the central command of the general staff, a nerve center that monitors all military threats to Russia and utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to deal with such concerns. The facility is the counterpart to the US National Military Command Center, the Pentagon’s monitoring and response center to military nuclear threats.

I attended the twenty-third annual Pre-Trib Prophecy group gathering at Dallas several years ago. Current events were top priority in the discussions and presentations during those sessions. Dr. Thomas Ice, the group’s director, gave a presentation in which he addressed things going on in the Middle East as they might portend things to come.

I inferred that Dr. Ice believed that while modern nations aren’t mentioned by their contemporary names in the Ezekiel 38-39 prophesied Gog-Magog war, developments in the region involving Russia, Iran, and other present-day national entities are almost certainly preparation for that end-times invasion. We are witnessing the winds of war–the Gog-Magog War, and the war called Armageddon. That is what I took from Ice’s presentation. And, I concur completely, as anyone who reads these commentaries is aware.

A major point I took away from those meetings is that we are to understand our roles as Christians in today’s world as we see these wars and rumors of war in our headlines. It is God’s desire that we play a most important role, collectively and individually. To do less is to shirk our responsibilities. Sadly, many within the Church are asleep. We are in the “think-not” time about which Jesus forewarned as recorded in Matthew 24: 44.

The banquet speaker for the Pre-Trib group that year was Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas. He summed the purpose we as believers are to serve as these winds of war blow across this end-times landscape.

He used the analogy God’s Word uses, and with which most are familiar. He said we must be salt and light. There’s nothing new in that exhortation.

However, his in-depth explanation was most interesting–particularly the part about being salt.

Dr. Jeffress said that there is no hope–humanly speaking–for America, or for the world. All is dying, decaying. That is, there is nothing any politician or political process can do to save this nation or any other. All are passing into the dust bin of history. Salt, he said, cannot “permanently preserve” food–for example, meat. All it can do is to “delay” the decay of the meat. The meat is destined to desiccate.

Our purpose in the case of the Church–all born-again believers–is to act, individually and collectively, as a preservative agent. We can act only to delay the decay, the degeneration into the sin-darkness of mankind’s eventual, God-rejecting, human history.

This is the answer to the question: Why should Christians get involved in the political process? Why even bother to vote? The answer is that we are commanded to stand in the struggle against the gathering darkness. We must fight to the very last second just before we go to be with the Lord, whether in death, or in the Rapture. We are to act as preservative against immorality and all other evil, taking on the whole armor of God as given in Ephesians chapter 6.

We are to be light in this darkening sphere. We are to preach and teach the gospel and all other principles within God’s Word. The Founding Fathers implanted much of that Word within our Constitution. It is therefore, a Christian’s duty to stand for those founding principles, always putting God’s holy letter to mankind–the Bible–at the center of all our thinking and actions.

The winds of war are blowing. It’s time to be good soldiers of the cross in every respect.

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  1. lyndon weggery says:

    very good comments Terry and I remember watching” winds of war” and it’s sequel” war and remembrance”in the 80s.But be encouraged now with the death of Billy Graham we may very well see a last major world-wide evangelical revival before the Rapture in terms of Joel 3 and 2 Peter 3.

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