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The Enragement

There are many in America, it is more than obvious, who are only minimally aware or not aware at all of the enragement spawned by the 2016 presidential election. Because I am so intensely aware of the rage ripping at the heart of the nation, those who don’t seem to even notice the damage being done irritate me to distraction. My only comfort comes from the knowledge that God has it all under control. –That, and the conviction that a reconstituted silent majority will manifest its own enragement when it’s time to enter the voting booths during this year’s mid-term elections.

Then, I come to my spiritual senses and realize that politics are of a temporal nature that render effects on the human condition fleeting at best. Only investment in things of God will triumph at the end of the day. Humanistic influences—be they constituted of political or any other man-centered ingredient—are of no lasting consequence.

Still, we must endure present circumstance, so it’s best to do so by, as calmly and thoughtfully as possible, analyzing things as they exist.

Always, it is our purpose at Rapture Ready to probe with the sharp, revealing Word of Bible prophecy. Doing so makes possible the understanding of even the absolute insanity exhibited by the political left, pumped up in its enragement by ideological steroids injected by mainstream news and entertainment media.

It takes no more than a modicum of effort to get to the very center of the anger. The winner of the 2016 presidential election is the object of rage for hatred central—the political party which, it seems, becomes more radical by the day.

To get right to the proof of the pudding, as the term goes, we look at an individual party member that more than most others represents the radicalized left in the matter of hatred for the duly elected president.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., is the apex mover and shaker in the so-called resistance. We remember her inflammatory rhetoric upon her learning of White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders being ejected from a Washington, D.C., restaurant because she worked for the Trump Administration.

Waters said, “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them! And you tell them that they are not welcome, anymore, anywhere.”

Despite some within her political party making limp attempts to distance themselves from Waters’ lunacy, the enragement just continues to mount. Waters, rather than back down from her incitement, continues to throw fuel on the fires started by the so-called Antifa movement, an organized group of haters equating the Trump Administration to the fascist government of the days of Benito Mussolini, axis partner with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis of World War II.

The enragement will soon reach a dangerous level, it is feared by those who observe from the perspective of students of history.

World Net Daily (WND) columnist Dennis Prager said the following:

“Because of the ever-descending moral and intellectual state of the mainstream news media, there has been no outcry against the leftists who call President Donald Trump and all Americans who support him Nazis. Indeed, members of the media now regularly do so.

“Without that outcry, this labeling will only increase; and this steadily increasing drumbeat of hysteria is likely to lead to one result: violence against conservatives,” he warned.

“It is not plausible to foresee any other outcome of left-wing normalization of the terms ‘Nazi’ and ‘white supremacist.’”

A WND report presented the following regarding the political rage that is building. Veteran political adviser and longtime columnist Pat Buchanan warned inflammatory rhetoric sometimes is followed by very real violence.

“The left, to the point of irrationality, despises a triumphant Trumpian right and believes that to equate it with fascists is not only legitimate, but a sign that the accusers are the real moral, righteous and courageous dissenters in these terrible times,” he explained.

It has happened before, he pointed out.

“After Dr. King’s assassination, a hundred cities, including the capital, were looted and burned. Scores died. U.S. troops and the National Guard were called out to restore order. Soldiers returning from Vietnam were spat upon. Cops were gunned down by urban terrorists. Bombings and bomb attempts were everyday occurrences. Campuses were closed down. In May 1971, tens of thousands of radicals went on a rampage to shut down D.C.,” he said.

And Buchanan cited the left’s frequent comparisons of Trump to Nazi Germany, which “are absurd.”

“Does anyone truly believe that the centers where the children of illegal migrants are being held, run as they are by liberal bureaucrats from the Department of Health and Human Services, are like Stalin’s Gulag or Hitler’s camps?” he wrote. (WND.com, July 3, 2018)

Again, while humanistic rage and political enragement are troubling, it is incumbent upon the spiritually-attuned to consider the real battle being waged. We find that battle in Ephesians 6: 12—We struggle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

We get right to the heart of the cause and effect by considering the following:

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” (1 Pet 5: 8)

Satan—the devil—is enraged. So, too, are his minions, both demonic and human. However, we are not to fall victim to the enragement of minions who want to throw off the bonds of Heaven’s governance. Jesus is our strength and our fortress. We are told: “Greater is he who is in you, than he who is in the world.” (1 Jn 4: 4)


  1. Christy Benoist says:

    Terry, thank you once again dear brother in Jesus, for putting things into perspective. XLNT article…and it comforts my vexed soul. One day soooon, I PRAY, we are going to see the KING. Couldn’t possibly be much longer. Convergence is converging upon itself. Blessings dearest brother. Maranatha. In Jesus, Christy

  2. Stuart Wright says:

    I agree entirely with your assessment. The devil knows his time is short, and is working very hard to not only deceive remnant Christians into complacency, but also nominal Christians into lethargic apathy. As the enragement continues (a consequence of our increasingly estranged nation), Christians are missing a window of opportunity to advance the gospel that hasn’t been present in over a decade, I cannot help but conclude that this is the final chance before our Blessed Hope returns for us.

  3. Jeff Scanga says:

    I feel like I am experiencing what the remnant of ancient Israel experienced. I’m talking about the small tiny percentage of people who refused to bend the knee to Baal or worship idols. I wonder if they were as vexed as I am. I wonder if they even started to lose hope. Well no, hope is never lost and we must always remember we already know how this is all going to turn out.
    Spoiler Alert: God wins. GOOD wins.

  4. mary says:

    I agree with you on all points my brother. I look forward to meeting all the children of God in the rapture. I look forward to a new heaven and a new earth in which dwells righteousness and peace, Oh! how i long for that day. My heart weeps for it. I wonder if sometimes if there are others like me, I wonder and then I read these responses, and I am encouraged. Love to you all who are in Christ Jesus!!!

  5. STLloyd says:

    Thank you Terry, you are a reassuring voice of calm, in the midst of an end times fever of professing Christians, many with great zeal, but not according to knowledge, who unwittingly (for the most part) churn up a tsunami of dread about the ” blessed hope”.

    Reading your articles, posts, and books, is like having that level-headed big brother you can always count on to walk you back from the brink of panic. The longer we study, watch, and learn, the easier it is to keep our peace as we see God’s hand, and His plan coming together. So I don’t hold it against those who get some fear about the state of things. I have been there. The answer to the fear is press even more into the Word, and the Lord.

  6. Glenn Bowman says:

    Today’s times are hard to contend with. I’ve been expecting the Rapture for at least 30 years now. I’m 99% sure of a Pre-Trib Rapture. I’m getting concerned there may not be a Pre-Trib Rapture as some other sincere intelligent Christians/theologians have been saying. Terry, you really keep me encouraged about the truth of the Pre-Trip Rapture. The verse that best describes how I feel most of the time now is: Pro 29:2 “As the righteous grow powerful, people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, people groan”. I’m groaning with all of the convergence of injustice and evil we see now. If I didn’t believe in God’s sovereignty, I would be absolutely beside myself. Maranatha Lord Jesus!!

  7. lyndon weggery says:

    On the purely secular and political front Terry I totally agree with you that your coming mid -term elections will be a repeat of the 2016 Presidential Election with the silent majority coming out and dealing a solid blow to Democrat aspirations to retake the Senate.I also look at the awful time SCOTUS nominee Judge Kevenaugh may have in the Senate Hearings but again God will prevail and get him through.

  8. Gail says:

    I really enjoy reading your articles, I even have your book rapture ready.I long for the day I will see my brothers and sisters in the Lord. This world is not my home!

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