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U.S. Instrumental in Stage-Setting

Presidential election day 2016, in my thinking, seems to have been a switch somewhere in the supernatural realm that put Bible prophecy in fast forward.

This column has been devoted on many occasions to how economic exigencies are–in my view–tied to Jesus’ foretelling about a marked uptick in buying, selling, etc., at the time He next catastrophically intervenes in the affairs of man–this involving Matthew 24:36-42, Luke 17:26-30 and the Rapture of the Church. I am convicted that we are entering such a time as the Lord described in those passages–a time involving economic boom, not bust, as many economic gurus would have it.

One can sense the hand of God holding back, moving around, shifting and manipulating things on the national and international scenes–amidst the satanic rage that drives the world toward complete insanity. That is, one can sense it spiritually, if properly attuned to God’s Word, and where this generation stands in relationship to what that Word has to say about end-times things.

This ability to spiritually sense the lateness of the prophetic hour is not exclusive to those who write, teach, lecture, broadcast, and preach on biblical matters. How near we are as a generation to Christ’s return can be spiritually discerned by any born-again child of God who will study God’s Word diligently and prayerfully seek enlightenment by the Holy Spirit. God tells us in His Word: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for proof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. (2 Timothy 3:16).

This Truth is all-encompassing. It includes understanding prophecy and how it applies to the Christian. I believe this biblical truth is particularly essential to comprehend by this present generation of believers. Sadly, very few are aware of the privilege of understanding the times they have. This is the fault of both individual Christians and their pastors and teachers who should be doing the job God has put us here to do.

With all that as preface, we now examine the matter of end-times Bible prophecy that we are looking squarely in the face.

Just as we are living at a time when economic uptick indicates we are in the “days of Noah, days of Lot” Jesus foretold, we are seeing God’s mighty hand move the end-times nations about for the final act of this great play that is called human history.

The United States of America, although not mentioned by name anywhere in Scripture, is nonetheless in the middle of God’s directing of human history’s final act.

Iran, ancient Persiais, as most who have studied Bible prophecy know, a key player destined to join the coalition in attacking Israel as foretold by Ezekiel the prophet. We have watched for months, even years, as the nations of prophetic import have been aligning to Israel’s north. Iran has been the focal interest, not just of those who look at eschatology, but of the diplomats of the world who fear Iran’s nuclear development program.

At present it looks as if the prophetic lens is focusing on that end-times player. The following article excerpt on “Rapture Ready News” lets us see the focus.

The United States urged Britain on Sunday to ditch its support for a 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and instead join forces with Washington to counter the global threat it says Tehran poses. Despite opposition from European allies, US President Trump in May pulled the United States out of a deal between world powers and Tehran under which international sanctions were lifted in return for curbs on Iran’s nuclear program.

Another “Rapture Ready News” headline shows the reason for concern by the international community regarding Iran’s nuclear threat.

Iran test-fired a ballistic missile in a brazen display of defiance months after President Trump pulled the United States out of a landmark nuclear deal and days before his administration slapped new sanctions on the Islamic Republic, three U.S. officials with knowledge of the launch tell Fox News.

The relevance to the U.S. being used in the matter of the Lord’s directing the great, end-times play is that the coalition plainly doesn’t use nuclear weaponry in the Gog-Magog attack. This is described as a land invasion. An attacking force wouldn’t contaminate “spoils” they intend to take with nuclear radiation. Therefore, it is possible to discern that Iran’s (ancient Persia’s) nuclear capability will either be destroyed or prevented from being used in some other way in that future attack on Israel.

The current president of the United States seems central in seeing to it that Iran doesn’t use nuclear weaponry in that future assault.

Mr. Trump also is instrumental in dealing with another of the Gog-Magog coalition members–Turkey (Togarmah, as Ezekiel calls that part of the world).

Turkey has been an ally of the U.S. for many years. It is a member of NATO. But, lately, its newly elected president for life is threatening those relationships. He, at the same time, has become close friend to Russia’s equally dictatorial president, Vladimir Putin. We see the focus on this prophetic stage-setting in the following “Rapture Ready News” excerpt.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused the US of trying to “bring Turkey to its knees through threats over a pastor”. The US has demanded the release of Andrew Brunson and on Friday doubled tariffs on steel and aluminium imports. The diplomatic spat sent the lira down 16% against the dollar on Friday. Mr. Erdogan also wrote in the New York Times that unless the US changed course, Turkey would look for new friends and allies.

America, we can see on a growing daily basis, is being used as an instrument to shape things to come at the end of this dispensation–the Age of Grace.

This president, like him or not, accept him or not, was inserted into this generation in a miraculous way in the view of yours truly. He, although probably unknowingly, continues to performed his assigned divine appointment, as does the United States of America.


  1. mary says:

    Totally with you pastor, I have been watching all this on the news as well!!! Jerusalem Post, and others!! Totally agree with you! Pretty exciting right? Lovin It!!!
    The Lord is returning for his people! Hallelujah to the Lamb!

  2. Glenn says:

    Amen Mr. James. Spot on. The more time that passes by, the more convinced I am of God’s sovereignty in all things. As Jan Markel likes to say, the world isn’t falling into chaos but rather things are falling into place for the Lord’s return. Maranatha Lord Jesus.

  3. GWA says:

    Yup, we are now seeing the end of the race folks. I believe there is still time for people to come to the saving grace of Jesus but we all have loved ones who we have to let go of and give them over to God’s will. I am having that issue now with my husband and I love him but I love God more and trust Him and can only pray my husband will remember what I have said and remember that I have left behind my bible and information. It’s all I can do.
    God bless you Mr. James and I have enjoyed years of following you and can’t wait to walk with legs that work and I know you can’t wait to see Jesus with perfect eyes!
    Love you all…………MARANATHA!

  4. Ed Wood says:

    Despite the turmoil surrounding the Trump White House, some of it unfortunately self-inflicted, there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Trump is exactly where God wanted him to be at this time. Whether he realizes this or not, one cannot tell. Thankfully, he is certainly the most pro-Israel president we have had in a long time.

    It has, however, occurred to me that in view of the most recent events of prominent individuals connected with the president being convicted of felonious behavior that Trumps foes will continue to use these actions to push Mr. Trump out of office. I am concerned that what may be a snowball effect may have started and whether he ever gets a chance to fulfill his first term is questionable.

    If he is impeached the resulting paralysis that the nation experienced during the Nixon Watergate episode will no doubt return – and in a time when world conditions have become even more volatile then ever.

    America may soon be so wrapped up in its own internal problems that its influence on the world stage will be further diminished emboldening not only its enemies but those of Israel as well. Such conditions, I believe, will accelerate the events of the “Last Days.”

    Time may be a lot shorter than we can imagine.

    • Janet says:

      Good post Ed….and Terry, another wonderful article! I can only function on a day to day basis because I know God is in control. Nothing is going to happen that He doesn’t allow. Having said that….pray fervently for our President’s safety.

      • Irene K. says:

        I agree with your comments. There is so much we don’t know that goes on behind the scenes, however, we can trust that God is in charge of all things and uses them to glorify Him and His name. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  5. Annie says:

    Ed Wood expresses clearly what has been on my mind as well …. what will happen to destabilize the U.S. should God permit President Trump to be removed from office? What anarchy will take place throughout this nation? This is a time in history where I have to humble myself and pray that God’s will be accomplished His way, and trust that what transpires is indeed by the hand of God. I have not been able to pray that God forbid this event to take place. For my thoughts are not His thoughts. Yet my heart is His and I trust Him with all my heart. I can only sigh and groan and trust that the Spirit’s prayers through the body of Christ will prevail to keep us in the love of God and deliver us from all evil. In Jesus Name

    • GWA says:

      VERY WELL PUT! Amen! You said exactly what I was thinking today my dear sister. May God bless you today and keep you and see ya on the “other side” …….. soon I think? MARANATHA!

    • Janet says:

      A nice, I couldn’t have said it better!!!

  6. Annie says:

    GWA — Since you seemed to hear my thoughts and understand them, I want to venture to share something that came clear and seemed reasonable to me. This post may not make it to this board, but I am going to record it now and see what happens.

    I have had such clarity this morning over verses I have pondered for years, and thought all along that I clearly understood. This past week a pastor that I have followed for almost 40 years stated that he no longer believed what he used to believe. He used to believe and teach the doctrine of imminency …. that there was not one event that had to occur prior to the Lord’s coming to rapture His church. However, this week he said that he has come to believe that shook me. A man I never thought would depart from the Scriptures he taught has now come to believe in a pre-wrath rapture and that the archangel Michael is the restrainer spoken of in 2 Thess.

    When he began his teaching, he entitled it “Looking Forward.” He started with verses from Thessalonians where we are exhorted not to alllow any one to deceive us by any means. He spoke about how the Thessalonians were shaken by a false message and how Paul exhorted them not to be shaken from the truths he had taught them.

    When he said that he now believed in a pre-wrath rapture and that we needed to get prepared for the things that we were going to have to endure prior to being delivered, I immediately had these clear thoughts, thoughts I immediately wrote down. “As it was in the days of Noah…. As it was in the days of Lot… things were going on as usual and nothing out of the ordinary was occurring to signal to the world that the judgment was to begin. As it was in Noah’s day, as it was in Lot’s day….” “So now we no longer have any hope and aren’t going to be living daily with watchfulness, purifying ourselves as He is pure BECAUSE we have this hope?”

    I was very troubled in mind because I thought I knew this brother. But then as I considered this before the Lord, other weaknesses I had observed in his behavior and interests, the manner in which he treated people that I had been privy to, books he read and recommended and movies he watched and recommended….all these things came flooding to my memory and I saw that departure is detectable in each of our lives.

    Later as returned to my Berean studies, I began to go again and review the word of God I had in my heart, to my mind, and knew where to search it out to see if what he said agrees with the Scriptures. I was astounded to think that this man would think one angel, even though he is an archangel — that this one angel who is clearly the angel that defends Israel….that is HIS area of protection — how could this one angel POSSIBLY restrain the spirit of lawlessness and iniquity throughout the entire world? And this one angel is said to STAND UP for Israel — not be taken out of the way so that Satan is given the liberty to work his lying signs and wonders and power that 2 Thess. says bring in the parousia, or presence, of the man of sin, the son of perdition, the antichrist????

    It seemed incredulous to me that this pastor now publicly declared the what I judged to be errors. Yet, I have been graced to humble myself to the word of God, so in my heart I simply asked…. “IF I am amiss, if indeed he has seen something I have not seen, I want to see it, Lord. But, I believe 2 Thess. is teaching us what other rapture promises you’ve made clear to me. I believe the Holy Spirit in your church is still in the earth and I believe HE must cease to function in the capacity He does in the sharing of the gospel, the use of the Sword of the Spirit, the prayers of the saints in the Spirit for all the saints….all these passages have led me into deeper assurance that YOU, God, YOU AS GOD are being restrained from giving permission to Satan (as You did in Job) simply until YOUR TIMING has come. And when YOUR TIMING is here, YOU will remove us and the work of the Holy Spirit as He is presently working.” “Where do I see in Scripture that the Holy Spirit is the Restrainer?”

    The very first verse that came to mind was “My Spirit shall not always strive with man,” immediately followed by Jesus’ words of the work of the Holy Spirit who was with us but who would be IN us — The Spirit comes to convince of sin, of righteousness and judgment.” I began to review these passages and ponder just what was taking place in this brother’s mind and in the words he ministered to his congregation. Surely he was saying there was indeed a rapture …. but the TIMING of the rapture surely gave me no comfort and hope that I had always been brought back to at times of temptation to think the pretrib rapture might be in error.

    I have spent the past two days and nights, revisiting, replowing, rekindling and this morning I had something clarified to my own mind in such a way that I wanted to test it by the body of Christ who is settled in the blessed hope of being taken to the individual rooms Jesus has prepared for us IN OUR FATHER’S HOUSE, where we will be shut in to learn all we need to learn for seven years, while God accomplishes HIS purposes during the 7-year time of tribulation, and the 3-1/2 years of great tribulation, or Jacob’s Trouble.

    • GWA says:

      Annie, we must be “as children” or have the FAITH of a child to enter The Kingdom. I don’t HAVE all or even many answers. I WILL TELL YOU THIS…..please go to the King James Bible to the book of Revelation and read and STUDY chapter 5. Pay SPECIAL ATTENTION to verse 11.
      The church is clearly SHOWN in this chapter. There is another chapter that clearly shows tribulation saints…..WE (the church) are NOT “tribulation saints”.
      Who is the restrainer? Personally? I believe it’s The Holy Spirit BUT…..we work together with The Holy Spirit in holding back the evil. Once we are gone the “restrainer” goes with. I do not believe the “restrainer” is totally gone but greatly diminished……remember, there WILL BE tribulation saints.
      As for this pastor you speak of. Stop listening……there is so much “junk” out there that is not biblical. We have a “more sure word of prophecy” and God no longer needs prophets because we have a complete WORD OF GOD.
      I don’t “trust” anyone posting they are having these long conversations with God or Jesus. Stick with the bible only and God will sort out the rest.
      (remember to TEST the spirits….right?) 🙂
      We (the Church) are NOT appointed to wrath. Period. Did God throw Noah & his family a rubber raft and say “hold on, IF you can survive then you will be worthy”? Did he give Lot a hose with water and say “douse yourself and your family and IF you can survive you will be worthy”.
      No, we have a merciful father and NOW……NOW is THE age of grace. Miss it and you will have to suffer but now is the time to get into “the ark” which is in Jesus Christ.
      Israel is THE KEY to it all. Watch what goes on there, I do.
      If anyone wants to add to this please feel free. I know Brother Terry moderates comments so if he has anything to add please do.
      All my love in Christ.
      OH P.S. God’s Word said MANY WILL FALL AWAY. If they do then let them go but pray, pray and pray some more for them always.
      P.P.S. We are INSTRUCTED to watch…..I am very often looking up and east and any strange sound makes my head go up.
      We are to only listen to God……ALL men are liars and God’s Word tells us this.

    • Hello Annie. Thank you for such a lengthy write on the Rapture and the 7 years of being closed away to learn the Word. Unfortunately, the word does not say the rapture happens and then immediately after the rapture the 7 years begin. Mans teaching taught you that which is not Godly wisdom. You will not find that anywhere. The church ages ends when the rapture happens and then God turns his attention to the Jews. There could be a gap of time between the 2 events and the only way you will find this out is if you study to show yourself approved. I stand firm on the rapture and I do not dount Pauls message. Those who have begun to falter are growing weary and many will fall away from the truth and it up to us who are strong to bear them in prayer least we fall. The rapture could be any day now or even in a few more years but this I know i hold close my blessed hope in my heart daily and encourage you to do the same. When we get to heaven I dont think we will need to learn the word as we are part of the body and will instantly understand everything. Would love to share the Gospel of Grace with you.

    • Mary Herridge Clayton says:

      Annie, I believe that during those 7 years we will be celebrating the wedding feasts between Christ and His bride. According to Jewish tradition, once a groom picks his bride he then goes to prepare a place for them to live. (After Jesus was resurrected he told his disciples that he was going to prepare a place for His believers.) Then once the groom is finished preparing a place he then comes for his bride to be wed. The wedding celebration lasts for a full week. I believe that Jesus will come back for His bride and we will be celebrating for those seven years before He returns with His bride and establishes His kingdom in Jerusaleum!

    • Irene K. says:

      Does it matter? He said He is coming for believers! When He does we are going home to be with Him eternally! All of this wondering and speculating is enough to make any sane person nuts! Trust Him! He said what He meant and He meant what He said.

      • Glenn says:

        Ms. Irene, we are to encourage one another with this great promise. I think that prompts a lot of the interest. 1Th 4:18 So then, encourage one another with these words.

  7. Annie says:

    Daniel’s words in Daniel 9 and 10 have been in my thoughts and searchings. Daniel said that the Antichrist would confirm a treaty for seven years (Daniel 9:27. OR so I had always thought….A couple of years ago I was stuck on the word “confirm.” I realized that if the antichrist was going to CONFIRM a treaty, then the treaty must already have been in public knowledge in some way in order for him to CONFIRM it.

    This morning I was awakened to realize that Daniel does not use the word “treaty,” but rather “COVENANT.” And in Daniel 11:27-30, the word “covenant” is preceded by the word “HOLY.” In short order of thinking, I had the holy covenant of Abraham regarding the land that had been given to Israel and clearly laid out from shore to mountains….exact measurements…. that THIS was the COVENANT the antichrist would confirm with many.

    That had me on my ear for a bit….but as soon as I had received these thoughts into my spirit, a HUGE leap took place. Would the antichrist use the regaining and reestablishment with the Jewish people of the exact land mass given to Abraham by God as a way of convincing them He was their Messiah who was going to then bring in the Kingdom?

    If this was so, then this would explain why he would be in the temple mid-trib and then declare to them that he was God. It is hard to voice or give words to how swiftly so many things came together. But, I am convinced that the Spirit of God is opening so many things up to us to preserve us and equip us, showing us things to come.

    The question I had was how would he get all the nations to agree to return all the land to Israel? How many years and wars have been spent in taking the land away? How much blood has been shed by Jews in keeping what they will fight to keep until there is not one Jew left alive to fight for keeping it?

    Then 2 Thessalonians 2 came back in full force. Because of Satan’s power that brings this man into power…..lying signs and wonders….”when that which has been holding back Satan’s bringing forth his man….then the church filled with the Holy Spirit is raptured out….THEN Satan brings in the Wicked one by his power.

    But the next series of thoughts was what still has me on my ear. “It is no wonder that Satan transforms himself as an angel of light. And his ministers.” That verse is found in 2 Cor. 11. Does God mean what I am thinking? Is THIS WHAT WILL INDEED take place?

    As we go out, will Satan then come down and make an appearance in the heavens with his evil angels of darkness, yet all appearing to be beautiful light beings? Will he then enter the man he has prepared to be his mouth-piece? (Jesus had to have an earthly body to walk and talk and minister through)

    Will he then explain away the rapture as the New Age has already 100’s of 1,000’s in the earth who believe that at the time of the dawning of the age of Aquarius, that we who are of what they term the “archaic” mind …. we who refuse to yield to the mind of Unity and CO-EXISTENCE — that this man of sin will declare that he is Christ? And he then displaying such mighty acts of power and wonders that those left on earth who have been shaken at the disappearnce of millions will readily fall under his lying powers as he explains GOD’S FULL TRUTH? That the Bible was only part of it and now he has come as the angels told those who observed his first leaving the earth — he has returned as promised? Acts 1:11

    I am privileged to submit these mind-burning, heart-burning thoughts to other members of the body of Christ for their proving and correcting.

    May the Spirit of God continue to open the truths of the Word of God to us so that we are daily living in full expectation that today may be our LAST DAY to consider these things and share them with one another.

    Thank you GWA — your encouragement opened the full well.

  8. Annie says:

    Bottom line — I have only two questions for that pastor….

    “So, does this now change your belief in the doctrine of imminency?”

    “And, do we now not have to be watching for the Lord’s return for us in the air, but the rebuilding of the temple?”

    • GWA says:

      If Brother Terry allows me just one of my “opinions” please?
      Can I just add that I don’t believe Christ wants a battered and beaten and bloody “Bride”. That’s just my personal opinion.

  9. Annie says:

    God causes ALL things to work together for good. I had not been watchful over some events transpiring in the earth. I became settled a few years ago that God could allow demons to appear as aliens and begin to espouse on a more global scale their lies. I could readily see the devil’s careful, methodical, insidious plan of deception of the whole world left behind after the rapture. I could see that he would explain it away and most would believe his strong grand delusion. After all, they had already relegated the Bible to be a work of man and they were not the least interested in living a life that pleased God and being holy as God desires men/women/children to be.

    Because of the grief I had over that pastor’s declaration, I went back to the Scriptures once again. And, I have only had my heart enlarged to know with a more awakened surety — Jesus is soon to come. The U.S. is indeed being used of God to bring about some of the finishing touches that need to come into place prior to the rapture of the church.

    I ran across a document I had formatted into a Word document from the website in 2012. As I reread this piece, I realized that all this science (falsely called) regarding the existence of alien life on others planets (notice how there is no longer the tenor of “could there be alien life,” but instead — there is the strong bent toward KNOWING that there is life on other planets and we are only waiting for them to contact us?) — I realized that something this author mentioned about part of the devil’s lie was that we are “their seed.” They say that earthlings were seeded from their alien life seed.

    Just last week, I read where this lie is now coming out in public news media more frequently, and no longer just articles from the Huffington Post or UK Express sites. Fox News published an article on August 18th that Germany declares they do not have any plans, protocol in place for the first alien landing. They don’t think the aliens will first land in their country. I find it incredulous just how prolific this lie has become and is continuing to grow….sounds like deceiving and being deceived to me.

    Such deception is found on sites such as Harvard University, not to mention all that the “brilliant” mind of Stephen Hawking believed was on the horizon. Now that he is “out there amongst the stars,” who knows what things these evil spirits may bring back to us on Earth in the way of strong delusion? Stephen Hawking died and went to his reward — he now knows the truth and has no more opportunity to repent of his unbelief and every evil work and word he spoke and did. But, alas, it is too late for him. But not too late for his deception to continue to work in the earth.

    We sound like we are out of our minds when we say that there is no wonder that demons can transform themselves and appear as ministers of righteousness. Someone has leaped out far enough on the fringe to say that it may even be possible that these demons could come back to earth in the form of well-known ministers of righteousness who would then appear here and there in the earth to declare what they have now come to know as the mind of God, but in reality — they are only appearing as say, Terry James or Doug Hamp who were raptured as true believers — but whom these evil spirits now take on their form and declare their full truth.

    I must simply say that I leave all that is hidden in the mind of God, TO GOD. It surely is possible that demons will appear as alien saviors after the rapture. It may even be that 2 Cor. 11 is indeed a foreshadowing of Satan’s ministers of darkness appearing as those of us who have been raptured. For certain, NOT ONE of us can say that these things will transpire AFTER the rapture.

    But, for sure — today is a possible day for this “event,” this “evacuation.” And I, for one, am so ready and desirous to see my Lord Jesus and be as He is when I see Him and then FOREVER be with Him that I would LOVE to find that TODAY is THAT DAY known ONLY to the Father — OUR Father.

    So what does all of this have to do with Donald Trump? This month his March 2018 mentioning of wanting the money to launch our “Space Force,” as the sixth branch of the military? Well August has once again brought this to the forefront. ABC News and other major agencies’ reports peaked wonder if Donald Trump is now going to be used to bring about a more intense outer space surveillance, all in the interests of security?

    Only God knows the end from the beginning, and He has declared some of it plainly to us — enough for us to believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ and repent of our sins and receive His Holy Spirit as Teacher, Illuminator, Sanctifier and Comforter. The things that the Spirit of God wants to reveal to prepare us are ours to seek to understand and to search out in the Scriptures. With full confidence, that He will show us things to come when it is His TIME to reveal them, and make ready a people prepared for the Lord. In Jesus’ Name!

  10. Annie says:

    Did not know there had been responses to my thoughts. So, just to clarify … I, too, believe that there will surely be a gap of time before the actual 7-year tribulation period begins. I believe this period will begin as Daniel was told — once the A/C confirms the 7-year covenant with many nations. I want to stay with the Scriptures as God has given them and as His Spirit is illuminating them, more and more as that day approaches.

    I was rambling about all the ET/alien manifestations and the things some saints have been watchful and discussing for years — ONLY as a point of what MAY indeed be on the horizon in the way of the “strong delusion” ahead for those who remain on earth once the Bride of Christ has been removed prior to these darkest days.

    What disturbs me is that the teachings of Thessalonians, words written to comfort these saints that they were not then IN the period of time which Paul had faithfully taught them — the things being taught by pre-wrath teachers now do not bring the comfort that Paul’s words brought. Many teachers/pastors who once embraced and taught the word of the Lord regarding our being shut in heaven for those 7 years are now seeking to prepare their flocks for a time of trouble ahead. These teachers say the first 3-1/2 years of the tribulation won’t be so bad, but still be a time of relative peace. They say the first 3-1/2 years of the tribulation period contains the wrath of man and Satan, and only the last 3-1/2 years are the time of tribulation spoken of by Jesus and Paul, Daniel and Revelation are the wrath of God. Some of them say they believe we will wake up one day to find we are in that 7-year period. Some of them sound a bit arrogant to me when they challenge the pre-trib believers with “You’d better not be too sure.”

    I believe God wants us to be CERTAIN, BEDROCK sure. And this is not granted to those who simply skim the surface and count on their pastors/teachers to tell them the truth without taking those words they read and hear and personally PROVING them through study of the Word of God with the words these men speak and write.

    A point to consider in response to this “not so bad” scenario. In the first 3-1/2 years of the Tribulation, 1/2 of the world’s population will be killed. This does not sound like anything relative to “not so bad” to me.

    Estimates of end times deaths are based on the assumption that 1/4 of the world’s population will die during the seal judgments. This comes from an interpretation of Rev. 6:8 where Death and Hades are given power over 1/4th of the earth to kill by the sword, famine, plague, and wild beasts. If 1/4th of the Earth refers to the population count, that leaves 3/4ths of the population still alive at the end of the Seal Judgments.

    Then come the Trumpet judgments. In Rev. 9:15 the four angels of the Euphrates are released to kill 1/3rd of the remaining population. If you know your fractions, you know that 1/3 of 3/4ths is 1/4th. 1/4th (Seals) plus 1/4th (Trumpets) equals 1/2. Therefore between the Seal and Trumpet judgments 1/2 of the population alive at the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week will have died before the Great Tribulation even begins. We’re not told how many die during the Bowl judgments, but certainly there will be many more.

    One other point to consider when these teachers say that the first 3-1/2 years will be the wrath of man and the wrath of Satan. Who opens the seals? Jesus.

    Who must give permission to Satan to fulfill his evil works, from which we are promised to be delivered FROM, not through?

    God has promised to deliver believers from every evil work and preserve us unto the coming of His Kingdom. I choose to believe He has a place to hide us from this period of wrath, and those who are meek enough to believe every word of promise given us — I believe there is a place where we will be hid from this time of wrath — just like Noah and his family were hidden and just like Lot and his family were taken out prior to. Just like Enoch, who walked with God, was caught up to be with God.

    I greatly fear taking away from the Scriptures or adding to them. I believe Jesus said unless we are born again, converted, and become as a little child, we will not be able to see the Kingdom. So if I AM taking away or adding to the Scriptures, I want to have a more excellent-spirited brother or sister reason with my thinking with the word of God.

    Because there are many in the earth today who are around us every day, who need to hear the truth from those of us who are firmly settled in the words of our Lord, this IS an important truth to be settled upon. We are told we have a BLESSED hope to give to everyone who asks us. I believe that there is a wise way to use this truth to open doors of witness with the lost, and with the fearful young believers who are now being tossed upon waves of concern for their families and loved ones.

    I also know that there will be some who will not believe upon our Lord prior to the tribulation period. I know that once the lying signs and wonders are upon the earth through the demonic realm being given permission to transform themselves as ministers of righteousness — I know that there will be no opportunity like we now have, there will be no means such as this for anyone to search out the Biblical truths that will expose these lying spirits.

    You and I today have the privilege of sharing the Bible verses we have in our hearts in this world-wide web. But once the church is removed from the earth, I do not see any such possibility of those who have questions being able to commune with one another through this means. I am not even sure that the WWW will be in operation for an hour past the rapture. For certain, WHEN this catching away takes place, the world will NEVER be the same again. No longer will there be any restraint of truth against the lies of the devil, such as we NOW have the privilege and duty to share.

    I simply want to use the truths I am convinced of in a wise manner now, to sow light upon the paths of whomever God may lead me to share the gospel with and the hope of being removed from the earth with my Lord. Should I share about what I have come to consider as the strong delusion ahead, and should that person who has now heard these things NOT believe and repent prior to that time? My motive is that I will have done the best I could to be salt and light and sow the truths upon hearts that God alone knows and will continue to give witness and increase. Maybe I’m just too simple — but I believe whatever is the Word of the Lord will be watched over BY the Lord and be brought to fruition as HE chooses.

    I’ve put myself in the place of someone who is left behind, as much as I possibly can. I’ve meditated and pondered the path of my feet to consider just what things will surely take place. The things I’ve been able to conclude are why I now desire to be so settled upon the word of the Lord that I can have the Spirit of God ANOINT that Word to the ones He may lead to ask me.

    I surely would have wanted to have heard someone explain just what the Bible said would take place PRIOR to my being there to experience it. I am only seeking to be rock solid in truth so that I can be available to God to share these things with anyone NOW so that they can call upon the Name of Jesus and be saved, even up to the last second prior to the rapture of the church. The words must be “thus saith the Lord,” as Paul said when he taught things by the revelation from the Lord.

    If I am not CERTAIN, I have no anointing. This only comes through personal pain of personal study and dependence upon the Holy Spirit to do His work — to show me things to come. Not by reading others’ books and espousing what seems reasonable. The #1 issue I have with the pre-wrath teaching today. There is no ANOINTING, no CERTAINTY to my heart that these men/women are declaring the Word of the Lord. If I am faithful to test the spirits behind these words by trying their words against the Scriptures — then I will have what God promises me in Acts 17:11. I will know the truth because I continued in the truth, and the truth will make me free. Jn. 8:32f

    One last thought in closing — (some of you are VERY GLAD to hear that, I’m sure. :))

    I believe the two witnesses and the 144,000 Jewish evangelists will be at work in the earth during the first 3-1/2 years of the tribulation period.

    Jesus gave to His Church the job of being witnesses to Him. (Acts 1:8) Why would God now use two Jewish witnesses doing the miracles of Moses and Elijah, and 144,000 Jewish men to share the gospel, unless it were necessary because the Church is no longer on Earth to do the job?

    The result of the ministry of the 144,000 is a great number of saved souls “…which no one can count out, from every nation and all tribes and peoples and tongues…” (Revelation 7:9b) They cry out, “Salvation to our God who sits on the throne and to the Lamb.” (Revelation 7:10b)

    In conclusion, the understanding that makes the best sense to me is that the ministry of the Two Witnesses begins on Day 1 of the Tribulation period. They win the 144,000 to Christ, who then go out in the world to win uncountable numbers of souls. The Two Witnesses continue their own ministry in Israel, performing the miracles of Moses and Elijah (i.e., turning water to blood, etc.). (Revelation 11:5-6)

    Sure, for sure, Jesus is going to come and remove His church from the earth through the rapture. For certain, we will not know the day or the hour so that we go about declaring this ahead of time. Those who have done this have erred from the truth and have done damage to the truth and given God’s enemies much place to mock and scoff this truth.

    But many in the earth are being prepared for a soon departure. Many are awake to this possibility and are looking daily, watching over our lives so that we are not caught up in the things of this world’s business and pleasures. We are dependent upon the Holy Spirit to convict us of sin and enable us to be instant to confess our sins and have repentance, keeping our garments washed and ready in the blood of the Lamb. These are making themselves ready because they have this blessed hope worked into their very being … this word has become flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone.

    And if we have ears to hear, we shall hear what we need to hear in order to respond to His Voice of Command as He descends to take us up. Today, I would love to hear His Voice commanding me to “Come up hither!”

    The end of my ramblings. May what is of the Lord be confirmed by His Spirit. Just as He did in Daniel’s day while He was reading the book of Jeremiah. God imparted revelation to Him to know the days which were ahead and to prepare for them. God is faithful, God never changes. He will do the same for all who will seek them with all their hearts.

    In Jesus’ Name — and to the comfort and edification of His people


  11. Annie says:

    To the brother who wants to share the gospel of grace with me —

    I would love to hear what you want to share.

    I do believe in the gospel of grace….for it is only by God’s marvellous grace that He gives us faith to believe upon the truth. We don’t believe out of a work of our own minds and then find grace. It is the GRACE of God given us in Christ Jesus before the world began that keeps us until we are born again out of due time.

    And it is the grace of God that leads us to deny all ungodliness and worldliness and live godly, sober lives.

    I love the fact that the Spirit of God led you to say what you said, brother. For Titus 2:12 is followed by Titus 2:13. And I laughed and rejoiced as I just reread verse 13:

    Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;


  12. Annie says:

    I know no one other than Terry may read this, as it is now 8/31. But I just HAD to have some means of publishing this in the earth. I have no blog. I only write to friends occasionally. But this has been a week of such revelation and encoruagement that began with ponderings of last week as a result of reading Terry’s post.

    I wanted to share with you what seems so very reasonable to me –

    My Daddy always had a habit of mind and practice with us as children. He would ponder something until he finally had the answer. He would then speak one word out into the air. We might be travelling in the car, sitting at the table eating, out in the yard together, fishing together — but whenever he spoke this:

    “QUESTION” — eventually I came to know that he was going to astound us with something of such simplicity that we would admire his mind. ☹ He had had a question, and he had kept that question inside of himself, seeking the answer until the answer came. But it always started with a question.

    He died suddenly at the age of 57 in 1988. I had been saved and Spirit-filled at the age of 23 in 1979 and had tried to appeal to that intellect and reason him into belief of the gospel. Won’t go there as it is a LONG LONG STORY. But it was not my ability to reason, but God’s faithfulness to fulfill His promise to me in Acts 16:31 that brought my father into faith and repentance and salvation.

    As he lay there on the concrete awaiting the medical team to take him 5 minutes away to MCV after suffering a massive heart attack – his spirit was with his body for at least 30 minutes after the attack. When I learned of his death, I was devastated. I believed I had failed God because I had not gotten through to my Daddy. The very morning of Daddy’s death, I read something in the Psalms that I thought was queer. David said “The pains of hell gat hold of me.” I pondered that and wondered just what he meant.

    That night after learning of my Daddy’s sudden death, I KNEW what David meant. I was in those same pains, thinking of my Daddy in hell and the torments were continual for a couple of days and nights. Nothing my husband could say would ease my pain. But finally, God’s Spirit began to minister to me and my burden was lifted. Jesus lifted my burden and left me with a song.

    A few weeks after my Daddy’s death, I was standing by the sink washing dishes. Not thinking about Daddy. Just doing my business. All of a sudden is was as if Jesus walked into the room and put his arms around me and whispered in my ear.

    “I said whosever shall believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ shall be saved, and his whole house. You did your part to believe. I have completed my part.”

    I could have shouted the roof off the building. And I have not one single SPECK of doubt that when I see my Daddy, I will be permitted to weep with joy during those opening moments.

    Lee, it has been that way with me since the one question came this week. Daddy said in order to get the right answer, you have to first get the right question. I was trained under this wonderful example.

    If indeed the TWO WITNESSES and the 144,000 WITNESSES are sent forth to be GOD’S WITNESSES to those alive during the Tribulation Period, WHY?

    Why would God need to have them as witnesses if the church were still in the earth being preserved, provided forth, kept from death through many means – as Israel was preserved when the judgments came upon Egypt? Would not that very preservation and provision of His people throughout the entire earth be an undeniable witness throughout the earth?
    Would there not then be many strangers who would join themselves to the true church because of their great God’s faithful witness of His power?

    NO – the church and the power of God unto salvation (the gospel as it was given every day prior to this period) – the church is gone, the witness returns to Israel and the Jews to save the Jewish remnant who will hear the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM.

    I am abounding with greater hope and joy in the Lord than I’ve known for some time. Indeed I have this BLESSED HOPE and God gives and shall give answer of it to every single question of every single one of His children who are presently being tossed to and fro with these lying doctrines of pre-wrath and post-tribulation raptures.

    THANKING HIM for ALL HIS GOOD AND PERFECT WORK – and so looking forward to having time to ruminate in reading what things the Lord gave you for such at time as this.

    Praise be to Him who Sits upon the Throne, where we are now seated by faith and shall soon have our faith made sight as our bodies and spirits are transported home, along with the restoration of those IN CHRIST who have gone before, whose spirits are now rejoined with their bodies!



  13. Annie says:

    The above was a copy and paste of an email I wrote to Lee Brainard. I was also led to learn of his book “The Pre-Wrath Rapture Answered, From the Testimony of Scripture.” It shall accompany me to be devoured while on vacation next week (if the Lord wills). So, he is the Lee I referred to and it is this book I was making mention of as reading what God had given to someone else.

  14. Terry Nelson says:

    Bless you, prayers, with the love of Christ Jesus

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