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Qanon–Challenging Deep State

The  InfoWars website and radio program have been banned by the largest social media forums. Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars, has been termed a conspiracy purveyor and accused of being not only a kook, but a danger to the American public.

Mainstream media look down on Jones and every other forum and individual who don’t  view their “news” as the only news that should be accepted as truth–thus while the American public is fed such mainstream media “news” punditry as “Trump is complicit in Hurricane Florence slamming into the East Coast.” This, it is conjectured by such proclaimed to be reliable truth-tellers as CNN, based upon the current president’s being a denier of climate change as defined by the globalist propaganda machine.

CNN, you might have heard, is the same cable network that just a couple of weeks ago reported that Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, claimed that the then candidate for the presidency knew in advance of a meeting Cohen had with a Russian operative. Cohen’s own lawyer, Lanny Davis, a long-time member of the Clinton attack machine, at first said he, himself, was present at that meeting. Later, he recanted that claim when his client, Cohen, said it was untrue. Trump never had any knowledge of any such meeting.

Davis then publicly admitted to his own “mistake” in reporting the lie. CNN, who gleefully ran with the story, has not, to this point and to my knowledge, retracted the original claim that Trump was guilty as claimed.

Multiply that mainstream media lie times a thousand in just the past two years while Trump has been either a candidate for president or president, and there is compiled a mainstream media platform of untruth that staggers sensibility. Yet it is Alex Jones, and anyone else who defies the mainstream fake-news narrative, who gets banned from getting his version truth before the public.

Now, I’m among the first to say that I cast a skeptical ear upon some of what I’ve heard from Alex Jones’ reporting. Some of it defies logical discernment, if I may use that term. However, considering all of the madness prevalent today in this nation and world, Jones and InfoWars ring as true, as do things coming out of the likes of NBC, CBS, ABC, The New York TimesThe Washington Post…and CNN.

With that as preface, I come to something that has been effervescing for quite some time somewhere within my cogitative processes. You have likely heard of the matter or matters involved.

“Q” or “Qanon” is the supposed entity to which I refer. I say supposed, because much of what I know about this entity, as I said about the mainstream narrative these days, defies logical discernment. Does he–for it is thought to be an individual within the immediate circles that surround the president, and I presume it is a man, if he indeed exists within that circle–truly have knowledge of the intrigues he reports?

To those who are clueless of what I refer to here, I’ll try to explain in brief.

or Qanon is the name given a supposed insider within the White House ranks who issues reports on a frequent basis about what is in actuality going on with regard to this president and the so-called deep state. The deep state is a term most recognize. This refers to those within government–particularly within the top ranks of clandestine services –CIA, FBI, NSA, etc., that are part of the Washington, D.C. “swamp,” as Mr. Trump termed it during his campaign to win the presidency. These, along with many D.C.-establishment types, have been doing all within their power to destroy Trump’s presidency and even the man himself, family-wise and business-wise.

The aforementioned mainstream media joins this cabal in the attempted destruction.

At the heart of this drive to oust this president at any cost is the pile upon pile of lies that continue to spew from the swamp and are magnified and carried throughout mainstream media. You might have noticed how there has been a steady stream of such lies meant to destroy the president–a different lie almost every week for nearly two years.

Qanon tells a far different story than the mainstream anchors and pundits tell. In their reporting, Trump is always on the cusp of being linked to Russian collusion in defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Special counsel Robert Mueller is right on the verge of proving that collusion, or is about to get the president on obstruction of justice, has been the mantra of these establishment-media types for almost two years.

Yet, there hasn’t been a single fact brought forward that makes the connection Mueller is desperate to make. There have been only accusations and innuendo–this, in my view, is designed to keep doubt in the minds of the voting public until Trump is no longer president.

Their world has been disrupted–again, in my opinion–by the Lord of Heaven, Himself. They cannot and will not abide their gravy train being taken away and their one-world plans disrupted.

The entity known as Qanon is disseminating through alternative news sources that there is a reckoning coming for the deep state and those complicit in opposing the president and doing great harm to the American Republic. He indicates something big is on the way that will expose and even bring to justice much of the deep state at every level. It will soon be made clear for all to see, Qanon assures, the corruption at the very top of U.S. government, and where the true collusion festers.

This supposed insider source has much to say that is fascinating. I can’t and won’t vouch for the absolute validity of everything that is said in his news releases. I will say, however, that this source’s news rings far more true than do the lies, innuendo, and corruptive evil that has been spewing from the keyboards, microphones, and cameras of the mainstream news and entertainment media and even from governmental minions of the father of lies–again, in my humble opinion.

I make this appeal to anyone reading this commentary who has insider knowledge of the Qanon intrigues to send me information (wtjames1@swbell.net)–while providing at least a degree of validation that the information you provide is credible. Please don’t send links to Qanon posts on various blogs. I’ve seen many, many of these. True insider information is solicited here, if it exists.

One thing sure, Ephesians 6:12 has never been more in view than at present.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”


  1. Rex and Loretta Dismang says:

    Hey friend, I have taken your advice and we are scheduled at the Prophecy Watchers conference this year. Knew you were speaking there this time.
    Reading your book “Deceivers” Got it at Allen Tx this year. Hope to say hi to you sometime and certainly agree with all you have been saying about the goings on in the political arena. Praying for him to be tough skinned. We agree with Jonathan Cahn. He must be appointed for such a time as this.

  2. Ed Wood says:

    In the past, I very often didn’t have a problem with the media protecting its sources. The prime example that comes to mind was “Deep Throat” who was involved revealing information to the Washington Post about the Watergate incident. I do believe that in this case it was truly a search for the truth and it served the country well in cleaning out that swamp.

    Today, I am in a quandary between the need for the media to protect sources as a means of acquiring important information which might never see the light of day any other way and my basic distrust of someone who lacks the courage to stand up publicly and say what they have to say.

    At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, this is all continuing part of what I have perceived a resistance from Donald Trump’s first announcement to seek the office of the presidency which seems to have grown way out of proportion to anything I’ve ever seen in the past by those who didn’t like the way a particular election turned out. This one seems to feed on actual hatred and viciousness I’ve never seen before – and I’ve been around for over 65 years now! We see it also spilling over onto his nominee for the Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh.

    So many times now, Ephesians 6:12 comes to my mind and subjective though it may be, I sense something very dark and growing in strength working behind the scenes to fuel the rage.

    I am the last person to say that I don’t have problems with the way Donald Trump sometimes acts, but on the fundamentals of making America strong, making it respected, protecting religious liberty, and supporting Israel again, I think he’s right on target.

    I expect the attacks will continue, even increase, but I am also certain that God will keep him exactly where he needs to be for as long as he needs to be there, no matter what his opponents bring to bear on him.

    God is still in charge!

    • Glenn Bowman says:

      Brother Wood, personally, I’m outraged by all leaks and always have been. When the Pentagon Papers leaked, I told myself if this stands with no punishment, it will open the flood gates to a destructive slippery slope. This has come home to roost. I believe the MSM and their leaks have played a huge role in the destruction of America we are currently witnessing. This is very complicated and I admit I may be on an un-biblical side of this. Lord convict me if I am. I remain open minded about my view. I’m not an intellectual by any stretch of the imagination. Here’s a link covering “keeping a confidence in the Bible”. See what you think sir.

  3. hawk2017 says:

    TY for you service thru the LordGod.

  4. Brother, in love I offer that the antichrist system in place is more sophisticated than you have apprehended to date.

    Their motto is “ORDER OUR OF CHAOS” (and, via Freemasons, it’s on US currency, albeit in Latin).

    Alex Jones’ hand signals reveal to those with eyes to see them that he is a Freemason. Yes, Alex Jones is PART of the system. Alex is (willingly) used to get people up in arms, to revolt, to cause chaos, similar to their instigative purpose with the “Black Lives Matter” racist agenda and the “Me Too” and other feminist agendas, etc. Know that many Democrats and Republicans alike are puppets on the stage, pitted against each other to bring the masses to revolt to CHAOS.

    Once the NWO elites have stirred the masses into their desired degree of chaos, they will institute MARTIAL LAW. THEN, they offer ORDER via the antichrist deception. That, in a nutshell, is the agenda.

    So Alex Jones and other Masons such as Jesse Ventura AND even Donald Trump (recall him flashing the pyramid handsign decades back on “The Apprentice”?) are just players on the stage. It is important that those with eyes to see apprehend this and educate others. Thank you.

    • Terry James says:

      I am aware of the many theories on what comprises today’s cabal to control the world. Thank you for taking time to read our blog and for your thoughts in this regard.

      • Thank you for posting the comment; many Christians (myself included initially) miss that the man we voted for as president is also part of the conspiracy against the Lord (Psalm 2), as the Clintons, Bushes, and most other US presidents were, going back to our first Freemason president, Washington…

  5. GWA says:

    My mother died in 2011 and she was very knowledgeable about what was coming and how these “secret societies” worked. I am not saying she knew it all but she knew enough. She told me “you can’t even THINK about running for the presidency of this country without being “in the club””. I believe God is using President Trump for great and mighty things for His Kingdom’s sake and glory as God will use anyone He sees fit.
    I believe Donald Trump is an “insider” and have felt from day one he is a “Trojan Horse” but……that being said I voted for him …. what choice did we have? I would never in a million years voted for Hillary!
    I fear the American people are being “played” and this is one of those situations where they want you looking at the right hand so you don’t see what the left hand is doing.
    At the end of the day? GOD IS IN CONTROL OF IT ALL! All glory, praise and honor to The Almighty, Jesus Christ and givin’ a shout out to The Holy Spirit! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Brother Terry! MARANATHA

  6. Joni Rae Schwarting says:

    I myself, don’t believe Trump is an insider. I believe he is there to draw a line in the sand, either your with God, or your against him. I trust the opinions of the godly men surrounding President Trump. I think he was chosen for a time like this to oppose the global movement, come against the assault on Christians, speaking against abortion, etc. If he was an insider I don’t think he would be so passionate about these issues.

    • Glenn Bowman says:

      I agree with your point of view Sister Joni. This is pure speculation on my part but I believe God sovereignly appointed Trump as President. I’m sure all who follow Pastor James believe in God’s sovereignty over all things. So I ask myself why? My theory: God has given America a window to repent and turn back to God with this President (claims to be a Christian; doesn’t have the fruit of spirit of humility regretfully if so) as he promotes Biblical values and loves Israel. God is with Trump right now I believe. If America doesn’t repent soon, God will remove this opportunity and unleash his wrath (I’m hoping Christians are raptured at that time) on America. Maranatha Lord Jesus!!!!

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