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End Times Petri Dish

Sin infection spawned from man’s disobedience has metastasized globally at this late point of the final dispensation leading to Christ’s return. It is not far-fetched to think of things that are happening in such biological terms, or to express them as such, while two major players in Bible prophecy bring the terminal situation into focus.

The European Union (EU), thought by many observers of prophecy in Scripture to be the global nucleus out of which will come a revived form of the Roman Empire in accordance with Daniel 9:26-27,  continues front and center in relevant news. The most central national entity of eschatology for the wind-up of human history, Israel, is, of course, always the key player in today’s news of prophetic portent, in my estimation. Of all developments in the milieu of end-times things going on, it is as if some master pharmacologist has upon his lab table a petri dish within which broils a deadly mixture prophesied to explode in a breakout of human history’s deadliest era.

Effervescing within that dish are the virulent ingredients that threaten to take peace from the earth in the form of war unlike there has ever been on planet earth. That war will not be brought about by the players most often believed to be the instigators of man’s final war. Quite the opposite.

Armageddon will be brought about by the One the false religionists of the world of Christendom proclaim could never judge sin harshly. He is love, and no loving God could react with such hateful, punitive action, these purveyors of prevarication promise. Here, again, is what God’s Word says about the very end-times things that are taking place within that petri dish I use as analogous symbolism.

“For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.” (Joel 3: 1-2)

That, my friends, is Armageddon that the Lord is prophesying through Joel. The nations of the world are going to pay a terrible price for their rebellion against Him and for the treatment of His chosen people, the Jews–Israel.

The intention to divide God’s land–land He gave to Israel forever–is at the heart of the prophesied simmering brew. The world–including much of Christendom, is turning against Israel in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) piling-on. This, of course, involves economically punishing Israel because they refuse to give up land in order to give the Palestinians a nation within current Israeli borders–land won by Israel in several wars that already belonged to them by divine promise in God’s holy eyes.

The EU, out of which the one who will be Antichrist will emerge, many prophetic observers believe, has consistently spoken out of both sides of its official mouth. Its spokesmen seem to obliquely defend Israel, while at the same time holding the Jewish state responsible for the hold up to a peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestinian so-called problem. A news item within recent years makes the point.

Without the Israeli-Palestinian conflict there would be no Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, the European Union’s envoy to Israel said Monday, arguing that the best way to fight BDS is to take steps to advance a two-state solution…

“The most effective antidote against the BDS movement is to solve the Palestinian issue. If there were no Palestinian issue, there would be no BDS movement,” [EU] Ambassador Lars Faaborg-Andersen said at a conference in Jerusalem…

Earlier during the conference, which was organized by the Yedioth Ahronoth daily newspaper, Faaborg-Andersen expressed the EU’s desire to see Israel thrive and said the union completely rejects any efforts to boycott Israel. “Let me make one thing 100 percent clear: The European Union is against BDS. Our policy is totally opposite of BDS. Our policy is one of engagement with Israel.”…

But it is important for Israel not to be seen as undermining a two-state solution, he said. “If more effort is put into showing a will to move forward and to obtain progress in this process, it would greatly weaken the BDS movement.”

(Source: The Times of Israel , Boycotts will disappear when Israel advances peace, EU envoy says, by Rapheal Ahre, March 28, 2016)

The all-out effort to “divide” God’s land–that given Israel in perpetuity– is underway. Even though America’s present president has chosen to support Israel in most every respect, the Jewish state remains at the center of this dangerous petri dish mixture. Certainly the world must be near the time when the final prophecies will begin manifesting. That means the Rapture of all born-again believers is even nearer!

Most Important Matter

Much preparation is required when getting ready for a prophecy conference. This is especially the case for yours truly. A blind guy getting ready to give a Power Point presentation to an audience that is keenly clued in to the topics involved can be a daunting exercise. (Thanks, sweet Dana, for all the work on this. Couldn’t do it without you!)

Memory must be relied upon to know what is on the screen, to keep in line the order of points to be made, and to speak to all of the facts and ideas in between. So it is that while preparing for my speaking session (which, by the time this commentary is posted will already be history), the true importance of what is involved speaks to my spirit. It is a matter that burns into my conscience as one charged with trying to address what the Lord prompts me to present.

Lord willing, I have by the time of this posting, spoken on “Deceivers and the End of Days” at the Prophecy Watchers Conference in Norman, Oklahoma.

The lecture/session is based upon the book of the same name, Deceivers. It revolves around Jesus’ prophecy given on the Mount of Olives as recorded in Matthew 24:3-5. The book is a compilation of chapters written by fourteen of the most well-known writers, broadcasters, and teachers of Bible prophecy from the Pre-Trib view of eschatology. Authors present their analyses of how current issues and events of our time are all setting the stage for fulfillment of Bible prophecy for the very end of the Church Age (Age of Grace).

While working on writing this article and thinking on continuing preparation for the upcoming presentation (from my perspective at that time), I kept being distracted by the desire to watch the punditry about the Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation. I got caught up in this world’s political goings-on. My thoughts ran the gamut from: What does it mean to how the abortion controversy will play out from this point forward? to What does it mean for the upcoming November midterm elections? Does Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation mean that the national electorate will see fit to vote to assure that constitutional principles will prevail over the radical mob mentality that threatens civility? Also, I considered whether the current president and his policies will continue to build a booming economy as is happening presently.

Much of this is what I will be talking about (did talk about, from the point in time this is posted) in that session–i.e., my thought was to dwell on America and all things going on in this country with regard to the end-times Deceivers acting within religion, society / culture, politics /government, and news and entertainment media.

It hit me, then, during that preparation: The religion, societal/cultural, political/governmental, and news/entertainment media things occurring in this nation are insignificant in relation to things going on in the human, spiritual heart at this critical moment. The ultimately important thing is not how all of the prophetic stage-setting is affecting the well-being of each of us and our lives in America. This nation–its governmental/social-cultural/media and religious systems–are all soon doomed to pass away.

My thinking on these things in terms of how Mr. Trump or any other leader or system of leadership might improve–or, for that matter, cause to be deteriorated–life in America is exercise in futility. The all-important thing consider is the human condition, in terms of spiritual exigencies.

We are told in God’s Word to pray for leaders in government so that we might “lead peaceable lives.” But, there is no percentage to be gained by placing faith, or even trust, in government–ever. Government–all of existence under the present world systems and regimes of this age–are passing away. All is “vanity,” as the “preacher” of Ecclesiastes put it.

There are no such worldly entities as a godly or Christian government. The best we can hope for is a reasonable government that adheres to basic, godly principles the Founding Fathers were influenced  by the Holy Spirit to build within our Constitution. It is wholly just and right to fight, politically, for these things at the ballot box and fight, literally, against those who would destroy our nation.

All that said, one thing matters most of all–beyond all else–to each human being alive at present: What is the status of one’s soul? Do you and I know Jesus Christ as the One who was crucified, buried, and resurrected to life those two thousand years ago? As important as it is to love country, family, and all the things that are good that life brings, the status of our souls are what matters.

We must pray and vote to see to it that our liberty is preserved so we may live peaceable lives despite all of the evil percolating all around us. But, embracing Jesus Christ for salvation is the one action we can take to assure life for an eternity of joy and ever-increasing exultation. We will, at that eternal moment, begin to live and love our friends and family who are saved more intimately than can be imagined while in this earthly existence. In Heaven we will praise the Savior who provided, once and for all, payment for the sin that would otherwise separate us from God the Father forever.

Again, the truth of that all-important matter is wrapped up in the following, penned by the Apostle Paul: “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:9-10).

From Deep State to Beast State

I solicited from readers of this column a couple of essays ago information on the apparently entrenched entity within the White House termed Q. The responses I am receiving are many. I’m surprised at the passion involved within the matter.

Many sent their thoughts adamantly supporting the validation or credence of Q. Some who emailed said they wished and/or hoped such an entity exists and is acting on behalf of the president and the nation the way and the Qanon  believers indicate–although they aren’t certain of the reality of Q.

Others sent emails imploring me not to get caught up in the whole Q  matter. These exhorted–some in quite pointed ways–that and all attendant to things involved was foolish at best and, at worst, counterproductive to my heavenly assignment as “watchman on the wall.” I should, they advised, just deal biblically with everything of prophetic nature in these closing days of the Church Age.

Regardless of how those of you who sent the emails responded with information, thoughts on Q, or advice to avoid the topic and all involved, I thank you very much, each and everyone who answered the solicitation. You  have been most helpful. Please continue to send things you think are relevant.

I’ve had so far only one epiphany. Whether an actually working entity within the secretive echelons of the U.S. governmental and political process or merely the apparition of a clandestine cabal implanted to make the so-called resistance worry about their fate, is part of the end-times big picture. Therefore the matter is worthy of investigation.

Again, I think this phenomenon can be placed within the Scripture the Apostle Paul was given by the Holy Spirit to frame our particular time in human history: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).

That there is indeed a mighty struggle going on at the highest levels of America’s government and the governments of the entire world there should be little question. For the spiritually attuned student of Bible prophecy, there should be absolutely no question in this regard.

With the U.S. and the world just prior to the 2018 presidential election going fast and furiously in the direction dictated by the globalists who nefariously dealt within those geopolitical stratospherics, the intervention can’t be missed. The satanic blueprint for the return to Babel was impossible not to ascertain by the clued-in students of Bible prophecy.

The Deep State (those in government determined to bring America into that one-world configuration) had, with the election of Donald J. Trump their part of the devil’s blueprint suddenly snatched from their grasp, in my view. America continues to be at the heart of any internationalist cabal’s planning. This nation must be brought into the construction process. The  diabolical minions of the prince of the power of the air–Satan–must siphon the financial assets and resources of America in order to successfully build upon the Antichrist platform the devil wants to construct.

I wrote about the vital importance of America to the globalists’ ambitions during 2010 and early 2011. Remember that at that time it looked like a total implosion of the American and world economies would happen any day. Experts were saying we would wake up one morning and find the financial world had collapsed.

Excerpts of that writing those years ago are as follows.

So, we come to our present hour. America is the apex nation of the world. That is, it is the most materially blessed nation and one of the most spiritually blessed nations ever to exist. This, despite the fact that it has degenerated in many ways to become perhaps the most wicked in human history. The United States is so blessed with material wealth that every nation on earth is inextricably linked to its economy in one way or another.

It is true that its dominance is under threat and is eroding quickly. The economic meltdown and unavoidable implosion of America’s monetary hegemony is imminent. But everything of global financial significance still hinges on the health and fate of the American dollar. This is to the great consternation of the people Glenn Beck rails against as wanting to bring the dollar down so that a new monetary regime can be brought to bear on the hapless citizens of what they envision as a Babel-like one-world order.

Despite incessant assaults, the American economy hasn’t collapsed. It should have by now, but it hasn’t. It is, despite ominous signs ahead, business as usual–just as Jesus said it would be at the end of the age. If America’s economy crashes–-as Beck says it will very shortly—the entire world will collapse to rubble. The business-as-usual element of Christ’s prophecy about it being like the days of Noah and Lot would be out the proverbial window.

If the U.S. economy collapsed, taking the world’s buying and selling capability into the darkest times in history, it would take years–if ever–for everything to recover so that things would again come into business-as-usual configuration. Yet the devastating, world-rending collapse is coming. It cannot be stopped. I completely agree with Glenn Beck and Hal Lindsey in seeing that coming economic catastrophe in the immediate future. However, I disagree that the folly of man or the deliberate manipulations of human diabolists will bring the fearful disaster. And the disaster will not happen until God’s prophetic timing allows. It will continue to be business as usual despite increasing harbingers of economic calamity. Perhaps conditions will even look like they are improving. But if so, it will be smoke and mirrors–-a sham “recovery.” The damage is done. Recovery is impossible. (“Scanning a Fearful Future, raptureready.com)

Today, in 2018, news headlines hourly report of the great economic boom that is in progress at the present. America’s and the world’s economies haven’t collapsed.

We are buying, selling, building, planting, marrying, etc.–everything that indicates economic boom, not bust.

Jesus said it will be just like that when He next makes His presence known to the world. Again, we read about that break-in as a thief in the night in Matthew 24:36-42 and Luke 17: 26-30.

I wrote further in that series of articles in 2010 and 2011.

This all means that Jesus Christ is poised to do exactly what He foretold. The prophetic signals and conditions prevalent in America and the world should have the attention of every believer. Jesus is about to fulfill His glorious promise as recorded in John 14:1-3.

The Rapture, I believe Jesus is telling us, will be the sword of judgment that pierces the building, festering boil of humanistic rebellion. When the Church is taken to heaven, the minds of those left behind who want to control will no longer have restraint on their thoughts and ambitions. There will cease to be a governor on man’s conscience, according to 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8, because the Holy Spirit will allow the evil within mankind to do its dastardly work.

This will be the time–during the chaos of the days immediately after the Rapture—that all of Mr. Beck’s fears will come to fruition. Neither patriots nor anyone else will be able to save America and the world.

The Church, with the Restrainer resident within each believer, will continue to be salt and light–to exert influence over America’s societal and cultural conditions. That influence, although observably becoming less and less effective, will be sufficient to prevent all-out, Nazi-like persecution against Christians in this nation.

When the Church-Age saints go to Christ upon His call to them (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; Revelation 4:1-2), America and the world will be devoid of the Church’s buffering influence. Those who accept Christ during the Tribulation will undergo the most horrific persecution of human history.

It is at this time–the disappearance of all born-again believers in the Rapture–that the Deep State within America and the world community of nations will collectively, quickly, become the Beast State.

That transformation will come within the “twinkling of an eye”:

Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. (1 Corinthians 15:51-52)

Terry James’ “Piercing the Future” just re-released!

Piercing the Future is filled with the prophetic insight of some of the most well known Bible prophecy teachers of this closing era of the Church age. Most authors are names you will instantly recognize.

Tim LaHaye

Jack Van Impe

John Walvoord

Zola Levitt

Arno Froese

Chuck Missler

Dave Breese

Phil Arms

Ed Hindson

Thomas Ice

Dave Benoit

Larry Spargimino

David A. Lewis

Tom Cloud

Michael Hile

Daymond R. Duck

Phillip Goodman

What does the new millennium hold for Planet Earth? Your future has been foretold thousands of years in advance. There is, however, only one source to be relied on as 100 percent accurate in foretelling things to come.

Piercing the Future, Prophecy, and the New Millennium examines that source and its many predictions while we move into and through this most exciting time in human history.

  • Will there be war or peace?
  • Will there be prosperity or depression?
  • Can you know your future and the futures of those you love?
  • Your future and your money
  • Your future and technology
  • Your future and religion
  • Your future living conditions
  • Your ultimate destiny foretold

Leading authorities in the field carefully examine prophecies past, present, and future, and how those matters will most likely impact your life. They help you pierce the future to gain a thought-provoking comprehension about what lies ahead for you and those you love in this dawning millennium and beyond.

You can get this tremendous overview of Planet Earth’s immediate future in paper back or in Kindle.


Electing God’s Way

We, as the American people, stand upon the precipice of a great chasm. The chasm is a dark abyss into which every major empire has leaped. The fallen nature of man since Eden’s catastrophe has reacted to the abyss like shards of scrap iron to a powerful magnet’s tug. The immense gravity created by societal and cultural corruption has been irresistible to avoid.

America’s collective fallen nature has become profoundly manifest since just before the 2016 presidential election. So profound, in fact, that observers of prophetic stage-setting for the final throes of cultural and societal decay wonder in amazement. How does the United States–certainly no longer “united”–manage to avoid falling off that precipice upon which we as a  societal order perch, apparently contemplating collective self-destruction?

The chasm, gateway to the abyss that pulls at our nation with greater strength each day, separates “we the people” from the other side, where is found God’s divine protection and peace. That great divide, the creation of our own sinfulness and made infinitely destructive by the prince of this world system, consists of political forces admittedly intent on changing America into an entity totally unlike that envisioned by the founding fathers–men who relied to a great extent on the God of Heaven for direction in the nation being brought to birth.

The Lord of Heaven directly intervened again in 2016. It was so obvious that the truly spiritually attuned member of God’s family couldn’t miss it. Others could only wonder in awe at what had happened–a total political neophyte descending, literally, a high-rise escalator to announce his intention to run. That candidate, now as president, continues to baffle the elite, political class with his achievements and accomplishments in America’s behalf. And, most of that cabal hate everything about him–and they demonstrate each and every day that they hate us who support him, by the way.

America is–it is apparent to me, at least–being held back from tumbling into that abyss where every major civilization has fallen. But, most who sense as I do that this is the case believe it to be only a temporary reprieve from falling victim to the beckoning leap into national destruction.

A quick scan of the American political landscape demonstrates, for those with spiritual senses activated, things shaping yet again that will require Heaven’s intervention–if we are to remain on the cusp of destruction rather than tumbling to our demise as a culture and society.

The lies against Judge Kavanaugh, in my opinion, blatantly shine prophetic light on Paul’s “perilous-times” indicator for the end of the age. Evil men and seducers have indeed grown and are growing worse and worse. The “perilous times” signal Paul calls “false accusers” is right in our faces–again, in my opinion.

The murder of babies in their mother’s wombs, even the leftist TV pundits admit, is at the heart of hatred for Judge Kavanaugh. They resist with such insane ravings and lies because they fear that Roe v Wade will be overturned. Thus will end their right to use abortion as the remedy for the unwanted consequences of  their unbridled lust for pleasure.

My prayer is that every Christian–and all others who read this commentary–will recognize the critical nature of the midterm election this November. It is absolutely essential that we as believers again go to the Lord as we did before the 2016 presidential election. We need to follow God’s prescription for invoking his intervention. That prescription, of course, in 2 Chronicles 7: 14.

I am persuaded beyond any doubt that Christians across America followed that Rx preceding the election of Donald J. Trump. The election was a miracle to us who asked that God provide that miracle. To those who went insane following that election, it was a tragedy of tragedies. Their losing candidate, if victorious, would surely have continued leading America into that abyss upon whose ledge we remain poised.

Instead of making the U.S. the socialist Utopia the Alinsky ideologist envisioned, their globalist blueprint and construction were put on hold.

Please know this. The midterm elections will require another miracle. We must–MUST–again invoke the Lord’s help. The abyss awaits and Satan and his minions–both demonic and human–stand ready, if they regain the controls necessary, to push the nation into that evil, destructive black hole from which there is no escape.

We are facing one of the most important elections in the history of our nation. The leftist forces, party-wise and media-wise, are insanely fixated upon grabbing power at any cost. There is now no tactic that is too egregious.

In one case with which you are by now familiar, the siblings of Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona’s 4th Congressional District were recruited into making an attack ad against their own brother. Satan and his minions have the entire nation suffering with ideological infection that is steeped in evil spirituality that is now emerging to the surface as it has  seldom done before.

If the Democrats win the House or Senate, they will bring the federal government to a standstill. There will be one impeachment hearing after another. With congressional committees under the control of the Democrat party, every one of Trump’s cabinet members could expect to be dragged before numerous witch-hunt hearings.

Political chaos in Washington, if the election was to go the way mentioned above, will likely lead to financial chaos on Wall Street.

As example: The 1973 Arab oil embargo only caused the Dow Jones to decline by 16 percent. The 1974 Watergate scandal, on the other hand, caused the Dow Jones to plunge by 26 percent. Fomenting chaos at the highest level of the U.S. government–the presidency–is obviously the proven strategy the devil and his minions intend to use as long as they are not in total control.

Absent God’s staying hand, in such a case as the change-America-at-any-cost  powers getting full control of the reins of government, the nation would almost certainly tumble into the abyss reserved for those who have turned their backs on Him.

It is our prayerful hope that God may intervene with yet another miracle in the November 6 election. Each of us who names the Name of Jesus Christ can do three things in this election process:

1) Pray for God’s intervention in the election in accordance with 2 Chronicles 7: 14.

2) Vote God’s way when you go into the booth (as the Holy Spirit Leads).

3) Urge others to be sure to vote and to vote for candidates who hold to godly and constitutional principles.

You and I as members of God’s family stand at a crucial juncture in American–and human–history. How we conduct our lives at this time is absolutely critical to carrying out God’s message to those who face certain, unbelievably horrendous futures if they aren’t forewarned.

Ezekiel the prophet tells under divine inspiration that the blood of people who don’t know  of God’s salvation will be upon the heads of believers (prophets) who know about things to come but fail to inform those who are lost.

We at Rapture Ready are determined to stand as watchmen on the wall in these times so near to Christ’s calling His Church to be with Him. We want to hear our Lord say, “Well done, good, faithful servant.”

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