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Sodom Similarities

Mid-term elections 2018 are over. Civility is the talk of the pundits. Both sides of the great divide are calling for America to find common ground. Only one side, however, is serious about the proposal, in my view.

Political dynamics make it impossible to bring the incivility into a non-polarized, American kumbaya. One side has become so sin-sickened that rationality no longer applies to the discourse – nor can it. The reprobate mindset foretold by the Apostle Paul is nearing the saturation point in American culture.

The similarities to ancient Sodom came into focus, I think, following this election. The radical elements of the opposition to the Trump Administration – to the president personally – didn’t settle down with winning control of the House of Representatives. They doubled down. The mob became an even more determined force. They started acting much like the description of the mob in Genesis chapter 19.

The mob enragement reached new levels of the already incendiary assault on domestic tranquility. The attackers moved from the more public environs where protests have always been confined – to the quiet, suburban, private family setting.

I wondered just how the wife and children of Fox program host Tucker Carlson must have been traumatized when the door to their home was being pounded on by the mob. Was it similar to the way Mr. and Mrs. Lot might have felt on that night in ancient times when the insanely lustful, enraged mob banged on their door, demanding that they give up the strangers who had entered the home?

The society and culture have been building toward this moment for some time – since the 2016 election in particular.

We have observed news of senators, of White House workers and many others being assaulted verbally in restaurants and in public places. We have seen one political party’s congressional members attacked with semi-automatic gunfire while readying to have a baseball game. Now the hordes, driven to unhinged frenzy by some unseen force are, like the depraved mob that assaulted Lot’s home in Sodom, trying to break into the private residence, threatening the safety of his wife and kids.

Jesus foretold it would be this way, did He not? He said it will be like in the days of Noah and the days of Lot when He next breaks into this sin-sickened world of Sodom-like rebellion.

Paul wrote that evil men will grow worse and worse. Is there any doubt we are witness to these prophecies beginning to come to pass in these volatile times?

It is somewhat heartening that some within the leftist ideology have called the Sodomite-like attempt to crash the door of Tucker Carlson’s home a “monstrous thing.”

Comedian Steven Colbert said something to the effect that those in opposition to Trump and his Make America Great Again agenda should not “feed” the monsters who try to break into private homes. He said that to feed monsters just makes them bigger and more violent.

Those are wise sentiments. Let us hope his words are sincere and not proffered merely to make political hay as America proceeds toward the 2020 presidential election.

As Robert Bork wrote, society and culture seem to be slouching toward Gomorrah. We are indeed nearing the time like it was in the days of Lot.

Jesus promised that He will intervene catastrophically into the world of incorrigible rebelliousness at just such a time. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.


  1. Carol Cole says:

    More, more, more, Terry !

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Jan Whited says:

    More evil by the day. Maranatha, come Lord Jesus!

  3. Nothing in American history comes close. This entire recent hysteria smacks of “Third Reich and totalitarianism” like the world has not seen since the 40’s. The ugly rise of a demonic empire within our borders is coming fast. In addition to the Sodom mentality the Satanic thirst for power will challenge and test every fiber of our beloved Constitution not to mention the sacred tenets of the Christian Faith. The stops are coming out. The deafening silence of Law and Order in the last few days is in itself reason for the Church to fall before Holy God in prayer and tears. Looking up is in order.

  4. Jim Phelps says:

    I felt this way for months seeing all this unfold . Keep up the truth Terry !

  5. Ole Birkland says:

    And now Florida…and perhaps Arizona…Democrats are fully engaged trying to steal elections…just as King County (Seattle)used fake, non-certified ballots to steal the Washington State governors election in 2004.

  6. Glenn Bowman says:

    Fantastic discernment, words and wisdom Brother Terry. God bless you. You are way above my pay grade but I believe we are farther along the day of the Rapture than even you say. I personally think the Rapture is any day now; before the end of the year. Believe me, I’m deeply convicted about the fact that no one knows the day or time. NO ONE KNOWS. But we can know the season. They say that when a husband and wife have contempt for each other, divorce is inevitable. Is that not where America is now? Good (believers) versus Evil (liberals/unbelievers) are digging there heels in more deeply. There can be no compromise by either side now. America is “beyond remedy” IMO. Proverbs: 29-1 “A man who hardens his neck, after much reproof will suddenly be broken beyond remedy”. I believe martial law is inevitable as the Evil forces (Satan’s minions) will do anything to take over. I just hope and pray that we believers do not have to endure much more before we are taken out of here with the Rapture. Maranatha Lord Jesus!!!

  7. Shirley Huesman says:

    Terry – One thing that bothers me is in scripture where it says Christ will not return until the Gospel has reached the entire world. My pastor who is a very Godly young man said to the congregation that you end time believers who think that Christ will return soon said the whole world has not heard the gospel. Another pastor on TV said the same thing this morning. I looked up the stats and it said there are 2 billion people that have never heard the gospel. Certainly, it will take a long time to reach these people. I do believe however, that my pastor does not believe in the Rapture or the TV pastor that I heard this forenoon. Could you enlighten me on this scripture.

    • Terry James says:

      In effect, (technically,) the whole world is now covered by communications, which includes spreading the Gospel Message. So that prophecy doesn’t affect the Rapture, regarding its any moment occurrence. It is preached into the whole world via satellite.

      However, the scripture in question speaks specifically to the time at the end of the Tribulation when an angel goes throughout the heavens proclaiming the Gospel.

      That will happen just before Christ returns in the Second Advent (Rev 19: 11). Then, the end of the present world-system will come to an end.

      Here is the scriptural reference.

      “And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.” (Rev. 14: 6-7)

  8. mary says:

    Even so come Lord Jesus!!!!!!!!!

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