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Sea and Waves Roaring

Jesus’ Olivet Discourse prophecies continue to come alive while today’s news flashes in lightning-like fashion across our television and computer monitor screens.

We most often consider the terrorism and pyrotechnics of Middle Eastern madness. We talk about Russia and Iran (Persia) preparing to fulfill the Gog-Magog prophecies as given in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.

Our efforts are often spent concentrating on what is happening with regard to the building one-world order in the areas of finance, religion and the many other ways such movement is manifesting.

We think in terms of the proliferating things happening within Europe –about the upheaval that seems to be rearranging for the prophesied revived Roman Empire. We look at monetary economic dynamics that are driving the world toward a global fiscal order that will eventuate in the 666 marks and numbers system of Revelation 13: 16-18.

Sometimes the natural order seems so disturbed that geophysical activity, such as earthquakes occurring simultaneously, floods raging and other phenomena erupting across the planet draws the attention of prophecy watchers. But, it is the creation called man that at present seems on the front-burner of prophetic progression –at least to this observer.

The Lord gave, during His prophecies of things to come as the time of His return in the Second Advent nears, a quite interesting description of the human condition at the very end of the age. The description seems to have a dual reference or application.

The particular prophecy of which I write is a foretelling by the Lord I believe we see developing at this very moment in time. It is building hourly in its virulence –in its evil, end times impact upon cultures and societies around the world. Here is Christ’s prophecy.

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.” (Lk 21: 25)

It is parts b and c of this prophecy that I wish us to examine. Jesus foretold that there will be “nations in distress with perplexity.” The “sea and waves” will be “roaring.”

We have looked a number of times in these commentaries at the fact that nations across the world are in distress with perplexity. The financial upheaval going on has Europe to the point of near-dissolution. The “Brexit” is one such manifestation. The great turmoil in Greece and now France as well as other EU countries make it clear that the western world is suffering a nervous breakdown of sorts. Our own nation is hard on the heels of the schizophrenia developing over there.

The next part of Jesus’ prophecy foretells that the “sea and waves roaring” will be a prime marker of the last of the last days. By the time the Tribulation is full-blown the disturbances will bring planet earth to the point of total destruction. Only Christ’s return will quell the “roaring.”

“Sea and waves” can indicate the geophysical disturbances forecast for that era. But, it is the symbolic application that is much more the meaning in this case, I’m convinced.

“Sea and waves” in this case are symbolic of the peoples of earth. Jesus was saying they will, as a result of the“distress and perplexity” be “roaring.”

Jesus indicated as given in Luke 21:28 that He will return (in the Rapture) when this indicator –and the others He gave as signals for His Second Coming at Armageddon– “begin to come to pass.”

John the revelator gave in the very first verse of the thirteenth chapter of Revelation the view of the Antichrist beast regime arising out of the “sea” of people that would be in tumult. It is the observation of a growing number of seasoned prophetic observers that the United States is now showing signs of being a part of this tumultuous“sea” of unrest that might soon bring history’s most ferocious tyrant to power.

The “Black Lives Matter” protests did much to ratchet up civil unrest within the nation. The nucleus of that disruptive organization, many say, is made up of rabble rousers who are career thugs, paid by the likes of George Soros, who has openly said he favors upsetting the order of things that communist-style socialism might be brought forth in America.

We have only to look at the turmoil going on south of our border and the havoc it is wreaking internally to see that our country is in distress with perplexity.

Many more than just the “conspiracy nuts” are wondering increasingly whether the current unrest being fomented might be the prelude to this president calling for martial law.

The many distresses involving Turkey punctuates Jesus’ prophecy. That part of the world in particular is in great tumult, rearranging for fulfillment of things to come. The terrors of illegal alien evil perpetrators invading from the south is  but the tip of the iceberg of the coming anarchy and chaos in our own nation as the end times play out.

Whatsoever is the outcome of this up heaving sea of human unrest we see heating up toward the boiling point, we can see Jesus’ prophecy for the end of days percolating in these troubled times. I believe that this means Christ’s Call “Come up here!” is very near indeed.


  1. Glenn B. says:

    Thank you Pastor James. I don’t know how the world avoids going to all out war. But for God!! God, in his sovereignty, is still holding a cap on things. One day soon I believe, God will say “enough is enough, my patience has come to an end”. I’m ready to fly out of here any day now before God unleashes his righteous wrath.

  2. Danny Glover says:

    Praise God. You hit it right on the head. REPENT all you SINNERS. JESUS COMING VERY SOON HALELUEA.

  3. Yes Brother Terry, any day … any moment … the word exponential comes to my mind repeatedly. The curve is outstripping every previous measure of prophetic activity. Nothing in 2000 years comes close. At the risk of sounding like an extremist I’m tempted to suggest that perhaps the most amazing fact of the hour is that the Bride is STILL HERE.

  4. Bibleguy317 says:

    Reblogged this on BibleProphecyWatch.

  5. Jeff Scanga says:

    I agree with all of this commentary, but I still wonder how much longer? How much more time will pass while Christ’s call “come up here!” remains near? By my reckoning and experience this call has been “near” for the last 40 years! 30 years ago I used to think that there couldn’t possibly be more than 10 years to go. Now I don’t think like that anymore. Now I am beginning to think that even 100 years hence is even possible. Still, there remains the possibility that in the very next minute the Rapture event will occur, just like it has for the last 2000 years. I guess my point is….I grow weary of watching.

    • Glenn B. says:

      I hear you Jeff. It has caused me to grow spiritually turn my putting my faith in America (which is Sodom & Gomorrah 2 now) and trusting in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. He will return at the perfect time.

      • mary says:

        I believe the same, I believe the more we see and hear of all the convergence the straighter our walk becomes, because we know our time is short and we really have a desire to be ready for Our Lord, He is the only one who can save us! Him and him alone! Praise the Lord for all of you, I’m grateful for you, you show me there are Christians out there! God Bless You all!

  6. Christine says:

    Glory to our great God!! Maranatha!!!

  7. Janet says:

    I’m weary. Please sound the call soon! I want to go home!

  8. Janie says:

    That is a wonderful insight! I had not seen it that way in comparison with Revelation. Thank you for sharing! And thank you Holy Spirit!

  9. mary says:

    Even so come Lord Jesus!!!

  10. Clint Krogman says:

    today, are we in the last day connection with the days of Noah because the world are crazy and terrible has no moral values of the family has been depravity more and more obedience to their parents. that sadly, but need to tell them about JESUS before time up for the Rapture of the Church imminent! I teaching to the deaf people at church for the Bible Prophecy warns them know about the last day and watch for Israel… I am ready to tell them the bible prophecy teaching them before too late!

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