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Armageddon’s Genesis

The one-world order crowd   (the globalists) incessantly push to pressure Israel. The Jewish State must be forced to conform to the globalists’ demand that Israel, for the sake of world peace, give up part of the land it has “illegally occupied” since the Six Day War of 1967.

Globalism, as I constantly harp, is the unrelenting force bent on setting the stage for one world government. Perhaps unwittingly, for most of the globalists elite at least, they are doing their utmost to serve their father’s–the devil’s–primary purpose. That purpose is to set the stage for the prince that shall come, the first beast of Revelation chapter 13.

I heard on a political punditry program some years ago something Bill Bennett, a well-known Washington conservative insider, wrote in his book, which I believe has the title Assassinating the Next President. Bennett apparently wrote that the globalists would, he thought, try to assassinate Donald Trump if he was elected president. According to the talking heads I listened to at the time, Mr. Bennett believed with all that is within his experience and knowledge of these people that they would never give up the power they are forever in the process of gathering to themselves. I have absolutely no doubt that he is correct in his assessment. Everything since the Obama administration came into power has been put, in my view, expertly on the fast track to bringing America into a weakened configuration–thus to bring this nation under total globalist influence. Or, that is, all new world order cylinders were in sync until the candidacy of one Donald J. Trump took off in such an effective fashion.

As anyone with half an attention span should know, the powers that be within the globalist-elite cabal  have literally been foaming at the mouth with rage against the president over the past two and one-half years. The opposition party and its losers, during that time,  have drudged up every bit of muck they can find. This despite the fact that the losing opposition candidate had enough putrid muck encasing her own persona, which would to anyone else bring a prison term. Certainly, her record of nefarious activity should forever prevent her from holding any political office at any level.

But, the mainstream media–the major networks, CNN, and others–have acted  as her and her party’s propaganda mouthpiece. They were her campaign’s free advertising and publicity agents.

Of course, this new world order movement began long before the current president took the reins of government. The point is that things of end-times rearrangements were seeming to be hitting on all sixteen cylinders within the one-world-order machinery. That is, until there was obviously, in my view, Direct Intervention from Heaven.

Despite the fact that even many within the Republican establishment joined the hate-filled anti-Trump minions to force Mr. Trump out of office and to bring one of their chosen to take power, overruling America’s voting public, their plans have thus far been foiled at every juncture. The globalists around the world  continue, none-the-less, to froth at the mouth,  doing anything and everything they can to keep the Trump presidency from succeeding.

Like Mr. Bennett apparently believed, I’m in agreement that the president continues to be in a precarious position. Lucifer’s legions are nothing to take lightly.

This is not to let Trump off scot free. some of His activities and statements in his past are not to be excused. He has publicly apologized, however–something his opponent in the 2016 presidential election has never and will never do for the myriad evil their machine of power-grabbing has churned-up for more than two decades.

Globalism, then, as I have presented from my viewpoint a number of times lately, is what this next presidential election is all about. America and, more importantly, Israel, are at the epicenter of the end-times contractions taking place.

The United States must be diminished so it no longer has the strength to resist those who would tear down national sovereignties. This must be done before that power platform for Antichrist can be established.

Simply put, Israel is at the heart of the hatred Satan harbors in his sin-demented thinking, with which he has now infected the world at large. This is seen by the fact that the vast majority of the nations within the U.N. have at their heads dictators who vote against the Jewish state every time matters involving Israel’s nationhood is brought up for a vote.

This president stands firmly with the Jewish state. However, there is rumblings that the “deal of the century” might include a dividing of Jerusalem and Israel for bringing about the consummation of such a deal. We pray that isn’t the truth of the matter.

The U.S. State Department is, to this point at least, sticking by the long-standing policy of resistance to falling in line with this globalist drive to destroy Israel and establish their power base as forewarned in Psalms chapter 2.

When Israel is finally cajoled or arm-twisted into giving up the land in question, it will indeed be the genesis for history’s most horrific war called Armageddon.

“I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land” (Joel 3:2).



  1. Ed Wood says:

    It occurred to me that the only reason the Trump-haters haven’t gotten him out of office yet (or much worse, in the ground) is that God is keeping him in place. As I’ve said before, he certainly has his faults, but his opponent in the last election, was, in my opinion, a lot worse. I will say one thing for the Clinton’s, though – they deserve each other because for both truth seems to be equally elusive!

    In the latest move of the “Get Trump” crowd, see that even the Republicans have now joined the “investigation frenzy” that the Democrats have been pursuing with a vengeance. I guess they figure that if they can’t get Trump directly, they’ll go after his associates and his family. It just might work, too, because I don’t think anyone in the high halls of power in this country has a skeleton-free closet.

    I’d rather see the time and money being wasted on all these fishing expeditions directed toward more useful ends such as figuring out how to stop the almost daily carnage caused by sociopaths shooting up our schools.

    Now we know that ultimately that God has the last word and that those who believe in Jesus will be rescued from this fallen world before the worst of the end times descends and that this is only a “time of sorrows” as Jesus put it, not yet the Tribulation Era.

    Even so, it’s tough to watch.

    If it’s this bad now, how much worse will it be for those left behind?

  2. hawk2017 says:

    Ty. Amen.

  3. Chip says:

    President Trump has been exonerated after 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants and 500 witness interviews.

    The Left is using these sham investigations as a way to attack the President and Conservatives everywhere. If we don’t stand up and fight them now they’re going to keep doing this to us forever.
    It will always bother me that the GOP has so little fight in them while the
    democrats play dirty and get away with it.

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