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Never again!…?

While platitudes flow from the political left, claiming that their ideology as the most compassionate, the most tolerant, it’s U.S. Mecca is showing otherwise. As a matter of fact, the city that never sleeps has apparently awakened in ways thought headed for extinction.

Antisemitism is manifesting significantly in New York City, according to a report by the New York Police Department. The report claims a tremendous rise in crimes against Jews and in acts involving crimes of hate in general.

The New York Police Department has reported a massive increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes in the city, with the data showing an 82% increase in such incidents in the first three months of 2019. The Anti-Defamation League’s 2018 audit of anti-Semitic incidents published earlier this week found that there was an even bigger rise of anti-Semitic hate crime in New York State – an increase of 170% from the third to the fourth quarter of 2018.

In the latest in the ongoing series of incidents of harassment and assault against Jews in New York, a passerby spat at and cursed a Jewish man in Brooklyn on Wednesday, an incident which was captured on video and published on social media.

“The data released by NYPD today is deeply disturbing and should serve as an important reminder to all of us that we must continue to be vigilant in the face of hate,” said Evan R. Bernstein, ADL NY/NJ Regional Director. (“Massive 82% spike in anti-Semitic hate crimes in New York City, NYPD finds,” by Jeremy Sharon, Jerusalem Post, May 3, 2019)

Such rise of antisemitism is not unique to New York. Our news sources have been parading such reports for years across our daily headlines. The percentage of incidents have ratcheted up in hockey-stick fashion across the globe during recent weeks.

The breakout of hatred for Jews, not coincidentally, comes during time of a tremendous rise in Islamic populations across Europe and other places. All one has to do is to consider the dynamics taking place within the U.S. House of Representatives to understand that America and the world face troubles just ahead. They are troubles that are prophesied in God’s Word.

Rants against Israel and, tacitly, against the Jewish race by a newly elected Muslim congresswoman give focus to the mounting evidence of the coming time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30:7). The rants come from an elected representative whose constituency views Israel and Jews as the central catalyst for most all the problems across the world. The Democrat Party Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi–and, for that matter, all of those in Congress–can’t or won’t govern the Muslim woman’s caustic rhetoric against Israel and Jews.

They, instead, do everything to accommodate her wants and needs as a Muslim–for example, throwing out rules against headwear while in session, allowing her to wear her Islamic headdress.

They tolerate her vitriolic spewing of hate, while they and the mainstream media do their best to cover up any mention of Muslim involvement in the many jihad attacks that have been inflicted on thousands throughout the recent decades. We are castigated by those media types anytime we mention the words “Islam” or “Muslim” in conjunction with such hate crimes. We remember recently when both Shepard Smith and Neil Cavuto of FOX News cut off guests when they mentioned Islam as a problem within this context.

American presidents and American congressional members throughout the years since the conclusion of World War II in 1945 joined the Israelis in echoing their declaration, “Never again!”

So, what is happening? The dynamics have changed. The tolerance seems only for those who are adamantly against the Jews–and, for that matter, against Christians. The left goes deafeningly silent when Christians across the world are persecuted, tortured, and murdered. These same “tolerant” within Washington officialdom go ballistic when Israel does what is necessary to protect its people. Muslims should, these anti-Israel political ideologues shout, be allowed to do whatsoever they wish to the Jewish military forces defending the country, because they are being oppressed and kept from taking over their rightful homeland–though Israel’s right to the land is based on longstanding biblical and historical facts.

All of this points to the coming second holocaust–the one that will be instituted by Antichrist, planet earth’s final and most terrible tyrant.

The pledge “Never Again!” in regard to saying genocide against the Jewish people will never again be allowed will be overruled for a short time by the beast of Revelation 13. But, the God of Heaven says “Never Again!” too. We can be assured that pledge will be kept. Israel will never again be removed from her land. Israel will survive and thrive to become the head of all nations for Christ’s millennial reign.

“Behold, he that kept Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep” (Psalms 121:4).


  1. hawk2017 says:


  2. You know, everyone’s been so sure about the anti-Christ coming from the Revised Roman Empire, but look at what’s happening in just the past 6 months!! Chrislam is born!!! Radical Islamists are running, yes, running the PEOPLE’S house!!! THAT infuriates me!! Now we are finding “training camps” for little “johnny jihads” all over America’s heartland!! Little Mogadishu here, Muslim brotherhood there, hey, this is NOT the America that I raised my kids in!! I am hopping mad but at the exact same time, I know, know, know that God is sovereign and all is falling into place JUST as was prophesied AND promised in the word of Almighty God!! So, our defense is still the same. Israel has to fight their enemies, and so do we. Let’s do what Jeanine Pirro said to do; contact all the local, state, and federal agencies and get a solid grass roots movement going and get rid of these undesirable people by voting them out!! Time to ROCK THEIR WORLD!!! Amen!

    • Chris says:

      I share your sentiments. But, America must decrease if the Kingdom of the Antichrist is to flourish. America’s influence in the world is now paramount but starting to fail. This, to me is prophecy in the making. Corruption in government operations within America might just be the ticket for America on the train to hell. For this reason (in part) I conclude that the Bible, Christ and everything God related is of paramount importance to ‘live’ in. Indeed, the whole world of corruption will fail and has been failing for a very long time. That world, this one?, is so temporary that it isn’t even worth mentioning as a speed bump or pot hole on a long road. What happens in this world is of no consequence compared to eternity in Christ’s Kingdom. I say that, but I too am just as frustrated, angered and disappointed as you are. But, we all must try to focus on the end game that Christ is all and in all, the Alpha and Omega concerning literally everything in the universe.

  3. Christy Benoist says:

    Yes Terry..so sad :..( but this hasn’t escaped my attention either. Yet another piece of the “convergence” puzzle. It’s all really happening! Ramping up & revving up more & more. We can hardly keep trac. How long O Lord? Thank you yet again. In Jesus, Christy Maranatha Terry

  4. Ed Wood says:

    Perhaps the reason Israelites have been constant targets of abuse over the millennia is because Satan is trying to totally wipe them out. If he succeeded, all the promises God made to them would then not be fulfilled. If this happened, then God would no longer be omniscient and in total control of this universe.

    In short he would no longer be . . . . God!

    Now if this was so, then it would give Stan an opening to step in and fill that position, something that has always been his goal even before the Earth, maybe even the universe itself, ever existed.

    Fortunately, what we do know is that the devil’s scheme is ultimately doomed to fail, but he is such a pathological liar that he has come to believe his own lies – and because of this, he keeps trying to bend history by any means so that it will not end in his own destruction.

  5. Bob says:

    God uses the enemies of a Nation to chastise that Nation for leaving God. Israel is the prime example that we are given. Over and over God used Israel’s enemies to bring correction to His chosen Nation. In a like manner, God is now using the enemies of the USA to correct the CHURCH in America for turning its back on “The First Love”. The question is, “has the Church turned so far away from the Truth that there is no returning”? Time will tell, in the meantime expect islam and the progressive left to continue gaining ground in this battle.
    “For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God (1 Peter 4:17)?”
    There is hope, but it lies at the foot of the Cross and at the head of the Risen Christ.

  6. mary hernandez says:

    Amen Brother! Israel shall stay in their land. Their land, anyone who denies that is just plain ridiculous. That’s it! American or Muslim. But we see the anti-christ and his movement on the rise. I do pray for all people that they find the Love of the truth so they too can be saved. All of us are saved by the Grace of God, Jesus Christ, cannot one of us merit it! It is a gift from our Father, but we all must receive that gift. If not, you shall not be saved! End of sentence, I pray more come to knowledge of the truth before Christ comes for us to leave this crazy planet, and all hell breaks loose. Literally!!
    God bless all who have come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. See you in heaven!!! Hallelujah to the KING!!!

  7. Frances Turner says:

    So many signs converging before our very eyes today! Church, we must stay strong to “finish the race set before us” of which the Apostle Paul spoke, and to “..mount up with wings as eagles..” that the prophet Isaiah wrote. So many as yet-to-be-fulfilled prophecies are beginning to come to fruition! It’s an exciting time to be alive, but yet my heart starts to fill with uneasiness until I’m once again comforted by Jesus saying for us to have no fear. I’m pleading with Jesus to knock on my door, because I’m going to fling it wide open and hug Him up so close He’ll need to breathe supernaturally because I feel like I’ll never let Him go!❤️

  8. greatgrany5 says:

    We all are commanded to “guard your heart” and now more than ever! The days are indeed growing darker and dangerous but “greater is HE who is in us, than he who is in the world”! So very necessary to stay alert and ready to share the love of God in this decaying world!

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