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Gathering Evidence Against God

It doesn’t surprise, nor should it, that every news cycle brings into greater focus where this generation stands on God’s prophetic timeline. Anti-God forces are in a never-ending building project, constructing a world laid out by their master architect–and their father, the devil.

Satan’s blueprint for moving the bulk of humanity into an earth of his own grand design is on track. The march back to Babel as in the days of Nimrod and the tower meant to reach symbolically into Heaven (Genesis 11) is observably being engineered at an accelerating pace.

We have looked many times at the madness being fomented by these forces that are directed by wickedness in high places. The activity has not abated.

It seems to me that, lately, that evil has been concentrated in laser fashion on the young–in some cases, the very young. It’s as if the chief power and principality in those high places has determined that this current crop of youth must be inculcated to best carry out his master blueprint.

I offer as primary evidence just a few examples. These involve issues and events of recent days and illustrate Satan’s humanistic minions’ attempts to build a case against the God of Heaven.

The first example is the attempt to bring the youngest children under the tutelage of transvestites. Transvestites, of course, are almost exclusively men who have fetishes for dressing in women’s clothing. They, in the past, were considered mentally ill. They were kept away from children. A high percentage of these have been involved in pedophilia. Now, these men “in drag,” as the term has it, are invited into libraries to “teach” youngsters about the joys and adventures of thinking and acting apart from what was formerly considered normal.

As has been reported by my friend Daymond Duck and others, through articles posted by Rapture Ready, these transvestites have been invited by churches to act as goodwill ambassadors in greeting people who enter for services.  Anyone who dares to criticize these formerly considered aberrant individuals are marked for ridicule as hatemongers. Some jurisdictions even prosecute those who publicly criticize such men.

God creating men as men and women as women is unacceptable in these jurisdictions. The powers that be–those ruled by the grand master architect of the coming world order—are dead set on tearing down truth set in God’s order of things. They are obviously concentrating on this process at the most basic foundation of mankind. They are attacking the very young, those who represent the future of planet Earth.

The human minions, whether knowingly or unwittingly, are working within the luciferian scheme to do away with any influence by the God who created called man.

A second example blatantly in our faces is the drive by these same minions in the same high places of wickedness to indoctrinate children with the “climate change” religion. Make no mistake: It is a religious zealotry and fervor the devil is using to ramp up rage against the Almighty.

Children at the most elementary levels are being taught that man, not God, controls the environment. They don’t yet use the term “Mother Earth worship,” but they do intend to make children understand that it is Mother Earth, not Father God, that is the source of their future security and happiness. The only time God is mentioned by the climate-change/global warming minions is to accuse the Lord with the term “act of God.” This, they readily use when there is a weather, volcanic, or earthquake tragedy anywhere in the world.

A week or so ago there was this, as we consider this case the minions are building against the God of Heaven.

Children who attend New York City public schools will be allowed to cut classes on Friday to join Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg for a protest at the United Nations. 

“@NYCschools will excuse absences of students participating in the #ClimateStrike on Friday 9/20. Students will need parental consent. Younger students can only leave school with a parent,” the school district tweeted along with a tweet from Mayor Bill de Blasio saying the students would be allowed to take part in the protest. (“NYC Schools Allowing Students to Skip Class to Join Greta Thunberg for U.N.,” Daily Plug, September 20, 2019)

The minions carrying out this inculcation under the master architect’s direction are choosing the youngest among us to woo the children in Pied-piper fashion. A sixteen-year old girl from Sweden has been chosen for that role. The report further explains:

[Greta] Thunberg started Fridays for Future school walkouts in her hometown of Stockholm a year ago, a movement that has spread around the world and, according to the Fridays for Future website, 2,400 events will be taking place around the world from September 20 through September 27:

The week’s crescendo of events will bracket the UN Climate Action Summit taking place in New York on September 23rd. We’ll be sending global leaders the message that our #house is on fire and that we’re calling on them to do what the science clearly tells us must be done.

All eyes are on the United States which already has 145 cities signed up, with participation that is expected to be tenfold when compared with  the first two global strikes in March and May of this year.

New York is expecting a huge turnout, as is Montreal (Canada) which saw 150,000 take to the streets to demand climate action in the largest strike so far without the presence of Greta Thunberg. (Ibid)

If space permitted, we could look in considerable depth at the madness in California to back up the premise of this commentary. I’m referring to the legislature blaming “religious groups” who hold to biblical understandings of sex and gender as responsible for “disproportionately high rates” of suicide among homosexuals and transgenders.

In Sacramento, the state assembly declared through concurrent Resolution 99 that homosexuality and transgenderism are “part of natural variations that occur in sexual orientation and gender identity” and condemns counseling services that help people resolve unwanted gender confusion or same-sex attraction.

Suffice it to say that the master architect continues to present his lying narrative through satanically specious evidence that God has no business in the business of mankind. But we are thankful Bible prophecy assures that the same God who is presently so reviled by the wicked minions will one day forever put an end to the madness.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.


  1. dlt54 says:

    Hi Terry,
    Thank you for another great article.
    I am attaching a link to a (shockingly) deceptive post that showed up on my FB newsfeed today. It shows how Satan is twisting everything backwards and decieving young people into believing that the Far Left is the “middle” and “right” place to be. Satan is truly aiming his big guns at the young.
    Thanks again, Donna


    • Dawn says:

      We are living in a fallen world and everything is backward. Christians are the evil ones, children are able to reason like adults, abortion is good and blessed by God, there are more than 2 sexes, people can choose their gender and it is not conferred upon them in the womb, men can choose to get pregnant (I guess the trans can) and the list goes on and on and on and makes my heart and my head ache.

  2. Oh Terry, I do so enjoy your writing! As Watchers and children of the Most High God (according to Abraham and Melchezedec), we must do all that we can to alert the brethren of the evil that is taking place in our midst. I recently received a revelation regarding the latest Impeachment Inquiry of our President. Everyone is dumb-founded, wondering why Nancy Pelosi rushed to Impeachment Inquiry without so much as a whisper of evidence of wrong doing by President Trump. Well, I would submit to you, that it was that same day, Tuesday September 24, 2019, that President Trump addressed the UN General Assembly and stated that America would never become a Socialist country. He said that we would remain a Sovereign nation. He declared that we would curb Illegal Immigration by ensuring strong borders and border protection. Then he went on to say that the other nations of the UN should do the same. He encouraged them to become or remain Sovereign nations. He said that they should keep or maintain strong borders. And then he told them to stop Illegal Immigration by forbidding it in their nations. I believe that right after these statements made by President Trump, coupled with the statements he made about Religious Freedom, in America and around the world, that the powers that be, especially and including Mr. George Soros, contacted Nancy Pelosi. She then called for the “closed door” meeting, and at 5pm that afternoon, without an indictment or even evidence of a crime, she announced that the House was launching an “Official Impeachment Inquiry”. She didn’t tell the public that the House was ALREADY doing just that! What was the whole “Corey Lewandowski” hearing all about then? Well, there it is. I am certain that this is the real reason that they began the big hubub, and then in a few short days, ran off to a two week vacation! Didn’t they just return from a six-week vacation only a few weeks ago? The sad thing is that the body they occupy is the People’s House, our House, and they are abusing it at break-neck speed to fulfill the plan of an evil entity and divide a nation from within. One last thing, it is said that as Israel goes, so goes the world. Well, Israel is as divided as ever, and look at America and many other nations around the world. Is it almost time to go home yet? Come, Lord Jesus, come! God bless you Terry. I love the book, by the way. Thanks for all your hard work for the Kingdom!!

    • Dawn says:

      Dawn, I am another Dawn and I totally agree with what you have stated. I also believe this scenario. And interestingly the ICIG, Michael K. Atkinson of Maryland, who decided the telephone call was and the “whistleblower” was an urgent concern case, was the Acting Assistant AG and Senior Consul to the Assistant AG John Carlin. John Carlin was the National Security Director who signed off on Wood’s Procedure verifying that the FISA warrant was true. He verified the false dossier info. And this Atkinson fast tracked the Whistle Blower hoax, bypassing the DOJ and the Committee and handed it over to Adam Schiff. I don’t think the ICIG was very non partisan, but he is a traitor. Oh, and John Carlin was Bob Mueller’s Chief of Staff.

      • My goodness! What information! Thank you so much for passing that on. I wonder, do these people even sleep at night? Somewhere in Proverbs it states that the evil people of the world do not sleep, they stay awake devising evil. I am shocked at this but I am not shocked. Does our President and the people around him, supposedly helping him, know about this? They must. I certainly pray that our President is being protected, not just on the temporal plane, but in the heavenlies. I know that I have lifted him before the throne of grace more in the last few weeks than ever before in his administration. This fight is not just his, but it is the fight of the American people, and even that of the entire world that is crying out for justice through all of the many revolts we see happening everywhere. They are fighting against Communism and Socialism and wanting the rule of law that America stands for. This is most certainly a global fight and I thank you sister for the fantastic information. Let us all join together in prayer for our country, our President, and our world. Amen.

  3. hawk2017 says:


  4. Ed Wood says:

    When we see how children are being pretty much poisoned by really mess-up people (even in church – no big surprise there, is it?) I have to wonder a lot about their parents. Are they just ignorant or oblivious? Or both?
    Whatever it is, one day they, and the people corrupting them, will account for their actions, as Mark revealed below:

    Mark {9:42} And whosoever shall offend one of [these] little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

    As far as the environmental situation, as you know, I do believe that humanity does affect its environment. God gave us a paradise, and as we learn in Genesis, when we sinned and allowed Satan into our universe, our world started falling apart. So, even the Bible shows that our actions have adversely affected our planet, even in the distant past. The damage continues not only due to the devil’s work, but our continuing disregard for the gifts God has given us.

    It is true that God has the last word in all things – and that also includes allowing us to suffer the consequences of our misuse of the free will he blessed us with ever since he breathed the breath of life into Adam and Eve. We are seeing the collective result on a planetary scale at all levels of the bad decisions we’ve made as individuals and as a race. Sadly, the real damage we are doing to Earth has been appropriated into creating new religion by people who also have an agenda of their own – and it is not for the good of humanity, but their own play for power.

    The plain fact is that despite all our scientific knowledge, the evidence is that we are totally incapable of saving ourselves or our planet, but unfortunately most of Adam’s and Eve’s children remain far too arrogant to admit it.

    And they are also too arrogant to accept that the only answer to it all is Jesus, and him alone.

  5. Dawn says:

    Our world is a fallen world. Not only our nation but all the nations are upside down and turned inside out.

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