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Banishing God

The question at the top of my list is what’s this pandemic all about? As a matter of fact, the many emails I get and conversations I engage in seem to indicate that, in one way or another, this question is chief among topics on the minds of others.

And why not?

The pandemic struck with swiftness and devastation to our way of life, the likes of which nothing in our scope of experience has equaled. Things have been turned upside down because of the coronavirus.

I know it’s the same for you who have been readings these posts lately. We have a deep desire to know exactly what is going on, in light of everything else that’s been happening, in consideration of possible biblically prophetic meanings.

I, like you, have heard many different reasons this world-changing virus has been unleashed.

It’s all about setting the stage for Antichrist is one thought. I, myself, have expressed a number of times that I believe this is one element of the reason for things shifting so dramatically at this late hour.

God is judging this nation because of the murder of more than sixty-five million babies through abortion is another theory. Certainly, a scriptural argument can be made for this.

God is invoking the Genesis 12 curse on America because the Trump administration included dividing up Israel’s land in its Deal of the Century peace plan. This proposition is a growing speculation among some.

There are many more postulations coming forth in the quest to have the answer to the question: What’s this pandemic all about? It’s a question I believe God wants His people to ponder.

Another possibility proffered is that God is wanting to get our attention—not only the attention of the lost souls who are headed down the broad way to destruction, but the attention of true believers.

My own thinking is that there might be some degree—perhaps a large degree—of credence in this thinking. The whole world continues to be stunned by the blow struck by this microscopic entity we call COVID-19 or coronavirus. The staggering occurrence, certainly allowed by God to happen, has diverted our attention from the moment-by-moment activity of living life. Everyone with the capability to get information on what is happening with the disease is paying attention.

People, particularly in America, now hunker down in their homes and wear masks when venturing out for—well, for toilet paper in particular, it seems.

The churches now sit empty seven days a week instead of six. This, in itself, speaks something significant to the question: What’s this pandemic all about?

The world banishes God from public places. Has God now banished people from church sanctuaries?

I jest only to a degree. The second-most-televised governmental authority, just behind President Trump in numbers of hours on camera, seems to have weighed in on God and His place in the nation.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, who is given substantial national television time every day to brief the world on the state of the battle against COVID-19, has weighed in on his view of God’s status in all of this.

He’s the Democrat governor who just recently signed the Reproductive Health Act into law, a law that allows for abortion up to the due date and removes all protections for any baby who somehow lives through the abortion procedure.

Cuomo said about the battle against the pandemic:

It [the plateau in the number of new cases] is directly a result of what you do today…. The number is down because we brought the number down. God did not do that, fate did not do that, destiny did not do that, a lot of pain and suffering did that.

One must at least wonder if such an attitude by the governor might be part of why New York City is ground zero for the coronavirus. To banish the God of all creation is a most serious—might I say “dangerous”?—matter for any people.

The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. (Psalms 2:2–4)


  1. Nita Downum says:

    Thank you for your insight of the scriptures. I just thank God for his mercy and grace and I agree with what you said. We as a nation have turned our back on the Holy God and feel his punishment is what we deserve. This virus is just a precursor of what’s to come. Israel is God’s time piece and His land will never be divided. Sacrificing our children to Baal is murder. No wonder God is angry.

    • To be kind to America I believe God has allowed the virus to surface and spread
      as part of his “birth pangs” to reset the church on evangelical priorities in these end times.Personally don’t think the Rapture will occur until the last person on God’s manifest(Romans 11:25) has come into the Kingdom.The late Chuck Missler always held to this view.

  2. You hit all the right questions Terry. The dividing of Israel was the one that really hit me the hardest, and New York’s abortion “celebration” had to play into their being hit so hard, and it didn’t help their cause when Cuomo said God had nothing to do with flattening the curve. They really hate God there. But as birth pangs go, I would say this was a “good one”. I feel the Holy Spirit moving in a new way…a much more intimate way. I know MY relationship with the Lord has deepened so much, and my desire to share HIM has intensified. The spiritual warfare has increased as well, but that’s nothing compared to what will happen soon. God bless, keep ’em coming! We need your voice.

  3. Dawn says:

    I think all of the above ruminations you mentioned play a part in the why. And I know that Israel is the central player in the End Times event. We have to look at the impact it is all having on God’s land. I am not sure if Israel has really been impacted by the virus. Iran has certainly felt the pain as has Italy. Russia’s pain has just begun.

    The whole world seems to be groaning in pain today – earthquakes in divers places, volcanos, nation rising up against nation, states against states, different groups of citizens against other groups, Christians and Jews are under attack and they attack each other, the LBTG (etc, I can never remember how the letters go), plagues of locusts in Africa, Fires burning out of control in Australia and in the western USA, pornography rampant and leading into pedophilia, murder of the innocent AKA abortion, genocide, euthanasia in some nations, God expelled from schools, universities and public places…

    I pray every night for forgiveness for my countrymen and nation for falling away from God and I pray for mercy for us all, for deliverance. I truly believe all of these things happening simultaneously is a picture of how it will be in Tribulation. I pray for God to use me, my testimony, just me for His Kingdom. I despair how He can when we are quarantined with limited contact with anyone except for us (me, husband and dog).

    God bless you and your mnistry. I look forward to seeing your missives in my mail.

  4. I am a bit confused about something and I am hoping that Terry himself can help me out. I recently posted this article to the Facebook group “Hal Lindsey Media Ministries Group”, and it got “removed” because they said it went “against” their rules of ‘saved by grace, pre-tribulation, once saved, etc, etc, etc.’ I was very dismayed, as this is not the first time they have “banned” something I shared. I prefaced it with something like a “thrice Holy God will not be mocked”. Was that an out of line statement? I am not sure of the two women who are moderating that group, but I am certain that Terry is in line with the same teaching as Hal Lindsey, as we all are who follow Terry and Amir and Barry and Jack and Jan and J.D. and Don, etc, etc. Can someone please help me out? I am really confused and I get no response from the group moderators. I kinda thought I was on the right track here all this time and I keep getting slapped by this same group and I’m wondering if they really represent Hal Lindsey or not. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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