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Tribulation Technology Today

Perhaps my thinking here will land me in the same looney bin the elite journalist types place the likes of Alex Jones and others. However, I must say that each and every hour of each and every day lately has lit up the “alert” sensors of my conspiracy meter.

The strange, ongoing developments that permeate this entire coronavirus matter just smack of things being supernaturally constructed, thus to bring about government on a global scale.

It is more than ironic that while America elected perhaps the most nationalistic president imaginable—and one who has been to this point tremendously successful in ensuring that America’s sovereignty gets back on track—every other geopolitical effort is aimed at bringing about a global order. It seems the coronavirus has, in a matter of less than two months, derailed the Trump “Make America Great Again” train of success.

I hear from many within the talk-show sphere that to say COVID-19 was created by the deep-state types in order to bring about exactly what we have witnessed—the shutdown of the booming economy—is conspiracy kookdom. Even Rush Limbaugh says that he believes this virus crisis wasn’t created by the people of that dark cabal to bring down Donald Trump. He believes, however, that this “pandemic” is being used by that evil group of swamp creatures and world globalists elite to their best advantage. They are using it to bring this president down, while all the other things they’ve tried—the accusation of colluding with Russia, the misuse of power in the Ukrainian phone call, in trying the impeachment, etc,—has all blown up in their collective face.

So this “crisis” really is just coincidental? This virus—which has already proven to be nowhere close to being as virulent in numbers of hospitalizations and deaths as the common strains of influenza, just coincidentally came on the scene during probably the most volatile and important election year in American history? This disease just, coincidentally, took probably the most booming economy of any nation in history down within a month and locked practically all Americans within their home confines—stripping constitutional rights, including the right to gather in churches to worship, in the process?

The journalists-elite will probably—if they even cared to consider my take as such an insignificant observer—put me in an even more confining looney bin upon my following take on all of this.

I actually agree with those, including Rush, who say that the globalists and deep-state types didn’t create this pandemic to bring down Trump and American nationalism and to get the nation back on track to being part of their drive for one world order. These didn’t sit around and plan this virus to bring down what was conceived as the greatest economic boom in history. I also agree that to think a group of human agents could plan and do such a thing, and pull it off in America’s most important presidential election year, probably does fit within the designation “kookdom.”

But, I do think it was planned, after being conceived within the mind of the evilest of all conspirators. It was supernaturally initiated. The name of the conspirator, the master planner, is none other than Lucifer the fallen—Satan.

At the same time, the God of Heaven knew before the foundation of the planet that Satan would do just that—supernaturally plan and bring about this strange, out-of-nowhere virus that would seem to get the apex nation of history, economically speaking, back on track toward globalism. Take comfort: He wasn’t taken by surprise.

COVID-19, or coronavirus, or whatever you want to call it, is all part of a plan to bring about Satan’s Antichrist regime. Let there be no doubt about that—at least among Christians who hold the pre-Trib view of Bible prophecy. You are not a “kook” if you view it this way through the prism of God’s prophetic Word.

One such proof that these constantly appearing developments are preparing the way for the man of sin to take the world geopolitical stage following the translation of believers to Heaven can be understood through the following:

Big Brother Is Watching — And Wants You to Stay at Home

In both South Korea and Israel, authorities use telecom data to track potential COVID-19 patients. Investigators in South Korea can scan smartphone data to find people who might have caught the coronavirus from someone they met within the space of 10 minutes. Israel, on the other hand, has tapped its anti-terrorist Shin Bet intelligence unit to track down potential COVID-19 patients using phone data.

In the United Kingdom, at least one police force has started using drones to monitor public areas, shaming any residents caught going out for a stroll. Tunisia has taken similar steps, deploying security robots equipped with thermal cameras to enforce the lockdown in the capital city of Tunis.

These measures are just some examples of how governments have turned to digital surveillance tools to track and monitor individuals in the name of slowing the spread of the pandemic. Many citizens in these countries have even welcomed the tracking technology intended to bolster defenses against the coronavirus. (Franz Walker, “The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Sparking the Rollout of More Digital Surveillance,” The Common Sense Show, April 24, 2020)

Surveillance is touted by the doctors on the White House coronavirus crisis team as the way to assure we get through the pandemic. Drones are being used, by some state and local governmental officials, to fly over and monitor people to see that they are either inside their homes or gathering in groups of no more than ten in areas they are so kind to allow us to gather.

None of this is coincidental. We are witnessing Tribulation technology coming into play right before our fear-affected eyes.

Revelation 13 is about to come to fulfillment, and the beast called Antichrist is about to bound up the steps to that stage of world domination.

However, for those who believe in the blessed hope of Titus 2:13, there is no reason to fear. As a matter of fact, all we see developing should give reason for excitement and should do one thing more. It should cause everyone who names the name of Christ to witness, and to pray that as many people as can be gathered into God’s family will come to repentance.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!


  1. Edward Wood says:

    First thing, Terry, is that you are NOT insignificant in God’s eyes because I am convinced you are carrying out his work and that your reach is likely beyond what you think.

    Next, if you are a “kook,” then in a world rapidly going mad, that would make you sane!

    Furthermore, I think you are right on target in that what we are seeing now finds its origins in Satan himself, his plan being carried out by agents both human and demonic, not only to “Get Trump,” but to soften up the human race and get them used to “following orders” without question – just like a diabolic genius did in the first part of the 20th Century in a bankrupt, desperate country named Germany. If the current trends continue, every free nation will soon be in the same place – and they’ll all be looking for an answer man.

    I think they’ll soon get their wish.

  2. Kathy Howe says:

    This is good to remember as we see such insanity taking place in our world today.

  3. Deborah says:

    Amen! That was informative and a great comfort.

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