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A Delay, Not a Do-Over

An emailer, expressing fears over the current conditions in America, asked: “Do you think we will ever return to normal life?”

It’s an interesting question, and it represents a number of such questions I’ve gotten lately. I must admit that, for a while, it was one I, myself, thought about as I looked across the prophetic horizon.

Will life ever return to the way things were before COVID-19 disrupted our lives like nothing in America has before?

It’s true that the Great Depression of the 1930s caused great troubles that were made worse by the advent of the Dust Bowl, which decimated great swaths of middle America. Many folks lost their livelihoods and even their lives during that catastrophic era. But all the while, life had a sense that normalcy was again just around the corner.

People still came together. As a matter of fact, they clung closely to each other in order to get through the dark days, weeks, and months of that time during America’s early twentieth century.

They weren’t told to not congregate. Particularly, they weren’t told they couldn’t go to church. They were encouraged to come together and pray, imploring the Lord to deliver them from the plague of the fiscal and physical disaster that afflicted them.

Now within the country we’re seeing a sense of foreboding that nags at many, even within the ranks of devoted believers. Will we ever see a time like that we enjoyed before the coronavirus? —Before quarantining and social distancing? Before churches were told not to meet at full capacity? Before wearing masks that almost in a sinister way obscure smiles and expressions of hope we previously were allowed to see on the countenances of fellow human beings? Will we ever again return to a time like before, when we received no glares of fear and even anger from eyes peering at us from behind the masks if we choose not to wear them?

The question is legitimate. Fear of this microscopic entity has more than 90 percent of Americans polled indicating that they would like to have government make the mask-wearing mandatory in all public places. Over 90 percent!

Most of those polled want the masks to be required, despite statistics from the CDC itself—figures just released—that show the harmful effects of the disease have been grossly overblown. Of the 180,000 people reported to have died of COVID-19, only some nine thousand-plus have actually died of COVID itself. The majority died, in fact, from age-related and or other health complications.

This is greatly under-reported by mainstream media. I’ve written many times about the reasons for such muddling of truth. The deception involved in the COVID-19 matter, the sequestering of individual Americans one from another (the masking of America—and the world, for that matter) is all part of the answer to the question: “Will we ever return to normal life?”

While the coronavirus is real, it hasn’t proven to present the world-endangering virulence the would-be world masters have claimed. In fact, the flu in its various strains has been much greater in deadly effects than this virus unleashed by China. COVID-19 has been contrived for specific purposes in what I believe the Pre-Tribulation Bible prophecy view presents.

However, while COVID-19 hasn’t been nearly as world-endangering as propagandized, it certainly has been the most world-changing pandemic in history.

That’s saying a tremendous mouthful, to be sure. The Spanish Flu of 1917 killed millions. Many plagues of the past have devastated entire continents and even brought civilizations to an end. Pestilence such as the Bubonic Plague have wiped out many in Europe and elsewhere. Diseases have brought the Incas and others to an end. But COVID-19, as minor as it is in its virulence, comparatively speaking, has literally been the catalyst for bringing all elements together for the wind-up of the age. I and others who hold a Pre-Tribulation Rapture view believe this pandemic is in place to manipulate the masses across the world into being receptive to the post-Rapture world deception. In this, the COVID-19 ruse has been immensely successful.

Will we ever return to normal life?

Converging developments answer with a resounding “no.”

The stage is setting for the powers and principalities of Ephesians 6:12 to bring their satanic world order to the world of God-rejecting earth dwellers.

People worldwide have fallen for the fear-engendering pandemic of pandemics. No matter the political outcomes in November or any other election at any other time, we can’t expect a “do-over.” The nation and the world will not be made better through the human political process. No human government will make things as they have been, in the sense the founding fathers of America intended.

We are deep into the end of this decaying, darkening age.

This being the obvious case—that things will not get back to “normal”—how should we deal with everything evil permeating today’s society and culture?

What is to be our part, since we’ve been providentially placed here at this late moment of the Age of Grace?

We are to fight a delaying action. We’re here to be salt and light in this corruptive, decaying time in human history. The Restrainer—the Holy Spirit—indwells each believer. Each of us is supernaturally equipped to fight as described in Ephesians chapter 6.

The purpose for fighting the delaying action is to restrain evil that we’ve seen increasing over the past several years, months, weeks, and days. That wickedness in high places will only increase, the nearer to the Tribulation the world gets.

The purpose for restraining the evil is so that the gospel can be offered to as many as possible. Pray the prayer prescribed in 2 Chronicles 7:14. Stand up for righteousness at all cost. Make God’s Word, the Bible, your sword that He’s given you to battle evil.

We can’t expect a “do-over” of the way things were before this end-times battle ramped up. But we must be at the heart of the delaying action God has planned for just this monumental time when His Son is at the very brink of stepping out on the clouds of glory and shouting: “Come up here!” (Revelation 4 1).


  1. Vicki Short says:

    What a scary time we live in, but oh what an exciting time to be alive! As I watch evil rising around us, I also see the hand of God moving across this nation, and the world for that matter! Many people are coming to Christ and many Christian’s are purposefully strengthening their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ! Oh God is so good! I am so thankful for His saving power!

  2. Ed Wood says:

    I think you’re right, Terry.

    Something I’ve noticed when I’ve given people actual numbers and percentages about Covid to support my claim than all these restrictions are more about stealing our freedom than protecting us from the disease is mostly either disbelief or outright anger. In a very few instances, people agree.

    Nevertheless, I will persist.

    My attitude is, this is what I think, here my the reasons, make of it what you will. I actually have used the same approach with religion for decades. I state why I believe God is real and why the Bible is the best source of information regarding him whenever the subject comes up. The reactions above pretty much parallel my Covid ones, except, and this is perhaps a hopeful sign, fewer people give me “attitude” about it, even now in these last of the last days.

    Again, I will persist because so much more is at state in this latter instance.

  3. joshua says:

    We abide in HIS purifying Word. And we’ll be swooped up. It’s so soon it hurts. Meanwhile, I’ll be exercising some pauline gospel greek Rapture concepts BECAUSE indeed the Parousia [Presence] of our LORD is at hand. We’ll be Episynagōgēd [Reunited] to HIM at HIS soon Apokalypsis-Epiphaneia [Revelation-Manifestation] by which HE will Rhyomai [Save] us from the Wrath to come by our Harpazō [Snatch Up]. And so we’ll be finally Separated-Aphistemi from this evil age [by our Departure, the Apostasia, 2 Thessalonians 2:3] and present with our Crowns Face to Face and around the Throne [Revelation 4:4]. Amen.

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