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Push-back against Satan’s Big Push

With the election of Barack Obama following eight years of George W. Bush, things appeared to be right on track for globalization. Even during the Bush years, the push to bring in a changed world order was front and center.

Efforts by those opposed to giving up American sovereignty were becoming increasingly atrophied. America-as-founded advocates within the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives gave in to the change agent in most every instance because it was impolitic to push back against the first black president. The leftist mainstream news media reveled in the words of the new president: “It is time for fundamental change in America!”

The Obama administration started by the president undertaking a world tour where he apologized for the United States being overbearing and…well…just not a good global citizen. The first lady, Michelle Obama, said she was proud of America for the first time since her husband made the tour and was beginning to right all the wrongs that the U.S. as founded had perpetrated upon the rest of the world.

Those in charge in D.C. during those eight years indeed set about to transfer American industry—especially manufacturing—to nations throughout the world. Particularly, China was beneficiary of the change that was taking place. During those years, China built an economy that is scheduled to overtake that of the U.S. by 2040-something. That nation used the great profits made from the trade deals and through industrial and hi-tech espionage to build a military machine that the Bible tells us will one day be at the heart of the force that will kill a third of the world’s population. (Read Revelation chapters 9 and 16.)

We can see simply by looking at China’s growing belligerence through its threats in the South China Sea and its ominous threats against the Trump administration’s tough dealing to create a more favorable trade balance, just how foolish the giveaways by the Obama administration were. And, it is almost certainly the Sino-globalist cabal, according to some observers, that released the COVID-19 plague—a so-called pandemic that has brought the greatest economic power to have existed to its knees along with the rest of the industrialized world.

Then came the election of 2016. The world powers elite were set to further bring those American assets into their orbit with the election of the candidate who was to complete the Obama agenda. It was all but a done deal. The media, again, was giddy with the prospects of making the United States exactly like the European socialistic model they so longed for.

But something funny happened on the way to that next presidential inauguration.  The candidate of the changed world order lost in a large electoral landslide. The winner, the “Make America Great Again” candidate, gave the inaugural speech in which he lambasted Obama’s agenda and the damage done in the Obama administration, and he vowed that now America would be front and center in bringing back manufacturing and all other things that had been virtually given away during the previous four years.

Bottom line is that Satan’s plans to bring his geopolitical regime of control sooner rather than later was stymied. There came a push-back of major proportions because of the election result, one that nobody saw coming—except perhaps Donald J. Trump and his confidence in winning rather than losing, and, certainly, Christians who believe unwaveringly in the power of prayer.

As mentioned here many times, that prayer, as edited by God as recorded in 2 Chronicles 7: 14, was at the precise center of the miracle that took place that election night in 2016.

Since that night, and even before, the luciferian push to bring America and the world back to conditions as they were before the 2016 election have increased by the hour. The insane rage of those who are nothing less than operatives for the end-times rebellion Satan is fomenting are in our faces—our masked faces—every waking minute.

Those leading the rebellion, including not only Antifa and Black Lives Matter, but the ideological-political left in general and the mainstream news and entertainment media as well, are now warning with not-so-veiled threats that if the man they hate is reelected, we can expect carnage from their rage that will cause what is happening at present to look like child’s play. Even Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has threatened in no uncertain terms that the rage will become even more intense.

So the push by the chief rebel of all rebels has his minions, both human and demonic, in place for the big push that is without question coming, no matter who wins the election.

It’s just the way it is. It is the time in which we are privileged to be alive—the very end of the Age of Grace.

We are here for the big push-back against Satan’s big push to bring in the long-prophesied Antichrist world order.

That cannot and will not happen while we are still here. Our push-back—God’s push-back—is why we are here at this troubling but exciting time. The Holy Spirit resident within each believer in Jesus Christ provides us greater power than the minions of the satanic push have at their disposal.

Franklin Graham, son of the late Billy Graham, has full understanding of that power of supernatural push-back.

He has invited God’s people to join him and many others on the Washington, D.C. Mall on September 26 for a time of prayer for the nation. He will then lead a march through the nation’s capital as part of the push-back against the evil that will continue to be stymied until we hear the words of our Lord from the clouds of Heaven: “Come up here!”


  1. Ed Wood says:

    I believe that if the institutional church had done its job over the decades in actually teaching its members the Bible, and that certainly includes prophecy, America, and maybe even the world, would be a much different and better place.

    People would see globalism as the threat it truly is and reject it. They would also have the discernment to recognize the truth from a lie and minds that were unimpeded by the influence of Satan himself.

    When I take a look around it is really easy to believe most people now are brainwashed in a manner no drug could have equaled.

    At no other time in my recollection have I seen Ephesians 6:12 so vividly on display as at the current time. The real “unseen enemy” today has nothing to do with Covid 19. This November we’ll find out just how much influence this enemy has gotten on our country and whether the brief respite we’ve had pushing back against the forces of darkenss will continue or not.

    • De Los Angeles says:

      I agree with you Ed Wood, I believe that we have let this country down because the Church of Jesus Christ has not done his job properly.

      • Ed Wood says:

        Thank you.

        Seems pretty obvious that Satan has used what passes for the “church” to push his own message, not God’s and all too many of those sitting in the pews were too ignorant to notice the difference!

    • Geri Juen says:

      Totally agree! Few churches have taught prophecy.

  2. Mike says:

    I’m baffled that you believe Trump is for America…he, like his predecessors, reaffirmed the Noahide Laws for the USA. He is a Zionist. He is not a Christian…and he is most certainly doing his part in the destruction of our country and world. He is playing a role, and Christians are buying into it. Our leaders are selected not elected. ALL politicians are part of the NWO…two sides same coin. It doesn’t matter if he “wins” in November, the devastation will commence. They are telling us that nearly every day. Plan on it and share the gospel.

    • Julia Pomeroy says:

      There is not one word in this article of the possibility of the present President of the United States of America being a Christian so why bring it up? As an observer I am not American nor do I live in America, I am shocked that it would appear you cannot see the benefits America has received due to the work of your present President. As for your assertion that he is part of the NWO that is risible.

    • Ed Wood says:

      The Bible clearly states that Israel was originally chosen to reveal God to the world (Exodus 19:6). It also states that those who bless Israel will also be blessed. Those who curse that nation will likewise be cursed (Genesis 12:2-3).

      Donald Trump was the only President who had the guts to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the true capitol of Israel. I would therefore conclude that this action is good for America.

      What we are seeing in our country today is not the result of God turning his back on us, but, rather, America turning its back on God for decades.

      President Trump may actually have bought us a little more time.

      Think about it.

  3. Alma says:

    Ed You are So Right !!!!!!

    • Ed Wood says:

      Thanks, Alma.

      I watched this deterioration happen first-hand in my former church (Episcopal). In my opinion, those who were in charge of leading it the last few decades turned it into a neo-Laodicean, apostate church.

      The “doctrines of demons” had won out over the doctrines of God – because those they were leading just didn’t know the difference!

    • Ed Wood says:

      I think I gave you a response, Alma, that should have landed somewhere else. I’ll just blame my age and this century!

      Thanks for the kind words, re: President Trump.

      I certainly hope he wins in September – or else time will be even shorter than we think!

  4. thoughtwrite says:

    Short of Franklin Graham’s success on the National Mall, I read that there will be civil war if Biden wins. That unlikely win not withstanding, we must remember that it is God Himself that sets up governments and tears them down. President Trump is a reprieve, no doubt the result of many Christian’s prayer. Let us hope that God, in His compassion, will continue that reprieve for the sake of us that are awaiting the Rapture.

  5. Barb says:

    “Blessed be the name of the Lord forever and ever, for wisdom and might are Yours. You change the times and the seasons; You remove kings and raised up kings”…..Daniel 2
    Thank you Lord for raising up Donald Trump, please allow us 4 more years. Please forgive us and cause many to call out your name that they may be saved. Bless those that are working while it is light.

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