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BIBLE PROPHECY PANORAMIC CHART: God’s Purposes Through the Ages

By Neville Coomer and Jo Johnson

September 17, 2020

Review by Terry James

This new BIBLE PROPHECY PANORAMIC CHART book illustrates God’s purposes through the ages as revealed in the Bible. This excellent work has been compiled by Neville Coomer and Jo Johnson, two Bible students from Fife, Scotland.

As well as being a keen student of Bible prophecy, Jo is also the artist who painted the prophetic chart on a 10 x 3 foot canvas.

Each page in the book features a panel from his hand-painted chart with detailed Bible quotes alongside, showing how God’s purposes of love towards the human race have unfolded through the ages of time. The final ‘showdown’ between ‘the Beast’ (Antichrist) and God is graphically illustrated and backed up by scripture.

The “Bible prophecy Panoramic Chart” will be a good tutorial course for those who know little about God’s plan for mankind.  It will also be a good refresher course for those who want to brush up on many important scriptures in the Bible; especially the prophetic scriptures.  The illustrations help guide the reader through the book in a way that keeps the reader engaged and anticipating the next prophetic event on God’s timetable.  This will be a great book for individuals as well as for use in family devotionals.

For those who like to study prophecy in-depth, this is a book I heartily urge you to have available in your library.

BIBLE PROPHECY PANORAMIC CHART: God’s Purposes Through the Ages

By Neville Coomer and Jo Johnson

Publisher:  Rosebine Press, September 2020

ISBN 978-0-9536238-2-2 

The following link will take you to Amazon, where you can order your own copy:





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