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Ready to Deal

Questions and comments coming fast and furiously in these volatile times ask why the election has turned out this way, or they want to know what it must all mean.

I’ve tried to answer most emails I’ve received like this, but it’s time to address these matters here.

“Ready to Deal” isn’t to imply that I myself will now “deal” with these matters. The title instead suggests my belief that the Lord of Heaven is now ready to “deal” in power and authority with the world and the rebellious state it has reached.

To strive to “Make America Great Again” was a noble desire, a worthy goal. I believe that most of us—half of the nation—truly meant the slogan, not with hubris in our hearts and minds, but with a genuine desire to see America returned to principles installed by the founding fathers.

We wished, only as de Tocqueville believed, that in order to see to it that America is great, we must make it “good.” Christians with understanding know that there is only One who is good. Only that One, Jesus Christ, can make anything noble to the point of greatness. The Lord of heaven is destined—we believe very soon—to reign on the earth as the King of all kings.

The “goodness” America has been blessed with has faded precipitously, it’s easy to see. America’s greatness long ago began its darkening descent from its time as that shining light on the hill. We now more easily understood why this, the apex nation of world history, isn’t mentioned by name in God’s Word.

The question, then, is not: Is America moving into a future shrouded in a murkiness that it almost certainly won’t emerge from? Many of us believe the answer to that question is yes.

The question we need to consider instead is this: Why is this happening now? Why—especially knowing that, before the sudden infliction of COVID-19, America indeed seemed to be on the cusp of becoming robust in its influence for good upon the rest of the world?

The Lord almost certainly was laughing the anti-God forces to derision, as the KJV puts it in Psalm 2. Nothing they tried in attempting to bring down the hated populist president of the US worked. Even with the national and world mainstream press joined to the powers and principalities to effect a coup d’état, the Restrainer (God the Holy Spirit) observably and easily swatted them away. Nothing they could do would stop Mr. Trump from doing his utmost to “Make America Great Again,” thereby taking the nation farther and farther from the globalist influence the powers and principalities wanted to exert on America. And America is the greatest obstacle preventing them from achieving their new global order, geopolitically speaking.

Just when it seemed that the Lord was seeing to it that those powers and principalities were kept at bay and even were in total disarray because of their reprobate state, He suddenly seems to have taken away His mighty hand of restraint. It’s as if He suddenly said on America’s election day 2020 that He has seen enough. Of course, God is not capricious. He doesn’t make rash decisions like we do. He knows all about this election and everything else, and He has since the unfathomable times in eternity past.

We as Christians should take great comfort from this reality. The timing of all these events was set in Heaven, not by political authorities or powers and principalities on earth. The bottom line is always that God’s will be done, no matter what. He is always in complete control.

So our next question to ask is this: What is God’s will in this sudden removal of His restraining hand to let evil once again rampage through its destructive, global-world-order construction project?

I believe with all that is within my spiritual senses that Heaven is once again at the point of beginning to deal, like in antiquity, with God’s chosen people, Israel. The succeeding administration (if contested election results turn out that way), whose many stated goals include bringing America into the internationalist (read “global”) order, also wants to give Israel’s archenemy, Iran (ancient Persia), the same nuclear deal as did the administration before Trump’s.

Mr. Trump has been Israel’s most faithful friend. America, under his presidency, therefore, has blessed the Jews in ways that are yet to be fully assessed. That blessing could turn into a curse with a succeeding president who would turn his back under pressures from the global constructionists. And, globally, Israel has no friends of significant power and influence, with the exception of America during Trump’s time in office.

Key to everything in the whole matter of this election—the seemingly inexplicable turn of events in the nation electing a man who is at the very least mentally challenged due to diminished capacity, and bringing to power a party vowed to take the nation into the new global order—is the most central national entity in all of Bible prophecy: the nation Israel!

Without reservation, I submit that God is on the very verge of being set to deal again with Israel in order to bring back to Himself a remnant of His people. With these, He will establish His millennial kingdom as the chief nation, from which His Son Jesus Christ will rule and reign over the earth.

The Lord, I believe, is also dealing with the rebels who populate this violent, anti-God planet. He must purge them while He is gathering His remnant of chosen people. He is about to deal with all Gentile believers who will accept His Son for salvation during that Tribulation hour.

And, to those of us who call on the Name of Jesus Christ for salvation, I’m thankful to be able to say that God is also getting ready to deal with us.

Before He will begin dealing with His chosen people, the earth’s rebels, and the Gentiles who will become believers during the Tribulation, the Lord will take His Church from the planet. At that moment of Rapture, the Restrainer, the Holy Spirit resident within each believer, will no longer hold back the evil to the same degree He is now.

The Lord is ready to deal, I’m convinced.

That’s not a matter of gloom and doom, but it’s a glorious prospect if you know Christ and will be kept out of the coming time of judgment and wrath.

Here is comfort from His very Word:

 “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.” (Revelation 3:10)


  1. Ed Wood says:

    God gave human beings free will right from the beginning. He did not want mindless slaves that would follow him because they had no choice, but those who could freely choose to do so. Throughout history, he has made both the choices that individuals and nations made and the consequences thereof, be they good or bad, plainly apparent.

    As it looks now, more people in the U.S. chose not to freely take advantage of a four-year “last chance” to hold off the growing darkness and I believe we are already experiencing the consequences of their actions.

    The Bible says matters will go badly every time this is the chosen path, but even most of the “church” today openly rejects God’s Word and the warnings it clearly provides. Certainly, ignorance cannot be used as an excuse because in this case it is willful.

    As far as the rest of the world, secular history also has shown repeatedly that no civilization can survive the kind of moral inversion that has become the universal norm today. Once more, ignorance cannot be used an excuse because it is willful in this case, too.

    What we as believers do know is that God is both a God of mercy AND justice. Jesus allows that mercy to be poured out onto all who accept him to escape the punishment our inherent sinful nature deserves. For those who don’t accept this gracious gift, they are on their own when God’s judgment comes to bear.

    There is still time for each of us to decide which scenario will be ours – but I don’t think there is very much of it left.

  2. Pamela Elliott says:

    AMEN and AMEN Terry!!! I believe we are so close to the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. I am ready and waiting for that trumpet sound any day now. It is my Blessed Hope. There is nothing in this world that captures my attention. I do not have my roots dug deep in this world. I want to go HOME to be with Jesus and my loved ones. Come Lord Jesus Come☁️🎺🙌🏻🙌🏻🥳👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  3. Rebecca J Walker says:

    Amen and Amen

    • Sandra Anderson says:

      Thank you for this wonderfully encouraging (and historical) article. I also feel sad to witness our beautiful America becoming socialist, but I know God is in control and I’m waiting for the glorious Rapture to be with Jesus our Lord and our loved ones forever! ❤ +

  4. Julia Pomeroy says:

    Wow, Terry thank you so much. I have been ploughing through Ezekiel – I am up to chapter 30 and as I saw a pattern developing I could extrapolate it to today and I too have come to exactly the same conclusion.

  5. Lisa Koenecke says:

    So just throwing out some deep thinking… If America isn’t named in the Bible relating to end times, what would make one think that the Rapture would happen during America’s time? What if America becomes a fallen country? Are we being naive and self-centered to think/want the rapture because bad things are happening in America? The rapture may not happen for 100 years yet. What about the death and suffering over the years (centuries) in various countries. I bet Christians were hoping for the rapture then too. When, and what will be going on to make it happen? Yes, birth pangs are more frequent, prophetic things taking place, but it’s been going on a long time. After all, a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day to God. I’ve often wondered why I was born in a free, prosperous America versus one suffering a lifetime in another country. Maybe that experience is coming, 10-100 years before the rapture…
    Any thoughts on my thoughts?

    • A Clark says:

      It is a common mistake of the past to focus on the rapture. It is coming and likely soon. But has the church in the west ever been truly tested with persecution like many other Christians in the world? I don’t think so. And yet the signature characteristic of the true church is persecution. Many of us pray for revival in this country. And yet we often assume that the environment for revival is status quo in America when maybe this has been a golden opportunity to prepare spiritually as God’s people through our own repentance. And yet what are we doing?
      Fighting in the courts for our own status quo. Let us look up but let us prepare for persecution – the environment in which the gospel is unstoppable. Time to relook at the New Testament model for church.
      It works in other places in the world and it will work here. Tough decisions ahead for the church and exciting times. Get ready!

      • Julia Pomeroy says:

        Speak for yourself mate. My beloved and I have certainly suffered from persecution, maybe not physical but definitely financial, slander, verbal attacks. As a woman, now in her 70s I am beginning to feel vulnerable but I will not stop sharing about Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. However, I would remind you that although we are warned we will face problems because the world will hate us, nowhere does it say, anywhere in the Bible, that we will be physically tortured and killed as Christians have been in Africa, Iran and China to name just three countries where this happens. So are you saying that because some Christians have paid the ultimate price for their walk with Jesus we have to as well? Are you really aware of what courage is required to speak about Jesus in countries like the UK (where I originated), hmm? My husband and I have always spoken out and have, alas, always been on our own, but that’s another story. I do not agree with your prognostication, nor your weak statement that the Rapture is ‘coming soon’ with a heavy implication not as soon as we think. There are many ways to be persecuted and, I fear, you have just focused on one which is very sad you could, indeed, now have frightened some people. At my advanced years it would take a little more than your comment but it was not particularly helpful.

    • Julia Pomeroy says:

      We all know the Rapture is imminent and that it is not preceded by signs however as many signs are now pointing to the Tribulation and as the Rapture is before the Tribulation, I think you just might be a little off with your assessment! 😉

    • Julia Pomeroy says:

      It has never ceased to amuse me, as a Brit, at the American Christian’s obsession of not featuring in the Bible and, yes, I have come to the conclusion that it is a tad egocentric. However there is one massive prophecy you have completely ignored and that is 14 May 1948. I would also remind you that even Jesus tells us that when these things start to happen they will increase like a woman’s labour pains. Yes, we seem to have always had wars, earthquakes, etc, etc, but do you not realise how much more prevalent they are these days and still increasing. For example the earthquakes are not only increasing in number but in intensity too. And this is just one very small example of how the stage is being set for the Tribulation and some of the things which God is arranging actually have a shelf-life!

      • Ed Wood says:

        Increase in both frequency and intensity of the signs . . . , yep, I do believe that you have identified a vital clue as to where the prophetic clock count is!

        And, yeah, Julia, sometimes we Americans are too preoccupied with ourselves and do forget there is a rest of the world out there.

        Now if there is any country we should be focused upon, that would be Israel and what happens with it, just as you said.

    • Christy says:

      Lisa, there is one big indicator that had not happened in 2,000 years…Israel became a nation, in one day.

    • Ed Wood says:

      Well, Lisa, here are some thoughts from a layperson’s point of view.

      As I see it, the problems we are seeing in America are not confined to our country. They are universal. Here are some examples:

      1) Moral inversion.
      2) Abandonment of God not only by the secular world, but by most of the instituional church today.
      3) Increase in seismic activity.
      4) Intensification of storm activity.
      5) Increase in societal lawlessness.
      6) Increasing famine.
      7) Increasing military tensions.
      8) Increase in nuclear arms and the threat posed by them. (For the first time in history, we are capable of rendering the whole planet uninhabitable.)
      9) The advance of technology to the point where a world-wide police state and associated economic system (Revelation 13) is now literally possible.

      Perhaps the biggest clue as to how near the end of history as we know it is the presence of Israel as a nation once more, which did not exist as a free country for 2000 years. From what I understand of Bible Prophecy, this is perhaps the most important requirement for the completion of all the prophecies.

      These are some of the reasons I think the Rapture may happen at any moment, the tribulation will begin, and after seven years, Jesus will come back. Barring Divine Intervention, I see no way for the human species to avoid extinction and, from my understanding of the Bible, that is not at all what God had in mind when he first created it.

      God bless.
      Ed W.

  6. Bill James says:

    Terry, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of current events. The USA is now ready to join the end-time one-world government that will be headed by the antichrist. But before the antichrist confirms the covenant involving Israel, (Dan 9:26-27) the rapture will occur (2Thes 2:1-9).

  7. Faith F Piraino says:

    I agree 100 %. Im an optomist, so I keep hoping they wont be able to steal the election but I do know that God puts up leaders and brings them down. I hope that Trump is readdy for the rapture as many of his cabinet are.
    I hope someone will be available to encourage the president in knowing who is the one in charge.so he wont feel too bad.

    • Julia Pomeroy says:

      For that to happen the President has to have put his faith/trust in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth and in His life, death and resurrection – I am not so sure he has.

  8. Lisa Koenecke says:

    Thank you for sharing thoughts. I watched a news story about people starting home breweries. They eagerly await four weeks for having that cold bottle of beer. I hope they know Jesus and await meeting Him more than that cold beer. It may be sooner than they know.

  9. SRB says:

    Excellent, excellent, excellent!! You are right on! Thank you

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