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***Lin Wood on the Election***

Please take time to hear Georgia attorney Lin Wood give truth about this presidential election. It is another half-hour interview with him that is well worth your time.


  1. Bonnie Anderson says:

    Powerful. Thank you, Mr. James, for this video. Lin Wood is a man of integrity because Lin Wood is a Christian who is not ashamed of the Gospel or our Lord. I pray God’s blessings on his efforts as he fights for the truth, fights for our president, and fights for this country. Our world grows darker and darker, and it is difficult to sift the truth from fiction at times, but I believe that God is using Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and a host of others to expose the evildoers so that all Americans can know the truth of what has transpired in this fraudulent election…a fraud perpetrated at the highest echelons of our own government.

  2. SRB says:

    That was a lift to the spirits. I pray it goes as well as what he says. God will have the final say.

  3. Ed Wood says:

    I certainly hope Lin Wood can get a fair hearing in a court system today because at this point, who can tell just how deep the corruption goes? It may have to go all the way to the Supreme Court for that to happen. Thank God Mr. Trump nominated Amy Barrett and the Senate confirmed her. If this election does go sideways and somehow the Democrats tie with the Republicans in the Senate (where Kamela Harris would be the tie-breaker), that court may be our last defense against against socialistic tyranny.

    Nevertheless, God is still in control and he’ll never abandon his own, no matter how this all turns out.

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