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Something Wondrous This Way Comes

We know about Shakespeare’s line, “Something wicked this way comes.” As a matter of fact, I think most of us who are concerned with all the political and election doings for the past four or five years agree that we’ve lived Shakespeare’s famous warning to the fictional generation he addressed in his play Macbeth.

The witch in the play warned of a political entity that had been created—a monster—and that it was on its way. So, “Something wicked this way comes” is a heads-up that there is a monster on the loose, and is coming for you.   

I heard an audio of a Democrat congresswoman threatening all who were “Trumpsters.” She put out the message to all who were “soldiers.” She said they would know how to punish those who had anything to do with Donald Trump and his time in the presidency. To me it sounded like she was advocating physical death to all of us who disagreed with the evil she and the anti-God forces we oppose taking over in America forever.

Her threat was so direct, calling on the minions to kill us, as I heard it, that even the leftist Democrat majority in the House of Representatives had her censured by taking her off the committees she had been assigned to. Don’t be fooled, however; this was for public consumption leading up to an anticipated Biden presidency. She’ll almost certainly be reinstated once the dust settles on the kerfuffle she caused.

The “dark winter” the Democrat presumptive president-elect forewarned is certainly part of the planning for America and the world, although Mr. Biden might have meant it only to apply to the coronavirus. Something indeed “wicked this way comes.

That wickedness goes much deeper into the dark regions of evil than the mere, radical leftist, political ideology that threatens to deconstruct America as founded. The architects are inheritors of the same, ancient evil that brought all of humanity together to build that tower on Shinar all those millennia ago. It’s an attempted return to Babel, and instead of a single, demonically inspired leader as was the giant Nimrod, there are multiple minions in high places that are, through immense wealth, thus power, the architects of the global neo-tower project.

The news that even the Supreme Court justices, whom many of us had hopes would put America as founded above finding ways to appease the powers that be, have apparently succumbed to this electoral thievery, is, of course, quite disheartening. It’s even frightening in some respects, especially considering the words of the congresswoman mentioned above, knowing that there are many more just like her who would treat her opposition like Hitler and henchmen treated the Jews after 1939 and Kristallnacht.

However, I think we can, as believers, sense something truly profound developing within this strange, troubling mixture of human politics and spiritual warfare. One friend who emailed following the Supreme Court decision to reject hearing the Texas case against the fraud perpetrated by the four or five states wrote the following:

I was “discussing” things with our Lord today in regards to this election and the horrible things that will happen if Biden gets in.

I received a very distinct immediate (for lack of a better term) “response,” of “You think I can’t handle this situation without Trump?”

I stopped.  My prayer was answered.

I heard that same still, small voice myself at a later time. The Lord is not fretting. Neither should we. We’ve certainly registered our, no doubt, millions of prayers within Heaven’s throne room. Now let us, as Moses exhorted the children of Israel when faced with the seemingly impossible-to-breach obstacle that was the Red Sea, “Behold the power of the Lord!”

We’re promised by the Creator of the universe—who just happens to be our Heavenly Father— that something this way “wondrous” comes!

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. (1 Corinthians 2:9)      


  1. SRB says:

    I’ll tell you what’s wondrous…it’s the rapture of the church. Thank you for your encouraging article

  2. Ed Wood says:

    God already knows how history will turn out and, in the end, he wins. That’s predestination. But we also have free will. The Bible shows us this over and over that people have a choice whether to accept or reject him.

    Seems contradictory, doesn’t it?

    Maybe it works something like this: God has made the “Big Picture” and we all get to decide the part we want to play in it.

    That choice determines whether we end up being part of God’s victorious finale’ or edited out of it altogether.

  3. Bruce Adams says:

    Right on, brother. My citizenship first and foremost is in that Heavenly realm. Me? I’m just a Pilgrim Progressing.

  4. Pamela Elliott says:

    Such wonderful encouragement Terry. My prayer through all of this election chaos and stolen election has been that God’s will be done. God is still in Control of everything in this world. He raises up kings and he also puts them down. I think that all that is happening is just more proof that we are so much closer to being Raptured out of this evil world and taken to our forever Home. This has all been prophesied in God’s word and I believe every word written in the Bible. So let’s rejoice and endure till we hear that trumpet blow and we will see Jesus face to face. What a glorious day that will be!!!

  5. billyswinea3737 says:


  6. Julia Pomeroy says:

    Beautiful Terry, you and Jonathan Brentner have provided us with balm for our troubled and sorely peerplexed souls. Thank you so much.

  7. Evelyn Hinds says:


    Thank you for this timely encouragement!


  8. Thank you. I love God’s Word.

  9. Steve K says:

    Remember, Trump is not God nor our Saviour. God of Heaven will take care of us in all circumstances. Hold onto your faith and live fully…be a Christian, not a coward. Amen!

  10. standingontruth27 says:

    God is in charge of everything….Praying, and talking to Him brings me such comfort; also staying in His word….Everything is there that we need to know.
    Daniel’s vision is unfolding; the chess board is set up, and the players are positioning themselves….We are truly living in the last days…So many people have been given over to strong delusion…
    Thank you Terry, for these encouraging words…..Praying for the unsaved; and looking up!….Come quickly Lord Jesus…Amen.

  11. Rob says:

    This congresswoman ought to read the story of Haman in the book of Esther. When he threatened God’s people it did not turn out so well for him. I pray she repents, but if not, and I do not wish it on anyone, justice will come her way in this life or the afterlife.

    This was an unjust election result, but God is able to accomplish His will through injustice, just read the story of Joseph in Genesis. All praise and glory to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine. Amen! I support Trump because he stands with God’s people Israel and with Christian believers. That said, he is only a man and men can let us down (John 2:23-25). That’s why my allegiance is ultimately to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in Him and Him alone do I put my trust!

  12. Susan Willis says:

    Amen and Amen we have an AWESOME GOD!

  13. Carolyn Judith Moore says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful, most encouraging article! And my sincere thanks to you readers who added your deeply appreciated comments. Terry James’ writings and opinions are Biblically sound and very uplifting for this world-weary, old gal.

  14. Bob says:

    “To me it sounded like she was advocating physical death to all of us who disagreed with the evil she and the anti-God forces we oppose taking over in America forever.”
    Statements like this may be shocking, but they should not be surprising. After all, these people are of their father the devil and Jesus warned us:
    “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly
    (John 10:10).”

    Trust in Jesus and all will be well.

    • Julia Pomeroy says:

      Whilst i agree with you, Bob, that trusting in Jesus and all will be well (and all manner of things will be well to quote an anchorite from the 14th century known as Julian or Juliana of Norwich). However that does not preclude our being martyred, nowhere does Jesus tell us that will not happen because we have seen it happen (literally) think of those 20 or so Christians dressed in orange who were beheaded by ISIS whilst singing praises to God! Jesus warns us that as the world has hated Him – have you seen now how many say His name with such hatred in their voice and on their faces? – so it will hate us, that is a given. However I do believe God did something miraculous with those martyrs on the beach and I am sure He will act similarly for us. So let’s not cause the people to believe in something which might not turn out to be true, okay? We could look on the ‘well’ bit as a guarantee we are all going to be with Him very soon now. Mind you, it is easy for me to say this now, come the ‘revolution’ so to speak I wonder if I will be guilty of hypocrisy? 😉

      • Bob Knight says:

        Thanks Julia. When I say “all will be well” it has little to do with the here and now. I thought that would be implied by “to steal, and to kill, and to destroy”. We live in the enemies world who is “the god of this age (2 Corinthians 4:4)”. There was no intention to provide false hope, only to direct people to Jesus Christ since there is no hope without Him.
        “Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution (2 Timothy 3:12)”, and “And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved (Matthew 10:22)”.
        Trust in Jesus and all will be well in the end. Our heavenly promise is eternal life. We are never promised as easy life in these bodies, yet we are told that because of Jesus “we are more than conquerors (Romans 8:37)”.

  15. Bernardo Meza says:

    This is a very good article. Thank you. This coming year is gonna be one of the most important in the history of this world. Imagine all the evil forces around Joe Biden in action. But the Creator is still in charge controlling everything.

  16. Julia Pomeroy says:

    Oh dear, I presume you do not know your Bible very well as most of those who have read it from cover to cover on a regular basis for however many years they have known Jesus know that the ‘woman’ in Revelation is the nation of Israel! Why would the ‘church’ be pregnant and with what? As for the United States of America I am at a total loss as to why anybody should consider a country which did not even exist when the Bible was finally put together would be mentioned in scripture. Jerusalem is the centre of the world according to God and His Word therefore not even the UK (my country of birth but I do not live there now) figures in the Bible. Please, Americans, try and see things from God’s point of view. As for the beast himself, this is no metaphor in the sense it refers to any sort of ‘movement’ it is a metaphor for the Antichrist. Wow, who on earth has been teaching you the Book of Revelation? You should fire them! By the way ‘we’ – the Bride of Christ – are not going to be here for the Tribulation but I dread to think, in the light of the erroneous teaching you have just shared, what on earth you consider is the rapture or when it is going ot happen. However for Mr James and the majority of those of us who read his blogs the rapture can occur at any moment, it is imminent, needs no signs but, whilst we do not know the exact day, we do know it will be before the Tribulation.

    • Julia Pomeroy says:

      This I have no problem with as it refers to the saints who are martyred because they refused to give up believing in Jesus, they are known as the Tribulation Saints, they are most definitely not part of the church as the church has already been taken home, they come to faith after the Bride has disappeared. Do you not realise the ‘church’ is not mentioned in the Book of Revelation from chapter 4 until chapter 19.
      So tell me if the ‘woman’ mentioned in the beginning of chapter 12 is the church why is she riding a dragon and why is she pregnant? If you consider that the ‘woman’ is Israel and that she is ‘pregnant’ with Jesus then it starts to make sense. Do you not see that what John saw is so very similar to that which Joseph saw in chapter 37 of Genesis? If you go back to Genesis chapter 3 you can see where this need to destroy Israel came into being in God’s prophetic word to Adam and Eve and Satan. Satan has done nothing but seek to destroy Israel ever since in order that there would be no reason for Jesus to return to the earth. You see the Book of Revelation is all about the Salvation of the Jewish Nation, which has been taking a back seat during the Church Age.

    • Julia Pomeroy says:

      I am only going to respond to your first point as I find your interpretation of the Word of God definitely ‘iffy’. Herewith is Revelation 12: 7 – NOTE there is no mention of the church in these two translations neither is it in many other translations either: “And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels waging war with the dragon. The dragon and his angels waged war,” NASB and also the NKJV “And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought,”
      Personally I consider it an absolute waste of time to even begin to address all your other points, I can only think you have a Bible which is neither recognised by the Church of Rome or the Protestant Church, therefore it is not the Word of God but a bastardised version of the Word of God. .
      I find it quite horrifying that you are, more than likely, misleading young Christians who do not know the Bible very well yet being new to the faith. According to the Bible it would be better for you to have a millstone tied around your neck and be thrown into the deepest sea than deceive God’s new children.

  17. Ed Wood says:

    I have always thought the best way to interpret the Bible is generally the simplest. If one “over-allegorizes” it, I think that can be problematic. I agree with Julia Pomeroy’s comments for the reason that her interpretation is the most direct. For example, the woman you referred to is most likely Israel, as we can see from the nearly identical symbolism of her from Joseph’s dream in Genesis 37:9-10. The dragon of Revelation 12 is Satan, who through King Herod, tried to have the infant Jesus (a descendant of Israel) murdered as an infant 2000 years ago (Matthew 2). The beast is most likely the Antichrist – a real human being, not a nation, empowered by the devil himself. The witnesses that appear in Revelation, I believe, are the same two men, Moses and Elijah, who appeared to Jesus during his Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-3). The bride is most likely the true church, not to be confused with the “politically correct” and spiritually bankrupt institutions we have today. Note how Jesus makes reference as to himself being the bridegroom in Luke 5:33-35. His disciples are the children of the bride chamber and are the very ones who got the church started on Earth after Jesus ascended and sent the Holy Spirit upon them at Pentecost (Acts 2).

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