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The UFO Set-Up

My friend, the late Dr. Chuck Missler, once wrote a book with the title Alien Encounters. He asked Douglas James Mahr to write the foreword for it. Mahr was author of the 1985 release, Voyage to the New World, an immensely popular book at the time that went a long way toward making New-Age thinking mainstream in the entertainment community.

Mahr tells that he was once totally immersed within the New Age movement. He became close friends with actress Shirley McClain and helped her while she worked on the 1988 TV film Out on a Limb.

It was the story of Ms. McClain’s coming to embrace the New Age movement and become the movement’s chief Hollywood proponent.

Mahr, by the time of the publication of Missler’s Alien Encounters in 1997, had apparently become a believer in Christ. He wrote the following as part of the foreword for that book:

It’s all about the war. An invisible war. A cosmic contest which may, indeed, engulf the planet Earth in ways that very few have any capacity to anticipate. Anyone who has been watching the news, or has been profiling the entertainment media, realizes that our society is increasingly being con­fronted with the “invisible” world—and what was once the domain of science fiction and the lunatic fringe, has now become the preoccupation of serious scientific investigations and has also become a major centroid of policy within the clas­sified government community…

There is a cosmic deception being orchestrated and you are one of its targets…

Mahr was seemingly prescient in his declaration. We are witnessing almost precisely the reality wrapped up in his words: “It’s all about the war. An invisible war. A cosmic contest which may, indeed, engulf the planet Earth in ways that very few have any capacity to anticipate.”

For years, Hollywood presented films like The Day the Earth Stood Still, The War of the Worlds, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and many others. Sightings, even by presidents of the United States, were reported of unidentified flying objects and other phenomena that appeared to be extraterrestrial. Yet the whole time, news organizations, government officials, military officials and every other entity within officialdom pooh-poohed these as imagination or as something of non-importance.

Project Blue Book, the U.S. Air Force official look into the UFO and USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) reports, was shut down with more or less the declaration that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to probe further. All that has suddenly changed. It seems even our government is taking notice. And the sudden interest comes at a fascinating time—when most every prophetic indicator for the coming Tribulation era is in view. We who observe these indicators appearing at the same time call the phenomenon “convergence.”

There is to be coming soon a release of reports that have been kept from the public for decades. The following excerpt explains.

There are reasons to be skeptical. After decades of stonewalling on the issue, suddenly American military chiefs appear to be giving credence to claims of UFOs invading Earth.

Clips purporting to show extraordinary flying technology have been “confirmed” by the Pentagon as authentic. The Pentagon move is unprecedented.

The videos of the Unidentified Flying Objects were taken by U.S. air force flight crews or by naval surveillance and subsequently “leaked” to the public. The question is: were the “leaks” authorized by Pentagon spooks to stoke the public imagination of visitors from space? The Pentagon doesn’t actually say what it believes the UFOs are, only that the videos are “authentic”.

A Senate intelligence committee is to receive a report from the Department of Defense’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force next month. That has also raised public interest in the possibility of alien life breaching our skies equipped with physics-defying technology far superior to existing supersonic jets and surveillance systems…

The military people who take the videos in good – albeit misplaced – faith about what they are witnessing are not the same as the military or intelligence people who see an opportunity with the videos to exploit the public in a psychological operation.

Fomenting public anxieties, or even just curiosity, about aliens and super-technology is an expedient way to exert control over the population. At a time when governing authorities are being questioned by a distrustful public and when military-intelligence establishments are viewed as having lost a sense of purpose, what better way to realign public respect by getting them to fret over alien marauders from whom they need protection? (“Is the Pentagon’s UFO PsyOps Fueling Russia, China War Risk?” ZeroHedge by Tyler Durden, May 22, 2021. Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation)

A legitimate question is: Considering all the things we’re witnessing—in convergence of indicators for the windup of this Age of Grace—might the sudden desire to alert the public to planet earth’s likely being visited by extraterrestrials have a luciferian purpose at its heart?

I’m thinking, of course, of 2 Thessalonians and the “lie” people who have rejected the truth of Christ and salvation will believe when they’re sent “strong delusion”—by God, Himself!

And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (2 Thesssalonians 2:10–12) ­ 

So the question to consider is whether the sudden UFO information release has prophetic significance in this regard. Could it be but one more indicator of where this generation stands on God’s prophetic timeline? Is this but one more item being used by Satan and his minions to set up earth’s inhabitants for when the Church is gone in the Rapture and the Antichrist is revealed?

I believe it is quite possible that this is the case.

Remember that in Revelation chapter 12, Satan and his fallen horde are kicked out of Heaven for the final time. In Revelation 13, the False Prophet calls down fire from Heaven in the sight of the first beast and of the world’s populace. Might this be the long-anticipated “space brothers” the False Prophet will claim come to earth to save the planet?

Certainly no developments we see almost hourly in these strange times should be off limits for consideration as to prophetic significance. The present UFO hubbub is no exception.

And when you see all these things begin to come to pass, then look up and lift up your head, for your redemption draws near. (Luke 21: 28)


  1. Ed Wood says:

    Now then, what do you think the human race would do if hostile aliens showed up tomorrow? Would our “local differences” suddenly disappear? Would we suddenly join a global effort to resist such an alien invasion? Seems to me that this is exactly what we would do. It also sounds like a much better ploy for the globalists to erase national boundaries that this Covid-19 fiasco has been.

    Let’s add something else: If these bad guys have technologies that we had no chance of overcoming on our own, how do you think we’d respond to an offer from “good aliens” to help us resist the “bad aliens?” Maybe all we would have to do is to sacrifice our freedom. Think we’d do it? Oh, wait, didn’t we already show such a willingness in the face of Covid-19?

    Lest we forget, according to the Bible,sentient entities in our universe are God, humans, and angels. Of the latter, there are two kind, good and evil. Seems to me that for the bad ones to impersonate good ones isn’t much of a reach because even the devil himself can appear as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). Posing as aliens of both kinds for the fallen angels doesn’t seem like much of a reach for them.

    Bear in mind also that in over 50 years of active searches for intelligently- generated signals from space, we have not one confirmed case out of hundreds of billions of stars residing in each of the hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe. We also know that there are indeed many stars with their own planetary systems which could potentially be the home worlds for such life, but it seems to me if there really were technologically-advanced ET’s out there living on any of them, we’d know about it by now.

    The human race is being SO being set up that it amazes me no end that most of it isn’t catching on. Of course, with a recent survey indicating only 6% of Americans have a Biblical world view, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at that, really.

    Bottom line: Don’t be fooled!

  2. This I believe. An excuse for the deluded, when the ‘Snatching away’ of the Church happens.

  3. JCLincoln says:

    The UFO’s are real ……….. and they are ours. Ever since we brought the German scientists over after WW2. The anti-grav that they were working on in Germany, they continued developing in the U.S. ……… and in the Antarctic, where many Germans escaped to. The CIA has been in touch with the Germans in the Antarctic ever since WW2. Our military was finally given anti-grav technology by the CIA and has continued developing new craft. The UFO’s are actually IFO’s. They’re ours.

    • Claudia says:

      As in the days of Noah so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. Matt. 27:34-51; Luke 17:26-37; and read Genesis chapter 6. BE NOT Deceived Jesus said, for there will be a Strong Delusion in the last days on the earth.

  4. vr96 says:

    A few years ago my son, a construction worker, got a job on a local Air Force base. The job was to build some very large offices, each with about a hundred desks. The desks were in rows, with only enough space between rows for two people to walk past, and they had to construct the desks in such a way that there was ample room for a lot of electronic wiring.

    My son was curious about the design, but you do your job and then check out and go home, right? But one day he was walking down a hallway and met a Colonel coming toward him and decided to be brave. He asked the Col. what the offices were for, and the Col. told him they were being built to train personnel to operate lasers to patrol the sky. The desks would be computer stations, where a person would be trained to use a laser that would guard our skies against incoming missiles or other threats. The lasers would be able to detect and destroy any threat in the skies.

    It wasn’t long after the job was finished that I began to notice lights in the sky. They were extremely faint, but noticeable if you were looking at the stars. The lights were extremely fast, so fast they would zoom across the sky in about five seconds. They would appear in tight clusters of 4 or 5, all moving in tandem, and meet up with another cluster, and then simply vanish while another cluster would instantly appear in the same spot the first one had started at.

    Over time, the lights got fainter, and harder to spot, until now I can’t see them.

    You can be sure that any technology we possess, the rest of the world also has. What types of technology do you suppose the CCP or the Russians have? The moves the supposed “alien aircraft” have been reported doing defy all known laws. I have serious doubts about the reported crafts being actual physical aircraft because of that. But is it possible someone has devised a way to make lasers appear to have a design similar to an alien aircraft?

    Just my opinion, but it makes logical sense. More sense, to me, than “aliens” flying around in our airspace for, who knows what purpose? Maybe the Nephilim also had this technology.

    • Ed Wood says:

      This was very interesting information, vr96. A lot of these unexplained lights could very well be projections of some kind. It certainly would explain the extreme speeds and abrupt directional changes that anything with mass couldn’t possibly achieve with known technology. Any occupants of a crewed vehicle be torn up from the g forces.

      Extreme velocity by itself will also heat something up in the atmosphere from friction, such as when a meteor or space craft enters it. That’s also what happens to the brake rotors or drums in your car when the brakes are applied – heat is produced by friction. Energy and mass can’t be created or destroyed, only changed. In this case, kinetic energy (motion) is changed into thermal energy (heat).

      Some type of light projection, as you suggested, being without mass, would not have these problems.

      Thanks for sharing this.

      • vr96 says:

        You’re welcome, Ed.

        The laws of the universe are “universal” and if they apply equally to our sun as well as to us, we can know with certainty they would apply to any alien entity or craft. It’s only common sense. Something that’s in very short supply in the world today, eh?

      • Ed Wood says:

        Absolutely right, vr96. The laws of the universe certainly appear to be, well, universal! That brings up another point that as far as we know, light speed is the ultimate speed limit so any aliens would have a long ride to get here, 4.3 years minimum if they came from Alpha Centauri. Of course, there may be shortcuts through space; wormholes, hyperspace, but these are still all theoretical.

        I’m not saying its impossible, but, once again, we have no solid evidence of anything extra-planetary stopping in for a visit. I don’t think such a thing could be kept a secret very long any more than the Watergate break-in did back in 1974.

        What we do have are plenty of Bible accounts of God relating to us, Jesus and his resurrection and ascension, the Nephilim – as you said, and angels, both good and evil. This is much more trustworthy evidence, as far as I’m concerned.

      • vr96 says:

        Adolf Hitler believed in the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” Make it outrageous and repeat it often, and people will come to believe it, as Goebbels said. And, “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

        I believe there are 2 possibilities for the “UFO” sightings, and that one or both (at the same time) possibilities are in play:

        1. Someone has figured out how to use Nikola Tesla’s invention of lasers to project a seemingly solid image into the atmosphere and water.

        2. Satan is having his demons do this, as a set-up for an excuse for the Rapture. That may be what is told to the mass of people still on Earth for the tribulation…that we Christians were suddenly claimed by Satan and whisked off the Earth.

        JMHO, but I’m a major skeptic, and a “UFO” would have to set down in front of me and little gray men come out before I would even think of it maybe being real. And even then I would think I was hallucinating it. I think it’s a lie so outrageously, hysterically funny that it boggles the mind anyone would give any serious thought to it. But that’s just me. God gave me the gift of discernment, and I trust in it, and God, fully.


    • Ed Wood says:

      I think you’re right about these things. Since the Bible tells us that Satan and demons are real, any other-worldly type events we see that are not staged by humans will be because of demonic activity. I also agree that the Rapture may be explained off as some kind of alien abduction or scientific accident.

      There is also another possible false explanation that might be given. They may be told that God did do it, but not to rescue believers. It was to take away those “trouble-makers” who wouldn’t roll over for all of those things that the Bible clearly defines as evil but that society readily accepts so that the human race can then create a utopia of its own on Earth. Naturally, this big lie and others like it will be readily embraced by most of humanity because that’s exactly what it wants to hear.

      Of course, post-Rapture will see the start of the Tribulation and even the catastrophic events of that will no doubt be used to help the Antichrist’s rise to power as the “Answer Man,” just as Hitler exploited the chaos and misery of post-World War 1 Germany to come to power.

      All of us believers, however, will not to be here to live that.

      Thank Jesus for that!

      • vr96 says:

        “All of us believers, however, will not to be here to live that.

        Thank Jesus for that!”

        Amen Brother! I was talking with a friend and fellow Christian yesterday afternoon about the terrible state of the world, so steeped in filth and hate, and getting worse every day. I pray for the Rapture daily that we won’t have to endure much more of this. But we don’t know, of course, when it will happen and we may have to endure much worse conditions. I feel that the current interest in UFOs is a harbinger, but at the same time I don’t want to get my hopes up.

        I’ve always enjoyed your comments, and your faith inspires me.

      • Ed Wood says:

        Likewise, vr.

        You certainly presented some interesting observations and your faith is obvious.

        I, too, believe that all the signs indicate “Moving Day” is right up ahead. Now I’m not setting a date, but it wouldn’t surprise me it comes this year and not during a time of turmoil as we’ve seen the past year, but during an apparent lull, such as we are experiencing now as Covid restrictions are lessening when the shock of the Rapture upon the unsuspecting world will be even more profound.

        Just have to wait and see.

      • vr96 says:

        “…not during a time of turmoil as we’ve seen the past year, but during an apparent lull such as we are experiencing now…”

        What an interesting and exciting point! And one that gives me hope.

        Sorry, I didn’t explain myself very well yesterday evening. I do that sometimes…well, often…

        The reason I said that it will be claimed that we Christians were whisked off the Earth by Satan is that he (the actual Satan/AntiChrist) will be claiming to be the “true” God, and that we, the vanished Christians, were worshipping a false one….Satan! After all, he’ll say, wouldn’t God be a loving, kind, forgiving and tolerant God? And wasn’t the God we were worshipping a mean, vindictive, demanding, and super strict God? So the God we were worshipping was a mean, hateful God, in other words, actually Satan! While he, of course, is so tolerant and easy-going because he is the real God!

        We agree; you express yourself better than I do because I tend to take short cuts.

        It’s such a blessed treat to exchange ideas and faith with another believer. I appreciate your taking time to share your thoughts with me!

        God Bless you and yours.

      • Ed Wood says:

        As Isaiah said, Good will be called evil, and evil good (Isaiah 5:20) so I’m sure the true God will be called Satan, just as the Antichrist will tell the world that he is the true messiah and that Jesus was a fraud. This acceptance of lying doctrines and the societal moral inversion which give lies such traction is clearly well underway right now and it’ll only get worse during the Tribulation.

        I think you conveyed that concept pretty well, actually.

        God bless.

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