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Modern Sodom Census

Moving ever deeper into the end of the age, it shouldn’t surprise that signs that we’re “nearing midnight” are manifesting in increasingly profound ways. Seeing those signals proliferating at an alarming rate is nonetheless troubling.

We who watch prophetic progression from the pre-Trib viewpoint are troubled more than most. We’re perturbed by what Bill Koening of “Koenig’s Eye View from the White House” calls “the clueless church.”

Koenig says:

I continue to hear from many Christians that a majority of the church, even evangelicals, have no awareness of the biblical and prophetic significance of these days. The replacement theology part of the church was in the 100 million range according to my 2004 study.

For those of us who are sensitive to these times, this is hard to comprehend. Moreover, many pastors have no understanding of Bible prophecy. In some cases, those who have some understanding don’t want to scare their flock. Others have no interest.

With all this said, only the God of Israel knows how these biblically significant days will play out. (https://www.watch.org/subscribers/koenigs-eye-view/article/83238)

Once again, I sense I almost should apologize for presenting this commentary from the America-centric position. But as the nation that has been for most of its brief life considered Christian, at least in its founding, the fall from that admittedly overstated position demonstrates profound prophetic implication.

Our culture, steeped in its perceived youthfulness, has until its fairly recent past matured in a common-sense way toward full recognition of its Christian heritage. The young adults gravitated toward responsibility in planning their own lives and families. That trajectory changed without a doubt beginning in the 1960s.

National leaders seem to have lost their collective minds during that era—a wickedness that still is herding the nation toward the “reprobate mind” of Romans 1:28. They removed Bible reading and prayer from the public classrooms and have tried since to remove any mention of Jesus Christ from all facets of American life.

How could we expect our youth to continue in the American tradition that started with the country’s founding? How could we expect that, since those responsible for governing in a way that keeps us on the constitutional track the founders gave us have abdicated that responsibility?

Not only have a large number of leaders legislated and enacted anti-God governance, many of these have led by example, in many cases blatantly presenting some of the most hedonistic lifestyles imaginable.

Satan’s blueprint for destroying the nation began to reconstruct America’s national architecture in a big way with the above-mentioned removal of Bible reading and prayer. The result in the 1960s was the loss of the nation’s youthfulness. “Free love” came with the hippies, a young American president was assassinated—as were his brother and a top black minister and civil rights leader. Fifty-something thousand of America’s youth were lost in the bloody Vietnam war.

Although most of today’s Millennial generation know little of that history of fifty years ago, they are its victims. This doesn’t excuse their movement into behavior that rivals the behavior of those who lived during the days of Lot in that wicked city, Sodom. Each individual is responsible for his or her own acceptance or rejection of God’s way—through belief in Jesus Christ, who is the Way (John 14:6).

The point is, a large portion of this Millennial demographic is now well down the pathway that brought God’s judgment in Lot’s day in Sodom.

The following news item is quite disturbing:

While most millennials view Jesus and the Bible as at least “a little positive,” nearly one-third of America’s largest, most educated and misunderstood generation also identify as LGBT, and 75% of them admit to “searching for a sense of purpose in life,” a new report from Arizona Christian University shows.

The report, New Insights into the Generation of Growing Influence: Millennials In America by George Barna, who leads research at Arizona Christian University’s Cultural Research Center, explains in an analysis of the findings that a number of the daunting challenges faced by the generation of 78 million—defined in this report as those born from 1984 through 2002—are deeply connected to their spiritual perspectives.

“For understandable reasons, millions of millennials reject organized religion, or have qualms about religious leaders, and especially about religious people who may prove to be hypocritical. Their experiences, observations and assumptions regarding religion, spiritual beliefs, and faith practices have produced a turbulent spiritual experience,” wrote Barna, who’s also an ACU professor focusing on worldview assessment, development and cultural transformation…

Barna suggested that a solution to the challenges being faced by millennials including their lack of purpose in life can be addressed by shifting worldview.

“Your worldview is the foundation of your decision-making. Every choice you make emerges from your worldview, which serves as the filter through which you experience, observe, imagine, interpret, and respond to reality. And every one of the thousands of choices you make every day have consequences. That means worldview is at the heart of everything we are considering in relation to the well-being and development of the young adult generation,” he wrote.

“Given the centrality of worldview to the human experience, there can be no improvements to the life millennials lead without addressing the fundamental role of worldview,” he explained. “And because worldview is developed and carried out in the competitive marketplace of beliefs and behaviors, think about the pervasive consequences for millennials of rejecting the biblical worldview in favor of other, more popular alternatives.” (“Most millennials like Jesus and the Bible, but 30% identify as LGBT: study,” Leonardo Blair, Christian Post Reporter, 11/4/21)

The nation has taken a nosedive into the cesspool of swamplike societal godlessness. Can we expect the young, with their hormones raging and their zest for constant exhilaration, no matter how it is attained, to be the guardians of the American future?

The church—all born-again believers—has failed in many ways, thus allowing the developments we’re experiencing. There is a way back to godly sensibility. He is the Way, Truth, and Life. His name is Jesus.  He is coming soon to call believers to Himself. Meanwhile, let’s do our best to put that name back into our classrooms—and our public as well as private life.

Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. (Philippians 2:9–11)


  1. mblick says:

    Philippians 2:9-11, not Ephesians

  2. Ed Wood says:

    At this point, I don’t think believers will save America. It’s for sure we won’t save this world which will one day overwhelming embrace the Antichrist. I see our job now as to continue to stand up for the truth of the Bible and to use every opportunity to spread the word. Warning – it will NOT make you popular!

    Nevertheless, not rolling over for evil is absolutely necessary while we are here because there are still those out there who will accept our testimony and become part of the faithful Remnant.

    Let’s face it, if we don’t do it, who will?

  3. Sazollman says:

    Young people

  4. Harvey Rosieur says:

    Some 10-15 years ago I had a God-given dream. The Lord appeared in the dream as a master-builder. He was demolishing an old house in an old established inner city suburb. He said He was going to re-build elsewhere ,using the materials, where suitable , from the old house. He showed me through the house and pointed out what would be re-used . The rest , he said would be dumped. The word came to mind ‘Salt which has lost its taste is only fit for the dung heap’. The first thing he pointed out was the wooden floor. It looked old , tired and badly marked and stained. ‘That will go in the new house’ He said. I obviously looked surprised.He used a term which I cannot remember, but it meant it would be reprocessed, removing the outer coating of dirt, dents and stains. He took a length of timber and showed me what would happen. It looked absolutely beautiful, without spot or blemish.He then showed me into the lounge where I thought all the impressive stuff on show would be re-used. He pointed only to the mantlepiece, which was thick with many coats of paint. It had a scroll -like finish on its edges. That is gold He said. The paint would all be removed of course but I understood that it had upheld the word of God faithfully. He pointed to the architraves around the door way . They were finished with the same scroll -like edging. That will be re-used. I waited for him to show me the rest. There was silence .After a while I asked hesitantly -‘What about the rest?’
    ‘That will be dumped He said. The floor represented the humble laity and the woodwork in the lounge represented the clergy – those who had faithfully upheld and taught the Word of God – stripped of all the worldliness that had been added.
    The new house would be rebuilt elsewhere the Lord said. As I left the house I looked back and could not tell which house I had been in . They all looked alike and as I continued my way I could not tell what street or even the suburb I had been in.
    The Lord subsequently explained.’ I am rebuilding my house but it will be in the hearts of men.’ Much of it will be underground. He gave me several dreams and added to my understanding each time. He led me out of the traditional church. It has lost its’ taste’ . Many of the mature Christians have already left, leaving the ones who have been attracted by the worldliness
    Of course I was challenged when I spoke about it.They used the scripture which I already knew and had often quoted to others.-‘ Don’t neglect to meet together as some do and even more as the day draws nearer’. However , I acted in obedience to God’s specific instruction. I meet together with like minded people at every opportunity. He showed me that ‘networking’ was important , using all the means available today, like I am at this moment.The saints are dear to me but the church organisation is dead. It was, after all, not the pattern which God showed us originally, in the book of Acts, but that which the Roman Catholics established in the 4th century when they began torturing , imprisoning and killing Christians and spreading false teaching, yet remains in our midst today unchallenged .
    There is coming a separation of tares and wheat and is already showing but will be intensified . Now I look at some I shared a ‘pew’ with who hold to their sacred cow, the church system as if it could save them and wonder if they are the beginning of the apostate church of the last days.

    • Ed Wood says:

      I think that apostate church has already been around a long time. Most of organized religion has tossed out the Bible in favor of the “doctrines of devils,” just a Paul said it would (1 Timothy 4:1).

      Jesus’ characterization of the “last church” was that of a lukewarm entity he found particularly repugnant (Revelation 3:14-21).

      I bailed out of the Episcopal Church here in the United States in 2007, four years after it approved of the ordination practicing homosexual Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire. I stayed to see if I and other like-minded members of our parish could convince the others to stand against this and all the other unscriptural doctrines being foisted on us by the national church. When I saw it was a futile effort, I decided to leave.

      The dung heap is indeed where most of organized religion belongs!

      Now, I have a service right here at home each Sunday with my 90+ year old Mom, plus keep in touch with other Christians via email and at this website, too.

  5. Harvey Rosieur says:

    The church system is not limited to the old denominations. We attended several charismatic and Pentecostal churches after the Charismatic renewal and being baptised in the Holy Spirit. They were mostly alive at first but gradually lost their way . Bad teaching, winds of false doctrine, following the latest fad, and music which was only a performance. There was little discernment and no telling them that anything was wrong. It was sad to be drawn out of yet another church by the Lord until finally He said ” all of it “. I realised that even in the new streams they followed the same pattern. Purpose built buildings on which more care, money and attention was lavished than the Lords purposes, paid clergy (called pastors but more like managing directors,) pulpit sermons on social issues rather than the gospel, and none of that’ Holy spirit stuf’f” but seeker friendly, tithing because that is how to bring in the money and fund our vision (whatever the pastor had dreamed up). People lost the fire , inspiration and whatever power they had earlier enjoyed. Deliverance and healing were no longer in vogue. I could go on, but it was simply a form which became again a tradition (Mark 7:7). Now I only do what the Holy Spirit tells me , and have learned to pray without ceasing, including at least an hour a day in tongues. I saw vultures over the ‘house’ many years ago but people did not yet understand what has happened . Sound has replaced the presence of the Holy Spirit. There is not much teaching on Biblical prophecy. People leave all these things in the hands of the Pastor because he knows best. I think the falling away began a long time ago and people follow the example of those around them. Society has fallen and the church is no different.

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