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Placating Putin

Many Bible prophecy students of the pre-trib sort have carefully watched Vladimir Putin over the past years. The Russian president’s demeanor, many believe, demonstrates that this man of relatively short stature exhibits and presents a much larger image, in possible prophetic terms.

I’m referring, of course, to the belief by many that the dictator, a former KGB operative, could be the Gog of Ezekiel 38-39. That is, Mr. Putin could be the leader who will be possessed by the Gog spirit or demon who will think the evil thought described by the prophet Ezekiel. –That Putin might be the leader who will lead the Gog-Magog coalition of nations prophesied to invade toward Israel.

While I find this an interesting, even fascinating prospect, I’m not prepared to totally commit to a definite postulation in that regard.

However, thinking on these strange and troubling times during which we are traversing times of fortified prophetic progression, a term my partner in raptureready.com, Todd Strandberg, has coined, the possibility of Putin filling that prophetic role is certainly worthy of consideration.

The lateness of these closing days of the age, while Russia threatens to invade Ukraine, brings into focus such prophecies by Jesus Himself as the following.   

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” (Matt 24: 6)


“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.” (Lk 21: 25)

With Putin bringing more than one hundred thousand troops and military equipment to the borders of Ukraine and his apparently wanting to invade to bring that former Soviet bloc nation again into Russia’s orb, the rumors of war are rampant. This is perhaps the greatest threat of regional and even world-wide war since the fall of the Soviet Union and the close of the cold war.

With the world-wide protests across Europe and the Canadian/American truckers’ massive protests, and with despot-like leaders facing them and not knowing how to handle it all, the nations are in perplexity and the people are likened to seas and waves roaring.

So, it is more than understandable why many Bible prophecy observers of the times might strongly point to Putin as the Gog possessed leader of that invading force predicted by Ezekiel. All stage-setting seems almost complete for these things to begin to come to pass.

This American presidential administration has demonstrated weakness in practically every endeavor, in terms of dealing with international problems. They have dealt in evil harshness and dogged determination in confronting American patriots –the prime example being the January 6 peaceful protesters who were seduced into a march on the capitol, etc., and set up by the FBI and others as terrorists, imp my humble opinion. But in facing off with Russia and China –the truly great threats against America– this president has been, as the overused word indicates, feckless.

While in SkyWatch TV studios last week doing a number of programs for Pete Garcia’s and my book The Disappearing: Future Events That Will Rock the World, I was asked the question: Do you think Putin will invade Ukraine?

My answer at that time, just this past week, was, “I really don’t think Putin really wants to invade. He has things going his way without invasion.”

My opinion has changed in that short period of time. His bringing more troops and military assets to Ukraine’s borders isn’t the movement of one who is bluffing. The fact that he won’t talk with American officials, and barely will talk with this president is indication enough to know that he intends to fully act out the role of the Russian bear. I would now be surprised if he doesn’t invade. This is due to placating him at every turn and threatening only sanctions of the economic sort.

If Putin were to deliberately attack a NATO nation, then there would be confrontation from the western alliance. But Mr. Biden observably hasn’t the nerve –or whatsoever it takes— to unilaterally face down this voracious dictator.

There is increasing talk among some observers that Gog is not Putin or a Russian leader but very possibly the Turkish leader Erdogan (the most likely) or a future Turkish leader and that Magog is Turkey, not Russia.

While we must never rule out possibilities so far as details are concerned, I can’t, after years of studying the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog-Magog matters, conclude that the head of the coalition against Israel will be other than Russia. It looks very much like Vladimir Putin might well be the man who could lead such a coalition. His appetite for conquest is building, and a time might come soon when Israel and its vast oil and gas reserves, a threat to Putin’s desire to be the lone supplier of Europe and other regions, might give him that evil thought that puts hooks in the jaws of Gog.

By placating this ruthless Russian leader, Biden and company just might be fueling the fires of Putin’s appetite for such conquest as Ezekiel ascribes to the one who will be Gog.


  1. Ted Bates says:

    Thank you Terry. It’s hard for me to think that Putin moves an army of over one hundred thousand to the border of Ukraine, and then would remove them doing nothing. I don’t think he would willingly take the shame of turning back. I am praying for the citizens of Ukraine because I don’t see how this confrontation could end with out deaths. This then would be very similar as to form a coalition of armies on the borders of Israel and attack. We know that in the Gog/Magog attack on Israel that God will defend Israel. I would like Him to defend Ukraine right now too. We need to pray.

    • Ted Bates says:

      I remember a dream I once had that I was at Putin’s home on Christmas. I was going around to different rooms and telling people to come to the living room for celebrating Christmas. I saw Putin in the kitchen and said something to him and he did not reply. Also as I went around to the rooms to get people’s attention, there was a roll of money on a table and I put it in my pocket. After the Christmas celebration I gave it to someone and asked them to return it to the owner. I don’t see anything meaningful to me about this silly dream, just that I have not remembered my dreams in a while and I cannot understand why I would dream of being in Putin’s home on Christmas. I wouldn’t want to be around Putin ever.

    • Ted Bates says:

      I suggest you read Russia Rising:Track8ng the Bear in Bible Prophecy by Mark Hitchcock. I really don’t want to be around Putin and for the life of me I cannot understand why I would have that dream. Maybe if when I talked to Putin, I had a military of over one hundred thousand backing me up, then I would consider telling Putin about Jesus. As far as the statement that Putin is a nice guy and it is fake news making up that Putin has a large military assembled on Ukraine’s border, that is stupid. Or speaking truth in love, that is absurd. An American showed Putin his superbowl ring worth over 25,000 dollars, Putin put the ring 8n his pocket and never returned it.

  2. Ed Wood says:

    Putin is putting the U.S. to the test. He may not have to invade and still gets what he wants: proof of America’s weakness under Joe’s “Build Back Better” (“Broken” would be more accurate!) woke-controlled administration.

    Don’t think that the biggest of the kings of the east, China, won’t take advantage of this lesson.

    This is one more step of prophetic progression setting up yet another.

  3. Harry Gattey says:

    Fulfilling and confirming Bible prophesy. So much of that happening “these days”. We should be confident in the fact that our GOD knew about all these things, and declared them, over 2000 years ago. Nothing escapes the Lord and he neither sleeps nor slumbers. Praise HIM!

  4. A Clark says:

    If this country is one of the “young lion’s” of Ezekiel 38-39, then all we do is protest war – we never actually take action to stand against it. Perhaps that pattern is being established now which increases the chance of war on two fronts: Europe and Taiwan. In the case of our response to Putin, just sending over a few token troops and a few F-22s doesn’t do anything – except make Putin snicker a little.

    It also seems we could experience one of the judgements of a nation that turns against God – military defeat.

  5. Amy Murray says:

    Putin is not a dictator! Russia is a Republic, and he is President Putin. He took good care of his citizens during the Covid crisis. Russian troops were never on the Ukrainian border. The main stream media just made it all up! Follow military news on Telegram.

  6. Chris says:

    Isn’t Ukraine one of the nations that are allied to Russia for the invasion of Israel in 38 and 39? Seems to me that Gog? is just building up his forces as allies for that Israeli invasion. Also, your last sentence in the article: Birds of a feather as Biden and Putin. America’s influence in the world must decrease in order for the antichrist to be able to come to power. I think that our government (America) is really busy doing just that and we’ll fall right into the arms of the one world order aka the Kingdom of the antichrist at the end of this pandemic/economic catastrophe we are experiencing at the moment.

  7. Ephistemi says:

    I am of the mindset that Erdogan is a major leader of Gog. The goal of the Ottomans was complete annihilation of any trace of Christianity and for a time, that is exactly what happened. They are still at it trying to wipe out Christianity or any semblance of it. I believe we are watching the ‘Build Back Better’ of the Ottoman dynasty.

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