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Evil Men and Seducer’s

Today when we look around the world and the way things have moved from a “saner” time until now, those who care to consider these matters see an increasingly wicked world. Such observers see, for example, Russia and Vladimir Putin, China and Xi Jinping, and North Korea and Kim-Jong-un. These are leaders who hold their populations under absolute control. They do so sometimes with the greatest cruelty imaginable.

Sadly, there are few observers who care to gauge the evil, the wickedness we face as a world while things are sucked into the gravity of the increasingly evil times.

And as a result, America herself, under the greatest, most noble experiment in human government of all of history, now faces insanity that threatens tyranny the equal of some of the most terrible regimes ever upon the planet. This is, of course, in keeping with God’s prophetic Word for the wrap-up of history.

Many, including this writer, considered in times past that the Antichrist system of control would suddenly leap onto the scene once the Rapture occurred. The call of Christians into the air would be what set in motion that sucking of left behind mankind into the gravity of what would almost instantly become Tribulation tyranny.

Some warned of incrementalism –the slow changes through luciferian incursion into the human condition. But none foresaw the almost instantaneous dive into the reprobate sea of debauchery into which much of mankind has plunged during this late hour.

Freedom found in God’s Rx for mankind has been abandoned to the upside-down madness that separates humankind farther and farther from the Creator Who Knows Best for us. That Heavenly Rx is, of course, Jesus Christ, the opposite Truth from the total lie with which the evil men and seducers of this present evil day deludes and destroys.

Paul forewarned that the end times generation would face exactly what we are experiencing.

“But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” (2 Tim 3: 13)      

And it is not just the Vladimir Putins, the Xi Jinpings and Kim-Jong uns who are the evil men and seducers. We, in this once great republic, face now some of the most evil and seductive forces on Planet Earth. These are determined to bring not only America down but are even more determined to destroy all Christian vestiges. They are making inroads in this regard not by banning Christianity, but by changing what Christianity means in many instances.

I found the following think piece most interesting in considering this force of evil men and seducers.

In a recent Front Page column, Dennis Prager criticizes the idea that people are basically good.  The belief that humans are inherently good is both “foolish” and “dangerous,” writes Prager, and it leads to much suffering.  He offers several sobering examples from recent history of what happens to people who put their trust in human nature.

Prager was prompted to write his rebuttal when a respected Jewish publication published an article by an Orthodox rabbi claiming that “Judaism posits that people are basically good.”  The idea has long been prevalent among non-Orthodox rabbis, but Prager was surprised that an Orthodox Jew would subscribe to an idea that is clearly rejected in the Torah.

The notion that human nature is basically good is also rejected in the rest of the Bible—and just as strongly in the New Testament as in the Old.  Which brings me to my main point.  Over the last six decades, belief in human goodness has become an article of faith for many Christians as well as for Jews. This is particularly true of many mainstream Protestants and Roman Catholics.  For the Catholic Church, the belief has served as a wrecking ball. Numerous polls have shown a massive decline in church attendance among Catholics (and other Christians), and a corresponding drop in the number who identify as Christians.

Different people give different reasons for the decline of Christian belief, but for me the obvious reason is that Christians have replaced the idea of human sinfulness with the idea of human goodness.  And when you do that, you undercut the whole rationale for Christianity—namely, that we are sinners in need of redemption.  If human beings are good the way they are, then there is no need for a Savior to free us from our sins. (The devastating impact of the premise that people are essentially good, William Kilpatrick , Frontpage Mag, February 4, 2022).

The founding fathers of the United States recognized the Biblical Truth of the depravity of man. The idea that man is good flies in the face of God’s Truth. “There is none good, no not one…”

Unless the individual is willing to admit they are not good and need a Savior to save them from their sinfulness, there is no hope. And this is the great, seductive ploy of the devil, and has been since his time of tempting Eve in the garden. “Ye shall be as God,” he seduced and beguiled. The ploy is working now more effective than ever, and we see the results with man’s turning their back on God –doing what is right in their own eyes– in preparation for the time of God’s Wrath and Judgment. As looked at many times, we now are at the Romans 1:28 place at the very end of the age. Man has turned his back to the God of Heaven and now has been given over to a reprobate mind.

Good is called evil and evil good. Thankfully, God still Calls individuals to Salvation, but the creature called man continues en masse down that broad way to destruction.

There is the Narrow Gate Jesus said. As a matter-of-fact, Jesus is that Narrow Gate that leads to Eternity spent with God the Father.

Don’t listen to the evil men and seducers of these increasingly sin-darkened days. Here again, is how to enter that Narrow Gate.

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (Romans 10: 9–10)


  1. Amazing Grazing says:

    On Sun, Feb 13, 2022 at 5:43 PM Terry James Prophecy Line wrote:

    > Terry James posted: “Today when we look around the world and the way > things have moved from a “saner” time until now, those who care to consider > these matters see an increasingly wicked world. Such observers see, for > example, Russia and Vladimir Putin, China and Xi Jinping, a” >

  2. Ed Wood says:

    If there are two kids in a room with one toy truck, which of these two things are they most likely to naturally do?

    a) Share the truck with their companion.

    b) Grab the truck all for him or her self.

    So much for the “people are basically good” nonsense!

  3. Julia Pomeroy says:

    “Rx”? What does this mean?

    • Ed Wood says:

      Here is what I got from the internet:

      “What Is the True Meaning and Origin of The Symbol Rx?

      Rx is commonly known to most as the symbol for a medical prescription. However, the symbol is derived from the Latin word recipe or “recipere,”which means to take. The word was later abbreviated and became Rx as we know it today.”

  4. Julia Pomeroy says:

    I can testify to the innate wickedness in man, in that my birth mother tried to abort me, failed so sold me to somebody whose marriage was failing. That failed to work then the woman who bought me was ill for a couple of years and I was cared for by several people at different times. It was during this time that I encountered warlock paedophiles. At the age of 3 my adopted mother came back into my life but the paedophiles did not cease to be around. One of them used to like dressing up in my mother’s clothes before . . . . . Then there was her sister who utterly loathed me and made sure I knew it. My mother would also beat me with a wooden stair rod to the delectation of one of her boyfriends. In due course I was raped, beaten up and ended up pregnant without the benefit of a wedding ring. At the age of 9 I developed what would become chronic clinical depression which lasted for 55 years until the Lord healed me some 14 years ago. Therefore by the age of 9 I had experienced sexual, physical, verbal, mental and spiritual abuse of the most horrendous kind. This is just a tip of the iceberg, so I know full well the depravity of man, the wickedness of humanity.
    Then you get those people who really believe we are in the Tribulation already – they have obviously not read Revelation because if they had they would realise that what is going on right now is a picnic compared to what is to come when just during the opening of the third and fourth seals a quarter of the world’s population will die – that is two billion give or take! But then they are unable to conceive of how wicked mankind is as they have fallen for the humanistic lie that deep inside man is good – as if!
    Nobody will ever convince me that since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, man is good, in fact with each generation, wickedness grows. It is reaching that point now where, truly, God has to do something and I believe He will and that it will affect the whole world.

    • Ed Wood says:

      I once heard a preacher say: “For a believer, this life is the WORST that it’ll ever get. For a non-believer, this life is the BEST that it’ll ever get.”

      Wise words.

      You’ve certainly had more than your share of the worst but very soon you and all of us believers will get to experience the very best!

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