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Arkansas Alive Interview: Happy Caldwell with Terry James




  1. Harvey says:

    I have often pondered the question of the age of accountability. The Bible does not tells us specifically but God knows those who are His before they are born. He knows how they would respond as they grew up. Therefore we can safely leave the question to Him. However I like Terry’s comment on the nature of God. Jesus said “Suffer the the little children(or let the little children to come unto me.”( or” let the little children come unto me”) Jesus reveals the heart of God. He said “For unto such belongs the Kingdom of God” I presume that means all children who would not have had corruption in their hearts that could later render them unrepentant, such as Judas , for example, but God knew that.
    I wonder if the Jewish custom is a good pointer, with its Bar Mitzvah at age 13 or above but we need to be careful not to read into scripture what is not there.

  2. Ed Wood says:

    I just watched the first video and, as the subject of children being raptured came up, I was trying to imagine imagine the profound effect that those infants who are about to be aborted suddenly disappearing will have on their mothers and so-called doctors doing these horrible procedures.

  3. elaine3dogs says:

    I watched part one and part two and they are both the same – did I miss something?

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