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Second Chance Ranch – By Jenna Hendricks. Book Review by Terry James

SecondChanceRanchFinalSmallThese times bring with them great anxieties. Everyday pressures probe into our lives with problems we neither solicit nor can avoid. We need to grab on to the peace our Lord Provides in these trying moments while we  proceed through our given weeks, months and years on this planet. We can find those moments of time out from  life through outstanding Christian fiction. The Lord has given some writers the ability to produce those stories that fulfill while at the same time entertain us.  

Jenna Hendricks is such a writer. She has woven a tale of life on a ranch along with clean romance and a message of forgiveness from the Bible. Her contemporary romance, Second Chance Ranch, is the first in a series of six books about life in Montana on a large ranch run by a family. Each book is the story of one of the Manning children and how God reminds them to forgive, but also how to serve Him in their everyday life.

The story is one that brings the reader fully into today’s world of dynamic cultural interaction. Yet it at the same time hearkens back to when things slowed at just the right moments in order to savor life at its most enjoyable.

This is a novel that you will enjoy yourself, or will be an excellent gift to help a friend relax and be captured by a totally entertaining story of many moments  away from life’s aggravations.

The book starts out with Elizabeth Manning on a date but quickly moves to a moving scene where she, as the local veterinarian, delivers twin foals for a neighboring ranch.

“It’s starting. If you want Becky to watch, you better get her quickly.” Elizabeth knew that Mr. Picket wanted his fourteen-year-old daughter to see her horse give birth. Becky had been very excited to take part in this, and had even said she was thinking about becoming a veterinarian…

“Will this be your first set of twins?” Elizabeth’s voice was calm, like she was asking a normal question and had no worries in the world, even though she was worried. Although, she remembered her training and knew there was nothing to worry about. The foal was in the correct position, and she only had to wait. Normally it would be less than twenty minutes once the water broke, but with twins, things were always different.

Later in the story, Elizabeth stumbles onto a new opportunity to share God’s love with people, and ends up getting into a little trouble. But with some direction from above, and help from a few friends, she learns the need to forgive. Not only to forgive others, but eventually to forgive herself.

This is a novel that when given to a family member or friend, will bring thanks for the reminder of a softer, gentler America that still exists. The recipient will wrap themselves in a story of love, although a powerfully moving look into life’s blessings when lived  under and within spiritual influence from above.

I can highly recommend Jenna’s fascinating tale that takes us away and refreshes our spirits in these  days that are sometimes quite trying.

Second Hand Ranch

Jenna Hendricks

Publisher – Jennifer Hendricks (self-published)
ISBN – 978-0997491593
Can be ordered on AMAZON
Link to the Six Book Series



  1. Thank you for reference.

  2. Harvey says:

    I have been encouraged , refreshed and inspired by reading books by Christian authors whose characters set an example in their different lives. They are not preaching at us nor scolding us so we need take no offence . If we like what they are doing we can follow their example. Thank you Terry for the reference.
    I have been inspired by many books, although perhaps the one which impacted me the most was not fiction but a biography – ‘Rees Howells, Intercessor’ by Norman Grubb (Lutterworth Press ). His example of faith inspired me and gave me hope that I too could be more like that, as I followed his life, step by step, as it must be for all of us.

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