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Gathering before Going

Sensing that we’ve arrived so near that spectacular moment those who are Rapture Ready desire, I present this with Holy Spirit-engendered expectation.

The following directive from Heaven should beat profoundly at the spiritual heart of every Christian who views God’s prophetic Word from the perspective of truth it presents: Jesus Christ will call all believers to Himself before the last seven years of human history leading to the Second Advent of Christ begin. 

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. (Hebrews 10: 25)

That “day “we see “approaching” is wrapped up in Paul’s joyous foretelling of the moment of great expectation that’s there for every person who trusts in Jesus Christ for Salvation:

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 4:Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. (1 Thessalonians 4: 16–17)

Paul tells us further: 

Wherefore comfort one another with these words. (1 Thessalonians 4:18)

This magnificent promise from our God is meant to bring great anticipation and relief from anxiety about the darkening times as we look for our “blessed hope,” as exhorted in Titus 2: 13:

Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Scripture telling us to not forsake assembling together as we see the day of Rapture approaching (Hebrews 10:25) has most always been taught as referring to gathering in church-house assemblies. And church attendance in that sense is important, to be sure. But the words of Hebrews 10:25 are perhaps most relevant to the anticipation of our going to be with Jesus when He shouts with the sound of a trumpet and the voice of the archangel: “Come up here!”

We are to gather our senses as one body in looking at all we see taking place around us when that moment of Rapture is upon us.

My own spiritual impression—and the message of agreement I’m getting from others—is that those who are truly attuned to these times of signs are being gathered in our spirits at this very moment. We sense with all that is within us that our Lord is about to shout those words of the Harpazo we earnestly long to hear. It is God the Holy Spirit Himself who is giving us a heavenly heads-up. Our work here on earth as royal ambassadors is nearly done.

And while the world continues to move in wickedness farther and farther from God and His divine order for humankind, believers who truly understand these times sense a calming comfort that brings peace to our spirits.

I hope you’re sensing that calm and comfort, or at least are beginning to.

In regard to our gathering and being comforted by a growing embrace of peace in these last of the last days, I’m deeply impressed to introduce you to a venue I believe God has brought on the scene specifically for sharing the peace, comfort, and even joy of this prophetic hour.

I want no one to think for one second that I hold any person up as one we should look to for new enlightenment, as do the guru worshippers. Jesus, the Living Word, is our only Hope–our Savior –our God.

However, when God directs us to ministries that display extraordinary devotion to His truth, I gladly lift them up for all to see. This is the first time I believe I’ve done so—at least to this degree of recommendation.

I began listening to the podcast some time ago, and have heard nothing but powerful words of truth from God’s Word—particularly from the prophetic Word. Yet what has drawn me totally into what is presented by this ministry is the soft, gentle presentation.

The host I find as God-centered and forthright as any who teaches from the pre-Trib view. Yet, he lays out his analysis of issues and events in a most unique way. He is one-on-one in his half-hour presentations. He talks in conversational tones in a humble way that makes me think of how Jesus must have spoken while teaching here on earth.

Now, I’m not comparing this man to Jesus. You know me much better than that. And Tom would be the first to be aghast at any such comparison. But he speaks in a gentle way and connects with those listening in a very special way. The Rapture and the comfort it promises are usually at the center of his conversation. He is unique among all presenters I’ve encountered.

So, after listening for a number of weeks, I contacted him. I believe the Lord wants our website to put forward Tom’s podcast as a must to visit at every opportunity.

I don’t make such recommendations lightly. I believe he’s been commissioned to help believers gather and be comforted as we see that day approaching. You’ll most likely sense the same after joining my new friend Tom for his journeys into Bible prophecy as he simply talks with you about the joy we can anticipate, almost certainly in the immediate future.  

I hope you will listen by clicking this link I’ve chosen. I believe you’ll want to continue to hear his almost-daily podcasts and will pass the links on to others.

This particular program looks at seven questions about the Rapture. Tom discusses these as if you’re sitting there with him asking the questions he addresses, and he follows up by reading comments from those online at the time of the podcast.

All in all, there emerges a togetherness of the sort spoken of in Hebrews 10: 25. There is a gathering together in spirit around the Lord Jesus Christ as He prepares us for going Home.

Watchman River Podcast



  1. Dennis says:

    What is the website that your article refers to?

  2. Larry A Kirkland says:

    Terry, You encouraged us to listen to “Tom’s” podcast but did not tell us his last name or how to listen to the podcast. Please give us he details we need to enjoy the podcast also.

  3. Colonel Hanson says:

    Got it thanks! Maranatha.

  4. Kristine Manley says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Tom’s podcast. Tom’s love for the Lord is incredible and I will be listening to him for now on. I can’t describe how much this was needed. Thank you, Brother.

  5. Donna Hanson says:

    I don’t see the link to see Tom’s podcast to listen to.

  6. Karen Butler says:

    Thank you Terry for letting us know about Watchman River. Always good to connect with others of the same mind who have studied the Word. & know Jesus.

  7. lee merrick says:

    What is Tom’s podcast address? What is his full name? I can search for it.

  8. A Clark says:

    … and here I thought this post was going to be an exhortation to get to church. You did mention that but this was really about a pod cast. A little disappointed. With all respect, we don’t need yet another pod cast or YouTube.

    In many ways internet technology has displaced the gathering together of believers face to face which I believe is the intent of the verse. We need each other in the local church context now more than ever.

    • SRB says:

      I love gathering with believers but, sadly, feel as if I’ve been duped by the institutional church. Most all of them adhere to the Calvinist doctrine. I am so tired of having to filter everything I hear from them. That false doctrine has infiltrated almost every protestant church out there.
      Even believers who don’t know what Calvinism is, hold to the Calvinist doctrine because that is what has been drilled into them from the institutional churches….I was one of them.

      • A Clark says:

        There are still some good churches out there, I’m having trouble myself finding one since we just moved but I will find one. I have to because it’s God’s will. Besides the more we get dependent on internet tech, the harder it’s going to be when biblical Christians are shut out of cyber space. It’s really not optional. Also, often times we think that we are compliant with God’s will by listening to more and more of the same thing by different authors in different forums. At some point, the mission suffers. The mission is out there on the streets and in the Bible study groups. There is a place for prophecy teachers on the Internet but many are making excuses for not participating in church anymore. Blogs and YouTube and web sites must never replace the local church. I am no fan of what western Christianity has become but we have to fight for it because it’s right to do that.

      • Ed Wood says:

        I totally “get” where you are coming from, SRB.

        I am a former Episcopalian that walked away from it and “organized religion” as a whole over a decade ago when it began accepting the “doctrines of devils” or those of God. It was a good move. I can have fellowship with Christians on this website and whenever the opportunity arises with other people face to face.

        I have no desire to support the current Neo-Laodicean church with my time, talent, or treasure because doing so would mean an assent to their apostasy.

      • Thoughtwrite says:

        I find that most of the churches in my area (a liberal state) have let their socio/political ideologies infiltrate their congregational gatherings, use the “modern” translations which I consider a “form” of apostasy and don’t care if a person goes to church meetings or not. I have been through three churches in my area in the last 22 years, attending those off and on because of having to look for a new church each time they either dropped me from the register because of work schedule, accused me of making a pass at a congregants wife (not true) and just plain forgetting that I attended their church. So tired of the roller coaster ride. Consideringoving to a conservative state. Maybe I’ll find one there. Sorry for the rant.

      • Ed Wood says:

        There is plenty of “rant” material, Thoughtwrite. I’ve been at it since I left the Episcopal Church. Come to think of it, it was actually more of a case of it and its revisionist leaders leaving those of us who adhered to Bible doctrine on the outside looking in.

  9. SRB says:

    Oh…..Yes!!! I discovered him a couple months ago and listen daily to him. He will encourage those who are anxiously awaiting the rapture of the church. He is genuine.

  10. Ed Wood says:

    Very uplifting video.

    As regards to the rapture of those who have died, I think it will not only be those of the Christian Era, but all believers from the time of Adam and Eve forward.

    Before Jesus’ Resurrection, the souls of the righteous people resided in Abraham’s Bosom (paradise), a place where they were comforted, while the evil people were sent to a place of torment (Luke 16:19-31), and both places were in Sheol. Ephesians 4:8-9 suggests that after his death, Jesus descended to Sheol to convey the souls of the righteous in paradise (including the repentant thief in Luke 23:42-43) with him to heaven. There is even evidence of the appearance of them on Earth (Matthew 27:52-52).

    The evil people are still in Sheol and will be resurrected to face judgment at the Great White Throne Judgment (Matthew 25:31-46; Revelation 20:11-15), along with all who have rejected Jesus in the past 2000 years, be they living or dead.

    As to whether the Rapture will cause some kind of dramatic opening of the graves of believers, I don’t think it’ll happen like that. We must take into account that the bodies of most of them have totally reverted back into the soil over the centuries. We will be given glorified, immortal, and sinless bodies, the manner in which that happens is something I certainly can’t explain.

    Those who are living and are Raptured will suddenly just disappear and be changed at the same time. I don’t think it’ll matter whether they are outside or inside a building, vehicle, etc. I think they will just pass right through these these things and head upward, even as Jesus did when he appeared to the apostles in the upper room after his resurrection, the physical laws of this universe no longer applying to them.

    • Dave Michaelson says:

      Physical matter that no longer decays as that which has been created in the current universe we know from science has “half-lives” eventually reducing their properties to nearly nothing! But Einstein said matter can not be destroyed only changed. All the matter that ever was has already been Created at Creation! Now Jesus passed through solid walls unchanged in His appearance as evidenced by his Glorified Body-we will all be like Him one day.so that means we must all be changed in an instant, the twinkling of an ‘eye’ , less than 1-1thousandth of a second! Now is that something! Ed, I had a vision years ago of the sudden eruption of the ‘dead’ in Christ at the Rapture, molecules, atoms re-constructed from what was once dust in the Earth and this ‘matter’ suddenly being re-assembled again together as the person once was. Now, i don’t know if this accurate or not, but I do know that compared to the Ceation of the Universe, this simple re-assembling of what once was person would be a ‘piece of cake’ for the Lord since that ‘matter’ that once composed a Believer is still around somewhere in the Universe He created! PTL!!

      • Ed Wood says:

        What is also interesting is that matter and energy are capable of being changed from one to the other.

        We experience mass to energy transformation all the time without even realizing it – in the sun and other stars. For most of them hydrogen fuses into helium in a controlled reaction with a tiny mass loss in the process. (H-bombs use the same process in an uncontrolled manner – an “all or nothing” scenario).) That “missing mass” has actually been converted to to the energy which the sun radiates out into space. Based in Einstein’s E=mc2 formula the total conversion of only one microgram of matter will provide nearly 25 kilowatt hours of electricity. That’d run a modest home for a day!

        For the sun, approximately 0.7% of the mass is converted in the fusion reaction. Doesn’t sound like much, but it is seven times more efficient than fission which occurs in a nuclear power plant and much more so than burning any kind of organic fuel.

        Converting energy into matter, as far as I know, is something we have never accomplished outside of science fiction, such as the Enterprise transporter – but for God, recreating new bodies for us is, as you correctly put it, a piece of cake!

        I had a Rapture dream several months ago where I was awakened, rose up horizontally from my bed and passed right through the ceiling a roof of my home, past a sunlit tree next to it and p into the sky. That’s where I got the idea that believers, living and dead, would do likewise, even from within cars, trains, buildings, etc. For those whose bodies have long-since decomposed, well, since God is beyond time and space, maybe he’ll just retrieve them just from their respective eras before living believers when the Rapture occurs.

        A thought I also had many years ago is that a great thunderclap would follow due to the inrush of air filling the voids left by our disappearances – just as one occurs after a lightning bolt super-heats the air to 50,000 degrees F., creating a partial vacuum and then the air comes rushing back after it cools.

        I think we’ll find out how it happens pretty soon!

    • Thoughtwrite says:

      I imagine the manner of sinless bodies given as a matter of a creating God. Or? We retain (or regain) bodies that we had before our physical birth. (?). That being kind of a puzzlement to me also. But it makes sense that there may not be an opening of graves because these mortal bodies cannot enter heaven, they are corrupt. Only the raptured actually “see” the taptured fly upwards to Jesus.

  11. Risa says:

    Absolutely LOVE this book- I have read it 5 times and I keep learning things I’ve somehow missed the previous times!!

  12. Elizabeth Howell says:

    I love this!! I do feel the Holy Sirit stirring in me, and believe HE is gathering those of us who are opened to hear that our Beloved Beautiful JESUS will soon call us up. So many do not feel this way.

  13. Jim Schaffner says:

    Thank you for letting me know about Watchman River and your insights on coming together. What a blessing we have in these last days to be able to come together at any time and encourage each other to keep in the race. We don’t have to plan what clothes to wear. We don’t have to pretend everything is fine when it’s not. We don’t have to rush through traffic, find a place to park or a place to sit. There’s no temptation to try impressing someone about how spiritual we are.
    As for WR’s videos, this is how I envisioned Jesus speaking to the crowds only instead of being on tha shore of the Galilee it’s on the banks of a river.

  14. Tom has been a true blessing and we’re being gathered indeed because he sees and we see THT DY approaching. Maranatha.

  15. STLloyd says:

    Yes, Tom is so encouraging!

  16. Ron says:

    Very refreshing to hear scripture that is correct

  17. Dave Michaelson says:

    In replying to Ed Wood’s comments, I forgot to mention I enjoyed hearing Tom’s podcast Terry! I will check out future podcasts he presents – thanks for passing along!

  18. Judy Moore says:

    Where’s the link? I don’t see it here.

  19. Lisa K says:

    As far as pets: when we are with Jesus, I feel we will be in such awe and worship of Him that we won’t be worried about our pet (and if we can we have that pet). I feel if that’s what we are concerned about then we would be thinking on something other than Jesus. We need to trust (prior to the Rapture) that God knows what he is doing with our pets. That concern would still be a human idolization at that point in heaven, imo.
    And, I always get stuck on people who say they believe in Christ as Savior and the Gospel message, but are accepting and go along with the degrading ways of society. Pro abortion, gender confusion, lgbt, living how they want to live, etc etc. If Jesus died for sins past present and future, they are forgiven and are covered for their ways of life. Its all ok in some minds. I say they are not true believers. But also, believers don’t stop gossip, lying, coveting, etc etc. All those sins are equal weight in God’s eyes. So where does that leave us?

    • SRB says:

      Grace. It’s all grace. All of our righteous deeds are as filthy rags in God’s opinion. The believers who are pro abortion etc. will know the truth when they are in Heaven. We are just stupid, fallen humans prone to error. Believing on the shed blood of Jesus Christ to wash our sins away is the only thing that matters as far as salvation goes.

  20. budworks says:

    You are appsultly right brother you are talking about pastor Tom Hughes yes when this all started back in end of 2019 God said prepare get ready I am coming soon it’s not the assembly of the church we are the body you could be in a cabin on a mountain with no way to get to any one yes are spirits are with the Lord Jesus Christ the redeemer calls us to get ready God bless belove pray Jesus Christ comes soon maranatha

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