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Tom Hughes and Mike Adams discuss the Rapture, End Times and spiritual preparedness


  1. Rick Poirier says:

    This one not working either. Any chance that someone is messing with this site?

  2. Ruth L says:

    I guess Tom Hughes is witnessing to Mike Adams through his interview–or that Tom is just trying to reach Adams’ listeners.

    May 17, 2022 interview with Mike Adams with David Wilcock

    Here are statements from the interview (Mike has interviewed David multiple times):
    He’s talking to me all the time now, says David Wilcock. (That is the archangel Michael is talking to him since 1997,)
    He hears a voice and then it moves something in the room, says David.
    I trust archangel Michael.
    Mike said we are going to come out of this and rebuild civilization after years of starvation and suffering
    Says Trump did his hole-in-one recently by telekinesis. Because Trump was able to “lens” the energy of golf pros and lens it into a hole in one.
    If you don’t do anything to help the world, you won’t get these powers. He is speaking of occult powers, which he would call divine.
    This will all happen before the midterms—that is the exposure and all the indictments David says.
    100 feet long ship (air ship); you don’t see it when it lands; We have 3500 of these in space and on Mars, and around our galaxy. The effort to save humanity is coming from the military UFO division.
    David says he has a spiritual double of himself.
    Mike Adams said, if you’re going to develop your supernatural abilities, you have to eat right.
    David said, As long as your karma is clean, your executive function will stop you from being hurt. It will stop a bullet, etc. We’re this close to the cabal being defeated.
    The Alliance has been in the possession of the book Michael Prophecies since Feb 6. It’s so prophetic. This predicts the future. (The Alliance seems to be some Q type of military group)
    Archangel Michael is all fired up about Jesus. The book is a religious work kinda. (The book David is writing named above
    Archangel Michael says, Tribunals will come soon. If you think that even one person is gonna get away with anything, you are mistaken.
    We will find out a whole lot of paranormal things. (says Archangel Michael to David ) Don’t worry, it’s all gonna be fine.
    The Durham Investigation is staggering. It’s part of the Alliance. The indictments are already circulating of Biden, Harris, Hillary, and Hunter. They’re gonna get everybody.
    The Alliance cut the cable that supplied power to HAARP. The cabal was going to blow the La Palma volcano and cause a tsunami.

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