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Watchman River Podcasts – December 21 and 22, 2022


  1. Chuck Mudgett says:

    Thanks for posting Watchman River. Never heard of him till posted. Again, thanks

  2. Ted Bates says:

    Amen. Things are getting dark and Jesus is coming soon. Jesus said to work while there is light. The darkness is coming when there will be no light. We are now in the twilight and our work is almost finished. Soon we will cross that finish line and we all want to hear, “Well done. You have been faithful in little now you will be trusted with much. Enter into the joy of the Lord.” (Something like that).

  3. Rose Hess says:

    I love Tom’s posts, he is a breath of fresh air. He tells you about what is going on, but doesn’t beat you to death with it. He encourages while he tells you about what’s coming, and that is Jesus is taking us home soon.He says he is not a teacher, but he is and he is the kind that you remember what he says. I enjoy the humor he puts in his teachings, and the depth of feeling he has for Jesus return.The thing I enjoy the most is his love for Jesus.

  4. k.s.rajan says:

    Very inspiring presenttion about our Lords imminent appearance to us all who are saved.Every day I will be anxiously looking for posting.God bless you Tom and your family

  5. Carol Cole says:

    WOW, Terry, wh

  6. chris madder says:

    You put us onto him a few weeks ago now, and whilst his theology leaves a little to be desired such as referring to the Holy Spirit as an ‘it’, there is no denying his love for Jesus Christ of Nazareth is patently obvious. We now watch him regularly ‘cos he usually crops up just when we are about to eat our evening meal. We live several thousands of miles away. It is actually good to listen to somebody who is actually not a pastor, or a teacher but just an ordinary bod.

  7. Andrea says:

    Keep the faith the Lord is working towards his kingdom,your set is inspiring,idea maybe you can bring up how to help the decided out of cults,thanks Andrea

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