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Nuclear Neurosis and Prophetic Prognosis

Author’s note: I have been asked again by a number of our RR family to address the anxiety building in regard to fears of World War III and all-out nuclear cataclysm. I agree that it is more than worth a look in these days when there seems to be an unstoppable march toward war among the nuclear powers.

But there is Someone who can—and I believe will—stop that march, at least stop such a catastrophic conflict this side of the Rapture of God’s people. The fear of nuclear war is now again on the rise, according to email I’m getting. So I’m reposting the article originally posted May 2 of 2022. My thinking hasn’t changed as I pray on the matters involved and search the Scriptures.

Nuclear Neurosis and Prophetic Prognosis

The diplomats of the world are making noise about Russia more and more looking like it will come to the nuclear option in finally defeating the Ukrainians. Thus, more and more people are becoming nervous that we are headed for World War III.

The worry—the threat—has always been that, once a nuclear weapon has been used, things will escalate until all-out atomic war results. All the big nukes on all the tips of the ICBMs and other delivery systems will be unleashed. Planet earth will be turned into a cinder–or at the very least, it will be made inhabitable.

Russian President/dictator Vladimir Putin, among wanting more control and power in his region of hegemony, wants to secure the wheat and other grains of Ukraine to add to Russia’s considerable grain possession. In this way, he will control the food of the world—at least to a considerable extent.

It is said that, even now, Putin and his top adjutants are hunkered in underground facilities for protection from the nuclear exchanges that are to come. Of course, a lot of things are said these days about a lot of things.

In fact, a lot has been said about a lot of things for a long time. We have heard that economic collapse is coming within days for—literally—years, even decades.

We have been told that the polar ice is melting at a rate that would bring the edges of New York harbor to downtown Manhattan and up to the first or second floor of the Empire State building within anywhere from twenty to forty years. Actually, the levels in New York Harbor haven’t changed significantly since the warnings were issued.

All of that is not to say nuclear exchanges couldn’t happen. I believe, as do many who believe in God’s Word, that at least one city of the world is going to experience perhaps a nuclear strike. I’m referring, of course, to Damascus, Syria, which will become a heap of rubble within a very short time.

This doesn’t mean necessarily that it will be a nuclear weapon that does the destruction. It might be a meteorite, or even possibly one of the planet’s greatest earthquakes ever.

But Damascus is going to cease being a city, and in a very short moment of time. God’s prophetic Word has said so. It will happen, according to the prophecy in Isaiah chapter 17.

And God’s prophetic Word is the only reliable source to depend upon when it comes to future events. Everything else is just guesswork. The guesswork might be based upon strong evidence, but it’s still guesswork.

God’s prophetic utterances are 100 percent reliable. And it is for this reason that we can examine the nuclear neurosis going around these days under God’s stethoscope in order to get a 100 percent accurate prophetic prognosis about whether all-out nuclear conflict will occur in the days just ahead.

First, we look at a news item from a less-than-reliable source the majority of Americans still go to for news.

Vladimir Putin has been ignoring those in his inner circle who warn of economic ruin if his invasion of Ukraine continues, it has been claimed.

Kremlin officials are becoming “increasingly” worried Vladimir Putin could use limited nuclear weapons as part of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Officials at high levels of government spoke to Bloomberg, claiming they believed the invasion was a “catastrophic” mistake which will set Russia back years.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the Kremlin sources said there is no sign Putin will change his mind and faces no direct challenge within the walls of the Kremlin.

He has also repeatedly ignored those who have attempted to warn him of the crushing effects his war could have on Russia’s economic and political future, destroying two decades of growth…

Some said they share fears voiced by the US that Putin will turn to a limited nuclear war, in which two nuclear superpowers engage in a direct confrontation which does not end in either a surrender or massive destruction.

However, US officials have clarified there is “no practical evidence” nuclear weapons will be used imminently.

The CIA said Putin could turn to using a tactical or low-yield nuclear weapon out of “potential desperation” to claim a small victory. (“Putin officials ‘increasingly worried’ he could unleash limited nuclear weapon,” News Yahoo.com UK)

The gist of the news story, in my view, has a specific purpose: to ramp up fear of a nuclear conflict to divert the attention of voters from other issues of political importance to the globalist power brokers. But that is a story for another time. The thing to look at here is that God is completely in control—not the power brokers who can, and will eventually (during the Tribulation), unleash war…of the nuclear sort.

So, looking at the matter of the nuclear neurosis through the heavenly stethoscope, we come to Jesus’ words I’ve brought to our attention many times. They speak directly to our day. Jesus’ words do not equivocate on the condition of the world when He will next make His presence known to all on the earth. It will be the Rapture that will occur in times exactly like they were in the time of Lot in Sodom.

There is no indication whatsoever, prior to the catastrophic intervention by Christ, of nuclear war that devastates the planet.

Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed. (Luke 17: 28–30)


  1. Dave Michaelson says:

    For the longest time I’ve wondered why most prophecy people have not spoken more concerning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. I follow many, and read what others have said concerning this, and the degree to which Russia is omitted from current topics is astounding! Considering most, if not all of these people are of the same mind-set, meaning when it comes to who is it that will lead the invasion from the north onto the Golan heights of Israel. I have been mystified as to why more has not been discussed about Russia’s aggression lately withTerry James Prophecy Line being the exception.The video here talks about who the coalition of nations is with Russia that will ultimately find fulfillment in Ezekiel 38.


  2. Ed Wood says:

    In order for the Antichrist to rule the world, he’ll need a functioning technology. How else can he control the world economy, track everyone, send his worldwide police force to deal with his enemies, especially those who come to believe in Jesus post-Rapture? A wide-scale nuclear exchange would put an end to that, primarily by putting a halt to the kind of mass electrical generation needed to support it. The kind of communication systems he’ll need require satellites in orbit. If a global nuclear war breaks out, no one will be putting anything up in space again, probably forever.

    Also, lacking electricity, how could factories or transportation systems supply the parts to rebuild the planet’s electrical grids?

    Even at the end of the Tribulation, there will exist the ability to amass a 200 million-man army at Armageddon. That means having electrical power to produce the vehicles and fuel to get them there and supply them with weapons and provisions.

    Bottom line is that an all-out nuclear exchange is about the only dark thing we don’t have to expect in these last of the last days, though it does not rule out limited deployments of nuclear devices either now or during the Tribulation, when I believe we have an account of exactly that
    (Revelation 8:10-12).

  3. Roberta Chapman says:

    Thank you… I have been saying something similar to friends who have been concerned.

  4. Gary Fairbairn says:

    Dear Brother Terry, Read your book with the bearded man on the cover while in the Philippines with my wife’s family in 2016. Gave copies to a few Pastors hoping to stir excitement. Came home pumped up about Jesus, only to find a yawning response. Oh well… still a fan of yours looking forward to that blessed hope. Rapture Ready daily reader. Your friend , Scott Fairbairn. Ps. Hope to see you soon. And you will see this face too. Maranatha Terry.

  5. Amen. Thank you for encouragement.

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