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Lazarus and Rapture

In thinking on the topics about which I write, I’m blessed to have close friends of spiritually infused intellect and insight who sometimes help inspire commentaries. We speak on the phone occasionally throughout any given week about various topics of possible Bible prophecy import. Thus it was in conversation this week when such a friend presented a fascinating matter that spawned the title you see above.

My friend of many years is clued in to many things going on within cutting-edge technologies. As a matter of fact, he works closely within some of these technological stratospherics as consultant during various phases of development. At least that’s the take from my perspective. He tells no more than he can divulge in order to remain faithful to confidentiality.

So, it is with great interest that I pay attention when he brings forth information of an unusual sort. I listen carefully when I sense he wants me to consider those insider developments in writing these articles meant to look into what’s going on while we obviously are closing in on the very end of the age.

When we discuss things along these lines—well, when I mostly listen, because my thinking process can’t always quite engage due to complexity involved—my friend usually prefaces his comments with: “I don’t quite know what to do with this.” He then says something like: “But isn’t that interesting?”

It usually most certainly at the very least interesting. More like somewhat mystifying and, on occasion, stupefying.

The past week or so this friend wanted to give me a heads-up on something that had come to his attention that he thought I would find fascinating. He said his information came to him from a familiar intel channel/forum. It is obviously one he holds in high regard.

The intel involves something called The Lazarus Project.

My friend said someone, under the cloak of anonymity, posted, in part, the following on February 23, 2023.

I’m a Meta insider working on Project Lazarus. We’re building an AI that can take over a deceased persons social media accounts and continue making relevant posts as if that person is still alive. This includes age progressed photos, interacting with other people’s content and everything else needed so that person continues on in the digital realm after physical death. We were originally told this would be a service offered to people struggling with the loss of loved ones and people who had missing children. Seemed like a decent idea. Things are getting weird now and I’m having second thoughts about what this is actually going to be used for. The AI is extremely capable of impersonating people. It doesn’t take as much initial input as one might think to train the AI how a certain person interacts with the digital world. It’s very convincing. An entire island of people could go missing and with little to no downtime the AI could take over all of their social media and the world wouldn’t have a clue that life wasn’t just continuing as usual. A lot of the project is becoming more compartmentalized. Things have taken a dark turn it feels like. They’ve forbidden communication between people working on different things. Something isn’t right and I don’t know what I should do. I’m not going to post any personally identifiable information but I will try to answer questions that won’t expose my role within the project…

The AI came up with stuff that ranged from absolutely hilarious to completely horrifying. I guess that’s pretty accurate for the human experience. That’s more along the lines of a traditional bot but it goes to a much deeper level than a bot just reposting the current talking point. It’s when we have it live data on real individuals that things truly took off. It’s astoundingly accurate with reproducing real individuals”

Now my sensitivity meter is the first to start squawking when so-called reports come across cyberspace that seem bogus and or contrived in any way. If it were not my friend of many years, who interacts within circles to which most of us haven’t entry, I might easily dismiss this insider’s concern as just another fictional creation. However, my friend doesn’t waste his time or mine with fiction. As a matter of fact, I doubt he has read any part of even one of my own novels. So I feel my thinking along these lines is worthwhile for us to consider.

My friend acknowledges that anything coming across even closely guarded, private communications can be of false origin. It has been my experience and observation through these many years, however, that his sense of what has credence and what doesn’t is exquisitely keen. Here are some of his thoughts about this Lazarus Project matter:

1) The project has a biblically significant name: Lazarus; (2) Lazarus is said to be very good at impersonating people; (3) Lazarus is supposed to be strong enough to pass the Turing Test; (4) Meta is developing Lazarus to mimic the missing, dead, or otherwise unavailable; and (5) Meta is developing Lazarus under extreme secrecy (small, compartmentalized teams under NDA).

Regarding his reference to the Turing test, a mathematician/cryptographer/pioneering computer scientist by the name of Alan Turing developed in 1950 what he called “the imitation game,” but what is now better known as the Turing test.  It is a widely accepted test of the power of AI.  The Turing test involves two human beings and a machine (computer) having AI.  One human being serves as an interrogator.  While the other human being and the machine are located out of the interrogator’s sight, the interrogator is tasked with interacting with the other human being and the machine and discerning from those interactions which is the machine and which is the human being.  The machine passes the test if the human is unable to discern between the two.  A machine passing the test is known as a “Turing machine.”  Passing the Turing test does not mean that the machine is as intelligent as the human being, only that the machine appears in that interaction to be as intelligent as the human being.  The Turing test is not the only test of AI, but it is by far the best-known.

Even were the posts false, Lazarus is plausible.  First, Mark Zuckerberg has publicly announced that Meta will focus on major AI development.  Second, Facebook’s user base has been seriously eroding, meaning that Facebook is in desperate need of content to retain and encourage its remaining users; AI is well-suited to generate this content.  Third, with the World Economic Forum and World Health Organization working hard to create and conceal mass casualties, simulating an enduring social media presence by the departed would help.  Fourth, the powers-that-be would be strongly motivated to conceal an act of God that resulted in the sudden disappearance of many millions of people.

From this, I gather that the purpose of Lazarus is to cover the mass disappearance or death of people due to one or a very few major events.  It may not be able perfectly to conceal the absence of people, but it probably can conceal their absence for a short time and should at least create confusion and doubt and provide the basis of an official narrative that the event or events did not occur.  It’s intriguing and plausible.

My friend and I frequently discuss the rapid development across the spectrum of stage-setting for prophetic fulfillment. Spectacular progress in artificial intelligence add to stage-setting, not only for the fulfillment of prophecy about the coming Tribulation, but also about stage-setting for the narratives that will be floated when millions of people vanish from the nation and world. In that light, the Lazarus Project is indeed most interesting, as my friend would have it.


  1. Amen. Thank you for heads up. Look up.

  2. MP says:

    Hi Terry, God’s blessings be upon you. I’m familiar with a project that is similar to Lazarus from about 5 years ago. I posted an article on it on RRnewsif I remember correctly. For all I know it could be the same project. But what this company did with AI at the time was allow you to communicate with the dead.By that I mean that for a fee, they would input a bunch of data and pictures of say a dead parent,child, relative loved one….you get the idea.Then the AI would transform all this information into a “Live chat” with camera connection so you could seethe person with whom you are chatting and they would also be in their own living room or somewhere in the housethat is a familiar area to the user.Reports that I remember from the article was that it was so real, and the computer generated likenesses of thedead loved ones were so much like the deceased when they were living that many people were very creeped out by it.

    I agree with your take on it being used after the rapture. Many people’s disappearance will be covered by an AI-APPthat will keep them alive (on line) long enough for the adversary to deceive a large number of people until theytake the mark of the beast. Lord BlessMark

  3. Stage setting indeed! I have heard of this project, somewhere in my recent past. I am not surprized by it, but I am intrigued! Time is getting shorter to share the GOOD NEWS!! I pray for a platform every day!! God bless and see you all in the air!!!

  4. Ed Wood says:

    It was a least a decade ago, maybe more, that there were some TV commercials which featured a long-deceased Humphrey Bogart walking among actual live people. Memory fails me as to whom the advertise was, but it was eerie to see. As I recall, these ads didn’t persist and I haven’t seen any like them in a long time. Maybe people were just creeped out them.

    Artificial Intelligence being taken as human is no longer the stuff of science fiction and it may just play a part in the coming Antichrist Era that will follow the Rapture. There may even be a literal fusion of A.I. with human brains connected to internal electronics. This experimentation is already under way and has been around a long time. Maybe this will have something to do with anyone taking the mark of the beast never being able to reject it and permanently lost.

    Based on how bad things are already, the Tribulation be a time when the expression, “It’s a hell of a world,” will end up being horrifyingly real!

  5. In reading your comment, I am reminded of the time when now deceased Lisa Marie Presley did a video with then deceased Elvis Presley and it was similarily eerie! Several recording artists have done this and we all thought it was “cool”. Well, it’s now “prophetic” and also a bit unsettling, in my humble opinion. I think it once again speaks to the lateness of the hour.

    • Ed Wood says:

      You know, Dawn, I remember another such thing – Natalie Cole sang “Unforgettable,” I think it was, with her deceased father, Nat.

      With A.I. it won’t just be using old film clips or recordings, it’ll be synthesized and interactive recreations. The image brought to life in Revelation 13 comes to mind and it would not surprise me if this is a melding of technology and the supernatural.

      I also recall back at the New York World’s Fair in the mid-1960’s when I was a kid, I saw the “Hall of Presidents” in which audio-animatronic versions all of them up to that time were on stage and Abraham Lincoln gave a speech (with Royal Dano’s voice). It was really impressive – and eerie – at the same time.

      Now this was 60 years ago, so imagine how far this has come since then – and how far it has yet to go!

      Thanks for your recollection because it shook loose those memories of my own!

      • We are showing our age with these memories aren’t we? It’s all good because it brings us that much closer to a ride in the sky! I respect your writings and comments and I love Terry James’ books and articles! I could not go on in this decrepit world without my brothers and sisters in Christ constantly encouraging me through these medias. God bless and I’m really glad to jog memories for anyone, because, after all, that is what we have left to hang onto these troubling times, our memories of a better world and the hope of a beautiful world to come!!

      • Ed Wood says:

        At my age, I’m GLAD I still have those memories!

        I, too, am strengthened by the faith of persons such as yourself and those who comment here. I gave organized religion the heave-ho almost 20 years ago as most of mainstream churches tossed out Scripture and adopted the “doctrines of devils.” It’s exactly what Paul told us would happen in the Last Days and now here it is (1 Timothy 4:1-2).

        Just think of what great new memories we’ll have once we are off this sin-contaminated world!

        I’ll see you there!

  6. ianpomeroy says:

    This is a horrifying development and as evil – no more than we might expect from the evil one who is looking to wipe out mankind. I wonder what it might do on my social media activities for all I do is to expose the lies and promote Jesus Christ of Nazareth as Lord!!!! That will screw with their agenda!!!

    • Ed Wood says:

      H, Ian.
      Unfortunately, all we can do is to slow the evil down because the Bible shows us the path history will take – and, for the short-term, evil does gain the upper hand. However, Jesus has the eternal victory when he comes back to stop the Armageddon war and, at long last, begin his reign on Earth as King of kings!

      So, you keep up the battle because I am sure that your efforts will save people that you may never meet down here – but will in heaven!

  7. mcbordes says:

    Very interesting times we live in!

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