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Terry James’ New Book – REVELATIONS – a novel

A blind writer on topics involving prophecy receives a strange visit from a young news journalist. The TV anchor, Tyce Greyson, tells an eerie tale of supernatural dynamics acting upon his life.

His trip to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, then to the Isle of Patmos in the Aegean, sets in motion astonishing intrigues of profound impact upon his career –upon Israel, and upon the whole world.

The blind writer gets wrapped up in the story in a twist that confirms it is all part of human history’s consumation.

It is a story that both he and Tyce Greyson know must be told. All of humanity hangs in the balance.

Terry James says about the writing of REVELATIONS: “I’ve never sensed such personal closeness to characters in a work of fiction. It was as if Tyce visited me each early morning while the telling of the story unfolded. Somewhat disturbing, but very, very cool… as the young people would have it.”

We ask that our Rapture Ready folks really help this story –which is steeped in Bible prophecy truth– get off and running on Amazon! We thank you, in advance! The link to REVELATIONS on Amazon will be posted Wednesday, May 9. Please look for that announcement in just a few days!

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