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Terry and Todd’s Interview with Dr. David Reagan and Nathan Jones – Lamb and Lion Ministries – June 22, 2018


  1. Jim West says:

    Have read this book and am so blessed. It is not often that real Christians are willing to speak on the rampant deception that is invading our world now-a-days. While blessed as I was….. I only wished that the narrative could have included the deception that is so propagated by the catholic church. It amazes me that there is not more uncovering of this demonic cult. Is it because no one wants to offend the millions of converts, or is it just is bad PR? As I believe, Jesus warned us to come out of these offensive cults. While we are to love all men, how can we say we love them yet see them perish in eternal damnation? I can hear it again….Well there are some good catholics so we should just be tolerant. I ask, if one chooses to follow another gospel….how is this in line with what Jesus taught us in His word? You don’t have to answer my questions….but please address this issue in any forthright publication. Thanks……Bewildered in Idaho!

  2. Bonnie Hawkins says:

    Thank You, Holy Spirit, for using us to bring The Word.

  3. Dawn Street says:

    I have been very disturbed about what is happening to the Southern Baptist Convention. I was raised in a Baptist Church and received a firm foundation but now I see congregations being starved for meat and choking on the pablum of Rick Warren and Thomas Merton among many. Bible studies are book reviews and not based on biblical truths. I am concerned in Virginia.

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