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Trump’s Portentous Peace Planning

While news media laser-stream goings-on in the post-Mueller report intrigues, truly portentous things are unfolding, initiated by this White House. Prophetically speaking, matters involved couldn’t be more significant in pointing to just how near this world must be to having unleashed upon humanity history’s most terrible time.

The most powerful signal of where this generation stands on God’s prophetic timeline is the nation Israel. The very fact that it is front and center in the fear of possible thermonuclear war being initiated validates the truth of Bible prophecy. Within that reality, the primary element indicating the nearness to the Tribulation (Daniel’s seventieth week) is that a peace covenant involving the Jewish state will almost certainly be forthcoming.

As anyone who reads our commentaries knows, I support this president. I believe, along with Dallas First Baptist pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress and others, that Donald J. Trump was put into office by the Lord of Heaven. The election was a result, I’m convinced, of the prayers of God’s people, according to 2 Chronicles 7:14. Trump’s election was, in a real sense, miraculous.

The ensuing eruption of hatred toward Trump and all of those who support his presidency was and is Hell-spawned, in my view. It has not abated, despite Mueller’s finding no collusion in the Russian interference matter. The minions, both spiritual and human, continue to falsely accuse Mr. Trump, wanting to generate enough lies to bring about his impeachment. It is satanic rage that drives the anti-Trump rhetoric and subterfuge.

So, as stated, I support this president and his efforts in most every area of endeavor to try to “make America great again” (although I think God’s intention is more that of restraining evil for the moment). I believe much of it is God-directed, even if the president himself might be somewhat an unwitting administrator of God’s will at this time in human history.

That being said, I, like others who support Trump, based upon his being God’s man for this hour, am quite wary about reports regarding Israel and the peace process. We get a feel for what might be in the offing through this brief news excerpt.

[President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, said all should keep an] “open mind” about President Donald Trump’s upcoming Middle East peace proposal and said that it will require compromises from both sides, a source familiar with the remarks said…

The proposal has two major components: A political piece that addresses core political issues as the status of Jerusalem, and an economic part that aims to help the Palestinians strengthen their economy.

Unclear is whether the plan will propose outright the creation of a Palestinian state, the Palestinians’ core demand. (Source: White House adviser says peace plan to be unveiled by early June, Reuters Published: 04.17.19)

The concern of those who watch this process, of course, is that the peace negotiators are treading on dangerous grounds. To do anything in regard to trying to bring about peace, through a process involving Israel giving up land for that peace, gets to the heart of Bible prophecy for the end of the age (Church Age).

Daniel 9: 27 is at the center of this concern.

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.   

It is heavily rumored that the proposal being considered for Trump’s making the “deal of the century” includes the dividing of Jerusalem. This is known as the two-state solution where the Palestinians would be given some of Israel’s land and part of Jerusalem in order to bring a solution to the centuries-long hostilities between Israel and the Islamic nations. A “covenant” would thus be produced assuring peace.

It is a “covenant” that the Scripture tells us Antichrist will one day “confirm.” It is reasonable to conjecture whether this “deal” might have something to do with that Daniel 9: 27 “covenant.”

It is with this in mind that we who support the president offer our advice that his administration not go down that roadmap to so-called peace. It would be the wrong course–and a most dangerous one (read Isaiah 28:15, 18).

He who touches Jerusalem–and Israel by extension–touches the “apple of God’s eye,” according to His Word. It is with this prophetic, scriptural forewarning that we advise against any such portentous peace planning.


  1. hawk2017 says:

    Well said.

  2. Carol Cole says:

    Good morning, Terry, I want to comment on your latest article about the Peace Plan. First, Peace Plans have come and gone, through the years. Why is it THIS particular Peace Plan is drawing such attention ? Is it because it is TRUMP that is in charge of it ? MY thought is that this Peace Plan is going to flop like ALL of the others. I just don’t see why THIS one is THE one !

    Going back to the way that……I……..have been taught, is this. The world will get more and more evil. There will be a world-wide economic collapse. No one will know which way to turn ! ( Zoom ! WE leave earth ! ) After our departure “ A man “ will step forth, having all of the answers. He calms everyone’s fears, anxieties, and “ puts things back together again “………and makes that Covenant with Israel. And we know the rest of the story.

    So…….I……..thought that it is supposed to be The Antichrist, HIMSELF, who will introduce the long-awaited Peace Plan with Israel. If so, then just where does Trump fit into this ? And why is every Christian in the whole World hanging onto the FUTURE, as if TRUMP will solve the woes of the world ?

    I, too, fully back Trump as our President. But, it just seems that our “ theology “ has gotten a little twisted, thinking that Trump will fix things………unless HE is the Antichrist, which he is not.

    This is why I am not paying much attention to just……….another…….Peace Plan ! I feel things will get much worse in the Middle East………..there will be a world-wide economic collapse…………Israel will be attacked………..WE will be taken UP……… and then the Man of the Hour steps onto the scene……..WITH a Peace Plan. But, as Christians, WE won’t SEE it.

    Please give me your thoughts. What I have just said to you, Terry, is the way my Pentecostal Church in Atlanta taught ME ! So, I say “ phooey on Trump’s Peace Plan. Let’s just keep our eyes on what comes next, in Israel “.

    I sooooo enjoy your articles, Terry. You are a super writer !

    Watchman, Carol Cole Atlanta

    Sent from my iPad


    • Terry James says:

      Thank you for your kind words. They encourage as we try to move forward in God’s Service.

      I think the Trump peace initiatives might have significance only because they are being considered while things are going on that all point to stage-setting for prophetic fulfillment. We call what is happening “convergence”. All of these signals given by Jesus and the prophets for the end of the Church Age (Age of Grace) are in view.

      Israel being front and center of diplomatic intrigues is key.

      However, I don’t think Donald Trump will necessarily produce that peace covenant Antichrist will confirm in the deadly process that will bring on the Tribulation and God’s Wrath. Trump’s efforts could, however, contribute in some ways to that final covenant that God’s Word calls the “covenant made with death and hell” (Isaiah 28: 15, 18.

      This is why I caution that the president refrain in efforts that will contribute to the dividing of His land. According to Joel 3: 2 this is what will bring on Armageddon.

      • Christy Benoist says:

        Dearest brother Terry, can’t wait to see how it plays out. I heard they may be offering the “palistinians” a home status in countries in which some already reside..such as Jordan and a couple of others with a huge amount of money to resettle the rest of them in those countries with help from Saudis (& I think it was UAE…?). We will see how this “closely guarded secret” (that about 7 people are privy to..evidently), unfurls but it IS of course interesting!! Saudi’s are said to be pressuring Abbas to accept. Oh, also, Amir teaches that “Confirm” in Hebrew is to “strengthen”..or to make more spectacular..so that’s also interesting!!! Blessings to you!! Thank you for your articles Terry! We love them..& you. Maranatha. In Jesus Christy

  3. ChristineInCleveland says:

    I heard something recently but can’t remember exact source… only part that I caught was the peace plan Trump had been planning to present originally WAS to divide Jerusalem, but enough about it was known in Israel to sound the alarm & how this would not be acceptable to the Jews in any way. Since then there has been a pause & now it’s said Trump will not be attempting to propose dividing Jerusalem after all. Think I read this off of Prophecy News Update…. Was worrying just like you, Terry, that Trump was about to make an extremely critical error. Now it sounds like he’s got things back on track. But why has this announcement been put off yet again? Thanks for all your insightful articles!

  4. mary hernandez says:

    I believe as you believe that Trump was put in office by the Almighty himself, if not we would have went straight in to socialism with Hilary/Obama for another 4 years. Obama had us on that course and Hil would have continued, as he probably would have helped her govern.
    Trump was put there to slow it down, the nutty globalist will get their way, but we will be outta here. As for the splitting of Jerusalem, I don’t personally think he will try to divide otherwise why go through the trouble of putting the embassy there and golan height recognition, just to divide?? I don’t see it!! We all just need to keep praying for Jerusalem and The Israelites, and for our nation…America….Give glory to the King, for our time here to be left still in freedom…God Bless!!

    • Denise Scott says:

      I absolutely agree with Mary. It would make no sense for the President to have gone to the measures she mentions re Jerusalem and the Golan Heights only to call for the division of Jerusalem. And yes, no matter WHAT the “deal of the century” ultimately consists of, it will serve God’s purposes as we near the end of human history. As she says, keep praying and give glory to the King! We were chosen for such a time as this, and they are truly exciting times!

  5. Ed Wood says:

    The Bible tells is that there will be some kind of seven year covenant “with many” that the Antichrist confirms (Daniel 9:27), one that he will break in the midst of that week of years. It seems to indicate that this covenant will already be drawn up, ready for him to support and make operable.

    When it happens, the Bible does not say. Will Donald Trump administration be the one to formulate it? It is certainly possible, but not certain. What I do suggest is that if we see one come along that appears to have the support of both Israel and its adversaries where none has hitherto existed, then that may be a big sign that the last seven years of history as we know it will soon be upon us.

    Another thought I’d like offer up is that I don’t think there is much we can do to affect the timing of what must come to pass. I believe the best we can do is to keep our eyes and minds open – taking seriously the “Watch!” admonition of Jesus in Mark 13:35-37.

    I also think the possibility of such a potentially functional treaty being drafted in a post-Trump White House will be less likely that it is now. If the Democrats manage to unseat him and to establish an majority in the Senate next year to augment the one they already have in the House, I doubt they’d support any treaty that is kind to Israel. That would pretty much scuttling Israel’s approval.

    We’ll just have to wait and see – and be ready for that upward call that finally takes us home.

  6. charles william ford says:

    If Trump wants to have a peace deal he need only announce the following. Announce the USA only recognizes God’s sovereignty over His land as outlined in the Torah and Old Testament. Then announce that the Jews are His people for His land. Finally, announce that all portions of this land not under Israeli control will be deemed occupied Israel and it will be the policy of the USA to liberate and bring those lands back to Israel as called for by God.

  7. Marsha Watts says:

    First, I want to thank you for your diligent searching of the scriptures and your clear, concise way of expressing God’s Word to others. You truly are one of the Watchmen on the Wall. God gave you a gift, although you are blind, of “seeing prophecy unfold” and telling others to be ready for Jesus’ return. Your emails are always the first thing I read in my “In-Box”.
    As you will notice I am commenting on a year old blog. I have been pondering the last two paragraphs of this particular article for many days now. I understand that God blesses those who bless Israel. I’ve read your articles as well as many others on Rapture Ready for 5-6 years now. There have been quite a few references to disasters to the United States in regard to presentations of failed peace treaties and covenant land agreements with Israel. Examples including the October 1991, President Bush “41” and the Madrid Conference and then the sudden “Storm of the Century” in the mid-Atlantic and New England states. Then there was the Madrid Conference (1992) immediately followed by Hurricane Andrew. We all remember Hurricane Katrina, following a peace agreement attempt. There are many others that are documented.
    President Trump delayed and delayed his “Deal of the Century/Peace to Prosperity” presentation partly because of Israel’s failed election(s). I believe it was presented on January 28, 2020. Two days later the W. H. O. declared coronavirus to be a global emergency. Coincidence? I think not.
    You and others have written on the pandemic and the rising New World Order, the rise of evil/sin. I believe God did not cause this virus but the “hedge of protection” around our country has been pulled away. I also see Romans 1 as a commentary on the world in 2020.
    I have re-read all the comments on this particular post. Would you please consider updating your insights on Trump’s Peace Plan and this “plandemic”? I truly appreciate your opinion and any insight that you might provide. You always provide me with much “food for thought”.
    Thank you so much.

    • Charles Ford says:

      I think God has lost patience with America completely and we have entered into his Wrath as a nation trumpland does to buy the land and that is a third rail with him so the suggest that the red virus and unemployment and supply and economic dislocation are directly connected to it is I believe looking at the natural for the proper lens of the Bible

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