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Who to Believe…

Depression, a deep mood of foreboding, is never far away in times like we’re enduring right now. There are so many different takes on COVID-19 that it’s impossible to form one’s own thoughts on matters involved. The claims and suppositions concerning prospects for the future are so varied—and, in most cases, so terrible—that some are driven to suicide.

Therefore, it’s difficult to get our brains around the severity, or lack thereof, of what we face. It is even harder to discern fact from fiction—or worse, truth from deliberate misdirection. But the information on coronavirus and all attendant to it keeps coming at us, and those informed are deeply affected by that information—psychologically, spiritually, and even physically, in some cases.

Anyone listening to the daily briefing by the Trump administration and its highly regarded medical authorities staff is hard-pressed to get a handle on which way this disease is headed. It is even more problematic to try to determine what the economic picture will look like in the coming weeks and months. Will the pandemic pass, or are we melting into a situation that will devolve into national and world depression—one from the likes of which there is no chance of recovery?

Will, as the president hopes, there be a turnaround by the middle of the year, with medical breakthroughs and the virus dying in the heat of the summer months? Will business rebound from almost total shutdown to people going back to work and the economy soaring again to a time of boom? Will social distancing and sequestering in our homes get rid of the virus?

Or will the disease be without cure or preventative vaccine for months and years, bringing death and economic devastation never before experienced by mankind?

It’s all out there in the minute-by-minute briefings and reports. It is there in the ever-present punditry on networks and through cable channels. It is, in playing with a line from Dickens, the worst of times that might once again be the best of times.

Also, the obverse is there in the blogs, news reports, and opinion pieces from many sources that cut pathways of information through the blogosphere and other alternative media. This is the worst of times, period, and the good times are almost certainly gone forever.

Just a cursory look at a couple of the worst-of-times forecasts—feared by some to never end—can indeed produce a near incapacity for hope of recovery.

  • The coronavirus is all part of the Cloward-Piven Strategy to collapse America. COVID-19 is, the blog writer declares, part of an eight-step plan from leftists/socialists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven from 1966 that was designed to destroy the US from within.

The writer gives the eight steps of the plan, asserting that it is being currently implemented. He concludes, I take it, that all elements of the plan have either happened or are currently being exponentially exacerbated by this present crisis.

  1. Taking control of the nation’s healthcare
  2. Increasing the level of poverty so people must get assistance
  3. Increasing debt to an unsustainable level so taxes can be raised to meet the crisis
  4. Getting rid of private gun ownership so the police state can be created
  5. Massively increasing the welfare state, taking control of every aspect of US citizens’ lives (food, housing, and income)
  6. Taking over education, controlling what people read and what they learn about the nation (revision of history)
  7. Taking over in area of religion, removing prayer and any mention of God
  8. Dividing the nation into classes, pitting one against the other so one must provide welfare for the other. (Taken from Rapture Ready News, April 4, 2020, Geoffrey Grider, “Now the End Begins”)

The writer further declares:

[Steps] 1-5 and 8 are being executed right now in how our government is reacting to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, with steps 6 and 7 already having been implemented since 2008. The American economy is being split into pieces right now by the combination of a $2 trillion bailout with more coming, Americans under stay-at-home orders, and with more people right now on unemployment in two weeks of the coronavirus crisis than in the second year of the Great Depression of 1929.

America as we know it cannot and will not survive a three-month lockdown, it will fall and there is no question about that.

  • The Coronavirus is part of China’s plan to defeat America. Another writer believes the COVID-19 crisis is a setup to bring down the much hated America and its leading role in the world. The writer writes that China accuses American soldiers of deliberately introducing the virus in China, as part of Chinese plans to give cover for the coming attack on the US. 

The communist regime, so it goes, will soon attack infrastructure and other American assets in cyberspace and elsewhere. That government has begun, the writer declares, to blame America for the pandemic, thus to have a reason that justifies the inevitable attack when it comes. This, he believes, will then escalate into a military action, and this nation’s internal forces, who are traitorous to America as founded, will do all they can to prevent America’s defense against the Chinese assaults. This is because these revolutionists believe the United States is at the root of all the world’s problems in one way or the other.

It is certain that the dire, apocalyptic, warnings far outnumber the hopes for recovery from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic—either the health effects or the economic effects. Many among those who study Bible prophecy believe the Tribulation, itself, has begun. The end of the world is upon us.

But, Jesus told His disciples—and us by extension—that for believers (such as those immediate disciples who were just about to go into the Church Age or Age of Grace) that the end wasn’t yet.

The Lord prophesied that before the era of Tribulation comes, believers will live during a time when all the signals He foretold will BEGIN to come to pass (Luke 21:28). He told believers to look up and lift their heads in anticipation when these things BEGIN to come to pass, because He, their Redeemer (the blessed hope). was coming to rescue them.

He even told us what that time will be like. It will be a time of buying, selling, marrying, planting, and building. He said nothing of worldwide depression. It will be just like the days of Lot when He will next “reveal” Himself in a spectacular moment. It will be a time of extreme wickedness, but with commerce and even hedonistic pleasures humming right along. That’s what Lot’s day was like, we know, from reading Genesis chapter 19.

It cannot be claimed, and I certainly do not say, that things right now look in any way rosy. They do not. I fully understand the reasons for many at this moment fearing the nation and the world will at any moment collapse into apocalyptic rubble.

But I prefer to believe Jesus and His promises over any news report, ideology, or religious wind of doctrine. He is our One, True Reliance.

He has promised to keep His own out of the time of Tribulation (Revelation 3:10).

I hope you, too, are comforting yourselves with these Words Jesus gave the Apostle Paul to write:

Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. (Titus 2:13)


  1. ifidddle says:

    Thank you for this post! I am sending you a YouTube video of one pastor’s testimony in Belfast of not only how the Lord healed him while he was in the hospital but the Lord’s deep Love and provision. Amazing!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSmv1kRk_Xw Patti


    • Dawn says:

      His testimony was beautiful and sent chills over me. God uses many different people to declare His love for us while we are yet sinners.

  2. Paul Shetler says:

    I’ve followed your writings for many years and very much agree with you. In my Bible reading in Luke 21, verse 34 and verse 35 become clear when it talks about a snare coming on all that dwell on the face of the whole earth. I can’t think of but one other time in history other than the flood when the whole earth was impacted. In light of what is going on now I think we are in that snare now to give the world a final warning before the rapture. Daniel wrote that at the time of the end the wise will understand. God bless you in your ministry, Paul

    • Hope says:

      Hope it’s OK that I jumped in, Paul. I agree with you 100%. I wonder if this “snare” also might be “the lie” that is mentioned in 2 Thess 2:11.

      • Dawn says:

        I was watching a documentary yesterday (Resurrection Sunday) Out of the Shadows on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY8Nfzcn1qQ&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0EEIFS7haVPrn40jhXQHzaNX2PgvDgLY6i_65usCtxoQxXShzc65x_ljc) about the Luciferians. And I think that is the big lie referred to here in 2 Thess. 2 because in verse 9 there is mention of someone ” whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders.” People are believing their lies. Jeff Epstein’s island, the “spirit dinners”, child sex trafficking. It all seems to be acceptable to an awful lot of people. Covens abound and cast spells against Donald Trump and Christians.

        I watched a Mark Lowry clip over the weekend and he made the comment that he does not have enough faith to be an atheist. He just can’t believe that Creation just happened and that God is not in it. I am the same way but so many are falling for the lies.

      • Hope says:

        Thank you, Dawn! I just watched the documentary, and I have to agree with you. That was chilling! It reminded me of Isaiah’s reference to the end-time darkness that covers the earth, and a “gross darkness” on the people.

  3. Carol Cole says:

    Terry, this article about who to believe is THE BEST YOU HAVE WRITTEN, BAR NONE !

    Carol Cole Atlanta

    Sent from my iPad


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