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Masking and Unmasking

The admission must be made up front in this commentary. As an American who has just celebrated Independence Day, I can barely contain the anger that builds within. It will be a fight with my sin nature to keep that rage contained as I write.

I recently heard one of the two presumptive presidential candidates for this year’s presidential election say, “I will do all within my power if elected president to mandate that everyone wears a mask at all times when in public.”

Being blind, I can no longer see, of course, but if I could, my vision would no doubt have reddened with blood-pressure elevation upon hearing that declaration.

Dear people, the statement is but a tiny example of the degree of attempted controls that will be forthcoming if this candidate or a candidate they choose to take his place wins in November.

At stake is whether we will suffer implementation of governmental dictatorship the founding fathers worked so hard to assure never come to pass.

We have seen recently how issuance of executive orders is dealt with by the entrenched powers that be –the judges and their panels who are more and more exerting god-like authority. I refer your memory to the current president issuing an executive order to do away with the previous president’s executive order in the matter of the so-called “dreamers” –the children of illegal immigrants.

Mr. Trump wants policy that restores the right to control illegal immigration. This he wants in order to provide security within the homeland and to assure that jobs for citizens of this nation not be taken by those who are here illegally. Within his executive order were safeguards against inflicting undue hardships on the young, illegal residents whose parents brought them here through no fault of their own.

The judges who ruled in an unprecedented –some say unconstitutional– way on the executive order said the president can’t change the executive order of the previous president. So its okay for President Obama to issue the executive order allowing illegals to come and overwhelm the jobs market and even endanger all of us through increased criminal activity with their numbers, but it is not okay for President Trump to issue an executive order that makes sure jobs for American citizens rather than for illegals are preserved.

This is the way the entrenched D.C. judicial system works. They exert a quasi-judicial prerogative at best, and in my opinion, an illegitimate one.

So, if President Trump loses in November and the new president –a D.C. swamp creature of the first order– as he has declared, issues and executive order that we all will wear masks from now on while in public, I, at least, have no doubt, we will be wearing masks or will face fines and jail time.

That same entrenched D.C. agglomerate evil has shown their intention to control us at every level. In being specific, I will stay within our theme surrounding the subject of masks.

The nation has for the past 4 years, and even previous to that, gone through the anti-constitutional process of enduring an attempted Coup d’état. One early step in that attempted coup was the unmasking of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. The intelligence community, with the almost certain knowledge and orders of President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden , set General Flynn up through FBI agents. Flynn, in order to avoid his son being dragged into the illegal prosecutorial action, pleaded guilty to a lesser process crime. It was a technicality concocted and perpetrated by the so-called deep state.

The unmasking in order to pursue criminally charging the General was done through now proven to be unjustified FISA warrants. –I.e., warrants in order to engage in surveillance on Flynn that had no legal basis.

It is thought by Gen. Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell and by most who truly understand the evil done to the general that this was done in order to try to get Flynn –the incoming national security advisor—to flip on the new president. That is, the frame-up was perpetrated in order to have Flynn give false information on Trump so a case for impeachment could be built. Another reason for the frame-up of Flynn, according to Ms. Powell and others, including Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, was to get rid of Flynn because he would have been in position as national security advisor to get to the bottom of the coup attempt the intelligence services were conducting. He had to go, as the saying goes.

With all that has gone on –and we have been subjected to this wickedness by the minions –both human and demonic—in high places for almost 5 years– is there any doubt that there are nefarious reasons behind their wanting us to wear masks? –Reasons far beyond the COVID-19 matter?

Americans are being frightened into believing that a virus that nowhere near exceeds annual flu statistics in terms of numbers of deaths makes it mandatory that we follow government dictates that rob us of our civil liberties one incremental step at a time. And make no mistake, this is why the same cabal that has attempted this Coup d’état wants the American public dumped down and made to follow orders like lemmings so this nation can be brought into the globalist order they are determined to establish.

It is actually Satan –the father of lies­—who is behind the machinations we are witnessing.

So, James, you are a Bible prophecy pundit, some would accuse. Why are you so into the politics of all this? Believe me, I would rather veg-out, as they say and drink my coffee and “watch” WW II documentaries –which I love to do. This, and ignore what his coming upon this world at such a pace it is hard to keep track.

However, you can’t achieve obtaining transparency with blinders on –or while wearing a mask that enslaves. The Christian in these prophetic times should put down the coffee and romance movies –and even the documentaries and other entertainments—and watch, as the Lord Instructed (Mark 13: 37).

Blind physically though I am, I can see that the same evil that would do anything, including breaking the law by ignoring the Constitution, thus framing a battle-honored, highly-decorated soldier like Gen. Flynn, will go along, without hesitation, with enslaving us all. The same evil operatives that brought us the Coup d’état Hoax are of the same ilk that would dictate that we will wear masks because of an enormously exaggerated virus. This lawless ideology will use –and is currently using, in my view—the anarchy, arson, tearing down of America, and yes, even the so-called Coronavirus pandemic, in order to establish the absolute power they crave over a formerly constitutionally-protected people.

Bible prophecy is the unmasking of this evil. God, Himself, has ripped the mask from Satan’s plot –for example, in Psalms chapter 2 and throughout chapters of Daniel and Revelation. God has Given True Transparency into the matters we are facing in these upcoming hours so near the end of this quickly fleeting age.

The more that is revealed through observing these times, the greater the comfort Christians can take from God’s Prophetic Word.

“For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.  Wherefore comfort one another with these words.” (1 Thes 4: 16-18)


  1. Pamela Elliott says:

    AMEN Terry – first the ordering of mandatory masks at all times in public and then the mandatory vaccine which is filled with poison, aborted baby parts and will alter our DNA!!! I do NOT intend to take this vaccine and I guess I will be removed from my residence and placed in a fema camp until I give in to the vaccine or beheaded? I believe the future for Christians in the country is very bleak. I put my trust in Jesus Christ and no one else. I will only bow before my Savior Jesus Christ and no one else. Thank you Jesus for The Blessed Hope. I believe the rapture is very close so we just need to hang on because THE KING IS COMING👑👑👑

  2. Sad. Will not get better, I think.

  3. GWA says:

    No “masks” for me and if I am told I have to wear one I will say something but be as polite about it as I can. It’s all we can do but I will say I will never and I mean never EVER will I take their vaccine but I believe this will be tied into the mark of the beast so we won’t be here. (all praise, honor and glory to our King, Jesus Christ and God Almighty) I see those who believe everything they hear (MSM) and if they would just question this they would see we are being fed a bunch of bull pucky! God gave us a brain and so many are not using it but are only doing what they are “told”. SO sad!

  4. Ed Wood says:

    Terry, I have been angry about this affront to our freedom since March and have made my position clear to both my U.S. senators, state reps and senators, governor, and town selectwoman. Only the last on this list has responded. She disagrees with me, but she respected me enough to reply.

    Fact is, you and I, and all the rest of us “regular folks” out here have ZERO representation in government. We are not far from a de facto police state and if Biden wins this fall and the Democrats gain the senate, that ought to pretty much finish the job.

    Why doesn’t most of America “get it?”

    How does impaired reasoning ability sound? I mean, it is like the human race, Americans included, has been lobotomized, having its higher brain functions destroyed – but not by any physical operation or chemical means, but by a spiritual force straight out of hell.

    The only ones immune are those who haven’t told God and his Son to take a hike. Now it certainly doesn’t mean we believers are without our flaws, I can personally attest to that, but that even if our belief in Jesus is at only at the mustard seed level, it is enough to immunize us against a disease a lot worse then Covid or anything else down here.

    It’s even enough to bring us home!

    How about that!

  5. Donna Thomas says:

    Thank you for another great article. Please don’t stop writing them. They are always eye opening and encouraging.

  6. ChristineInCleveland says:

    In the meantime while we are still down here waiting for our Saviour’s return there are ways around almost suffocating while forced to wear masks in public… I have modified mine with air holes punches thru the masks I have so I can get fresh air circulating & it’s loose around chin so I can stand when I have one of those #$!*& things on when enter a store or place they will kick you out of if not wearing one. Masks don’t do a darn thing far as “stopping” covid 19 anyway so I’m not letting anyone keep me from getting enough air to breathe that’s forsure!!

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