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God’s Staying Hand

The past weekend this nation celebrated Independence Day 2020. The holiday is a sort unlike any celebrated by any other country in earth’s history. There will never be a holiday of its like again this side of Christ’s next intervention into the sordid and sorry affairs of man.

I can say this with certitude—at least within my own view—because America is the last hope, in human terms, for freedom to the extent America has enjoyed that blessing for 244 years. We are witnessing liberty’s last gleaming.

When thinking on this commentary, I first thought to title it “Why America Is Lost.” The thought was that the nation has since some time in the 1950s begun the dismantling of all that is good about her, as French philosopher and admirer of America, Alexis de Tocqueville, would have it.

By the late 1950s, influences by Karl Marx and especially of Charles Darwin, as well as by other anti-God minions, had so invaded the educational process in America as to weaken the undergirdings that held erect America’s “goodness.”

That “goodness” is the Judeo-Christian principles upon which the founding fathers placed the republic they created. By 1963, those principles had eroded to the point that prayer and Bible reading were banished in public classrooms. The Ten Commandments became anathema to the new masters of education. There were actually statements made to the effect that the commandments should not be posted anywhere in public places—especially not within public classrooms. The rationale? Because the children might actually read them and begin to think they have to obey and practice them. That insanity is recorded for anyone who cares to research it. I’m not making it up, as they say.

I remember a thirty-something-year-old professor standing before my political science class in my freshman year at college lauding the marvels that Marxism-Leninism offered as opposed to the evil presented by American adventurism and bloody war-making since the founding. By then, the erosion of American “goodness,” thus its “greatness,” was well underway.

So, as I say, I started to give this commentary the title, “Why America Is Lost.” I thought to present the fact that the disease of anti-God inculcation has so infected America at its core that the nation cannot be spared the inevitable fall that God’s righteousness—the only goodness that exists—ultimately demands.

As de Tocqueville and any observer within the realm of rationality would rightly conclude, America has lost her goodness, her godly foundational mooring. So she has lost her greatness (the gleaming of freedom as testimony to God providing certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness).

We have allowed the “wickedness in high places”—those principalities and powers in the lofty perches of academia and government—to replace the godly foundations. The nation has been and is at this moment being deconstructed by lawlessness in an avalanche of tearing down all values formerly held to as suitable for a good and moral people.

Founders like Franklin and Adams forewarned about dangers intrinsic within the populace ever abandoning the Judeo-Christian base they had erected. Any other people than a morally based, truly free people, they consistently forewarned, are unsuitable for God-given governance. Any people not firmly moored by such providentially influenced foundation are ultimately destined to lose their liberty, was the message.

That those liberties implicit and explicit within the Bill of Rights are even at this moment under assault cannot be denied. The anarchists, arsonists, and so-called deconstructionists of the radical left make liberty’s last gleaming a manifest destiny for Americans.

The Democrat party champions those who are fomenting a cultural revolution that mimics those of Mao and others. Lawlessness rules in major cities where the reprobate thinking of Democrat mayors and governors agrees with the Marxist demands that law enforcement be eliminated through defunding and other means.

The Republican Party for the most part refuses to stand up against the evil that has taken over much of the nation’s youth—the Millennial generation. From kindergarten through doctoral programs, these have been victims of a satanically influenced cabal of anti-God educators for more than six decades. The title, “Why America Is Lost,” therefore, would be appropriate for an article in this day and time.

But the impression struck as the depression deepened in thinking on these matters. “You have left out one ingredient to all this seeming madness afflicting the nation and world.”

Indeed, I had left out the most important ingredient when thinking on the insanity raging within our nation and beyond. That factor is God’s staying hand.

America, although it shows every indicator of precipitous decline from which there seems no escape, remains the freest nation on earth. Its economy, already untenable because of debt extrapolated into hundreds of trillions of dollars for future generations, remains intact, despite suffering a complete shutdown due to a largely contrived virus threat. Most of the nation’s heartland continues to function and show progress toward a return to a degree of normalcy, despite the most vicious attempts imaginable by globalist diabolists in DC and other capitals of the world to rip American sovereignty and autonomy to shreds.

It is incontrovertibly true from the perspective of Bible prophecy, within the observations of those spiritually attuned. God continues to restrain the raging efforts to bring down this supernaturally inspired experiment in liberty. America will be here, I’m believing, until that restraint is withdrawn when Christ calls all born again believers to Himself.

Meantime, it is incumbent to pray fervently that He who sits in Heaven—and obviously has the rebels of planet earth in derision as in Psalm 2—continues to restrain the satanically enraged evil with His omnipotent, staying hand.






  1. Rex Dismang says:

    AMEN and AMEN Brother.

  2. Fran Cole says:

    Yes,God certainly is restraining the full impact of evil,but we can see the rush towards the fullness of the days of Noah. I have had that peace that passes all understanding throughout this whole contrived virus and shutdown,but fear for those who cannot or will not consider where all this evil is coming from. As November nears,I’m sure the world will be watching anxiously to see the outcome of the election in the US…if there IS an election. If the Lord sees fit to call the Restrainer out and us with Him,may God help America and the rest of the world. Blessings on you and your ministry from Atlantic Canada. I have followed RR for years.

  3. Recent teachings done by Pastor Andy Woods on the subject of America and her greatness shed enormous light on this subject. I have yet to see such a “deep dive” into America’s biblical roots as his several latest YouTube teachings on the subject. There is a great deal of information that we as Americans have either forgotten, or were never taught ourselves. This great experiment in liberty through worship has lasted longer than ANY other country, Constitutionally speaking. We have the longest running Constitution in the world! Think about that. None of us can say with any real certainty what the immediate future holds for our beloved country, but I am of the mind that we must let go of this terra-firma and begin to truly realize that heaven is our home, that is where our heart should be, our desire should be for the One who can save the soul from eternal damnation, and our resolve should be to bring alongside as many as we can carry to that great Celestial Shore! Even so, come Lord Jesus, come! Maranantha!

  4. SRB says:

    I’m praying for the Rapture.

  5. Ed Wood says:

    Hebrews {11:16} But now they* desire a better [country,] that is, an heavenly:
    wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city. (*The faithful of the past, such as Abraham)

    I think these words speak for a lot of us who remember what America once was, what it has lost, and what it is now. Though the deterioration has been a gradual one, as Terry shows us above, it has now reached the point where its collapse seems inevitable.

    For myself, as the years have passed, I have felt more and more like a stranger in an increasingly strange land. Yet even in my earliest years, there was always this vague sense that my home was somewhere else – a feeling which has become increasingly intense. But when I first encountered the passage above a long time ago, I knew I had found the answer for it.

    Truth is, Earth is NOT home for those of us across the ages who have been fortunate to come to know and to accept God.

    Two thousand years ago, Jesus started to get our new homes ready – in HIS neighborhood!

    Judging by the way things are going down here, his work on our behalf is just about finished.

    Moving day is just around the corner!

  6. Carol Cole says:

    Terry, WHY do we want to keep praying fervently that God will use His staying hand ???? I am sick of this evil. I am sick of praying about it. Why not just LET GOD do what He said He would do ? Do we really WANT to keep on living here in this evil world ? Do we WANT to prevent God from rescuing us ? We LIVE like we are so excited to finally go with Jesus ! We BEG Him to come get us ! Then………out of the other side of our mouths we beg Him NOT to end it all because we still have those to pray for.

    We speak with a divided tongue.

    Blessings, Carol Cole

    Sent from my iPad


  7. Ed Wood says:

    Just wanted to make a comment about Carol Cole’s submission.

    Carol, I don’t think asking God for help is problematic at all. I mean, if you were on a ship that was sinking, wouldn’t you like to have enough time for everyone to get to the lifeboats?

    I’d like to see that happen here; a respite to help us endure until we are called home, and a chance for others to learn the way how to do it and join us.

    I personally don’t ask God not to end it, because the Bible tells us that this age must certainly come to an end – only to help us while this “beginning of sorrows” time is now upon us.

    So, God bless – keep looking up and in the twinkling of an eye, we’ll soon be home!

  8. marita miller says:

    I’m tired of this world and want to go “home”. In a twinkling of an eye. How much longer Lord? To see this satanic evil rise at non-stop advances, makes me homesick. How much longer will He let Satan have his tantrum?
    Stan…Marita’s husband

  9. Dawn says:

    I watched a program on Olive Tree Ministries with Behold Israel ( America’s future, Israel and the Remnant.) The message for me was “If you feel alone, praise God because you are not assimilating to the world.” Remember Israel will stand alone in the end. We have seen Coronavirus chaos, racial chaos, economic chaos and we will add the killer when the Rapture comes and the Restrainer and the Christians are removed. The world will be in total chaos. Set your mind on things above and not on the things on Earth.

  10. Renee Lewis says:

    Dear Mr. James, First, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your writings. They are so helpful to getting through each day of these trying times, and such an encouragement to Christians.

    But I have a request, if it is possible for you to help me with it. I have four adult children, who have all walked away from the faith they were taught as children. It grieves me deeply! I pray, and pray, and pray, and I try to live my life in such a way that they might see a bit of witness from me. But I am far, far from perfect. I have tried to speak to them from time to time about the Lord, but I am always rebuffed. I know this is not unusual, but I am so concerned since we know the time left to accept the Lord is getting so short now. Do you have any suggestions of something I could give them to read that might jog their thoughts? Of course, I know the Bible is the word of God, and I so wish they would read it, but that seems unlikely. I am thinking that maybe there is something rather short that would pique their consciences and thoughts, that they might want to know more. Perhaps, even, an article which you have written in the past?

    As I re-read what I just read, I realize this is probably just my own wishful thinking, that there would be something quick and easy. I know that nothing is quick and easy that is of any worth. It just seems that the more I mention Christian things to them, the harder their hearts seem to become.

    I don’t know if you even have time to answer me, and if you don’t, I certainly understand. You must get hundreds, if not thousands, of emails every day, some similar to mine. I know the Lord can bring me help in any way He chooses, but I know He also sometimes wants us to reach out to someone trustworthy for help.

    Many thanks to you for your faithfulness! May the Lord bless you and keep you until the day of His return or until the day you are called home.

    Blessings, Renee Lewis


    • Terry James says:

      Yours is a quite familiar problem with the young people today. It was much the same in my day as a young person. I was saved at a very early age and was raised in a Christian home and in a very fundementally sound church environment. None-the-less, once I was of age, I did things and got away from the Lord in a number of ways. But God’s Word was and is, of course, True, and I came back. In other words, in the final analysis, I didn’t “depart from my raising in the ways and admonition of the Lord.”

      The best thing to do is to pray and mention, gently, that you hope they include the Lord in their thinking, because that’s what ultimately matters. We will all stand before Him one day, whether at the BEMA or at the Great White Throne. Explain the difference to them –again—gently, not in a ”preachy” way.

      I don’t know, specifically, of a book or material that would help. My suggestion, however, is that you find a trustworthy ministry, such as that of Dr. David Jeremiah, and search out on their website for any such book. I’m almost certain that Dr. Jeremiah has something that fits your wish in reaching out to your children.

    • Ed Wood says:

      Hi, Renee.

      Terry is a lot more knowledgeable than I am and his advice here certainly reflects that. Here’s something you might try in addition which might raise their eyebrows right up front:

      Tell them to do you the favor of letting you read Matthew 24 to them and then remind them that these words, which sound as if they were part of today’s headlines, were actually spoken by Jesus almost 2000 years ago!

      Also, in addition to the books Terry suggested, check out the ones he himself has written on prophecy – and share them with those you are trying to reach if you see you might have lit a spark with the passage mentioned above.

  11. It would like to address Renee Lewis. Dear lady, I read your post this morning and I could have written it myself. Our story is so similar. I have four adult children as well who have walked away from our beloved Jesus. It has been very heart-wrenching for me. I would like to share with you what I have received from the Lord. I pursued this for several decades, chasing them down, trying desperately to get them to listen to the Lord. I reminded them that Jesus would someday come for His church and that I wanted them to be with me on that Day. All to no avail. In fact, I drove them further and further away from the Lord and away from me. They do not even speak to me any longer, as I have also made many mistakes in raising them. They have said some very hurtful things to me and about me. I was twisting myself up like a pretzel and it caused me so much agony that I had a difficult time concentrating on my own life AND health. I became ill over it, because it transposed itself onto my physical life, and then I went to the Lord and I surrendered. I surrendered my own ambition to “win them” to the Lord. I surrendered THEM to the Lord. Believe me, it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I hurt for months. But slowly, through His magnificent word, the Lord began to heal me, from the inside out. As I concentrated on Him, placed Him above ALL things, including and especially my children, I began to feel that peace, you know the one I’m referring to. The peace that comes like a river and washes over you. I HAD to RELEASE them to Him, because He showed me through His word, that they were not MINE, but HIS. I in my humanness could never love them the way that He did. He convinced me that they belonged to Him, and nothing I could do would change that. He loves your children so much that He hung on a cross and bled and died…for them. He is an all consuming fire, our God. He can take the hardest of hearts and burn the pain and the anger right out of that heart and leave a heart of flesh. He loves your babies. He loves my babies. He loves ALL of our children. What I did Renee, was prayed for Him to send the right person or persons or circumstances to them that would touch their heart and bring them into remembrance of Him. See, they just really need to be reminded of Him and His goodness. To this day my children still are not speaking to me. My one daughter is practicing TAROT CARD readings on line, for money, and she knew the Lord very intimately. My other daughter is consumed with marijuana and is filled with pain and anger and bitterness, but once served the Lord with gladness. My only son, whom I love with an everlasting love, has disowned me and challenged me online about “which” Bible I was reading, Constantine’s or King Henry’s! See, they really don’t know what they are saying and doing right now. We live in a world full of delusion. Jesus, Paul, and Peter, among others, warned us NOT to be deceived. Pray that the Holy Spirit (who is sometimes referred to as the hound of heaven) would seek them out and “hound” them with their own memories of the Lord. I certainly hope to help you, as I KNOW what you are experiencing. Ultimately, they are in God’s hands, and if they truly committed themselves to Him, the Bible says that NOTHING can take them from the palm of His hand. God bless you dear one, and it is my prayer that ALL of our children would be taught to love and give glory and honor to the risen King.

  12. Terrie O'Neal says:

    Terry- Thankyou for your right on communication – I happen to be one of those “kid” in 1962 who came into the school building and the impact of the absence of God in my school – that morning in 1962 was tangible! I was pushed back against the door and I knew then the Enemy was in that building. It was litterally ‘mind-blowing’!
    I have been wielding the Sword the Lord has given too me- ever since!
    Keep writing or making the videos you do – We are truly a voice in the wilderness for those who are lost. I am determined to keep speaking the truth
    the Lord gave to us and sharing the salvation message until my Lord calls me home and I am feeling it will be SOON AND VERY SOON, I AM GOING TO SEE MY KING!!!!!!!! In His Service, Terrie O’Neal, Once scrappy soldier for the Lord! (smile- and AMEN)

  13. joshua says:

    I’m beginning to think that if Yisra’el is GOD’s clock for The Kingdom, the US is GOD’s clock for the Rapture.

  14. Chris Bondurant says:

    This is for Renee. I too am in your boat. I have four adult children. Only one right now will be flying up to our heavenly abode with us. I pray daily for each one of them to somehow come to know our Lord. Whether its by him shaking them in some sort of way or possibly by a Christian coming into their life. Once they leave our nest then its their path they have to follow. I find some peace with Proverbs 22:6. Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. I do try from time to time to speak the things of God into their life, but I usually get pushback. Also, just by chance they don’t make the rapture, you know they will come snooping back to your house. Leave a personal letter to each one of them and include some information on whats happened and how to be saved. I have a rapture box in my garage with tons of info and my letters for the kids. As a parent we know how many times we’ die over for each of our kids. Just think, the Lord loves them a million times more. With that in mind just think how he is trying to win them over! Take care.

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