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God’s Staying Hand

Author’s note: While looking through correspondence from my friend Ed Merrick, a well-known school principal and public educator in our region, who died at age 83 on September 4, 2020, I came across an article he found to be especially compelling, and in his always encouraging way let me know. It was posted as a terryjamesprophecyline.com blog article on July 6, 2020.

It is an article I think needs looked at again as we rapidly approach November 3, 2020.

The past weekend this nation celebrated Independence Day 2020. The holiday is a sort unlike any celebrated by any other country in earth’s history. There will never be a holiday of its like again this side of Christ’s next intervention into the sordid and sorry affairs of man.

I can say this with certitude—at least within my own view—because America is the last hope, in human terms, for freedom to the extent America has enjoyed that blessing for 244 years. We are witnessing liberty’s last gleaming.

When thinking on this commentary, I first thought to title it “Why America Is Lost.” The thought was that the nation has since some time in the 1950s begun the dismantling of all that is good about her, as French philosopher and admirer of America, Alexis de Tocqueville, would have it.

By the late 1950s, influences by Karl Marx and especially of Charles Darwin, as well as by other anti-God minions, had so invaded the educational process in America as to weaken the undergirdings that held erect America’s “goodness.”

That “goodness” is the Judeo-Christian principles upon which the founding fathers placed the republic they created. By 1963, those principles had eroded to the point that prayer and Bible reading were banished in public classrooms. The Ten Commandments became anathema to the new masters of education. There were actually statements made to the effect that the commandments should not be posted anywhere in public places—especially not within public classrooms. The rationale? Because the children might actually read them and begin to think they have to obey and practice them. That insanity is recorded for anyone who cares to research it. I’m not making it up, as they say.

I remember a thirty-something-year-old professor standing before my political science class in my freshman year at college lauding the marvels that Marxism-Leninism offered as opposed to the evil presented by American adventurism and bloody war-making since the founding. By then, the erosion of American “goodness,” thus its “greatness,” was well underway.

So, as I say, I started to give this commentary the title, “Why America Is Lost.” I thought to present the fact that the disease of anti-God inculcation has so infected America at its core that the nation cannot be spared the inevitable fall that God’s righteousness—the only goodness that exists—ultimately demands.

As de Tocqueville and any observer within the realm of rationality would rightly conclude, America has lost her goodness, her godly foundational mooring. So she has lost her greatness (the gleaming of freedom as testimony to God providing certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness).

We have allowed the “wickedness in high places”—those principalities and powers in the lofty perches of academia and government—to replace the godly foundations. The nation has been and is at this moment being deconstructed by lawlessness in an avalanche of tearing down all values formerly held to as suitable for a good and moral people.

Founders like Franklin and Adams forewarned about dangers intrinsic within the populace ever abandoning the Judeo-Christian base they had erected. Any other people than a morally based, truly free people, they consistently forewarned, are unsuitable for God-given governance. Any people not firmly moored by such providentially influenced foundation are ultimately destined to lose their liberty, was the message.

That those liberties implicit and explicit within the Bill of Rights are even at this moment under assault cannot be denied. The anarchists, arsonists, and so-called deconstructionists of the radical left make liberty’s last gleaming a manifest destiny for Americans.

The Democrat party champions those who are fomenting a cultural revolution that mimics those of Mao and others. Lawlessness rules in major cities where the reprobate thinking of Democrat mayors and governors agrees with the Marxist demands that law enforcement be eliminated through defunding and other means.

The Republican Party for the most part refuses to stand up against the evil that has taken over much of the nation’s youth—the Millennial generation. From kindergarten through doctoral programs, these have been victims of a satanically influenced cabal of anti-God educators for more than six decades. The title, “Why America Is Lost,” therefore, would be appropriate for an article in this day and time.

But the impression struck as the depression deepened in thinking on these matters. “You have left out one ingredient to all this seeming madness afflicting the nation and world.”

Indeed, I had left out the most important ingredient when thinking on the insanity raging within our nation and beyond. That factor is God’s staying hand.

America, although it shows every indicator of precipitous decline from which there seems no escape, remains the freest nation on earth. Its economy, already untenable because of debt extrapolated into hundreds of trillions of dollars for future generations, remains intact, despite suffering a complete shutdown due to a largely contrived virus threat. Most of the nation’s heartland continues to function and show progress toward a return to a degree of normalcy, despite the most vicious attempts imaginable by globalist diabolists in DC and other capitals of the world to rip American sovereignty and autonomy to shreds.

It is incontrovertibly true from the perspective of Bible prophecy, within the observations of those spiritually attuned. God continues to restrain the raging efforts to bring down this supernaturally inspired experiment in liberty. America will be here, I’m believing, until that restraint is withdrawn when Christ calls all born again believers to Himself.

Meantime, it is incumbent to pray fervently that He who sits in Heaven—and obviously has the rebels of planet earth in derision as in Psalm 2—continues to restrain the satanically enraged evil with His omnipotent, staying hand.


  1. ianpomeroy says:

    I am incredibly amazed at our Lord’s Grace and mercy which He has been continuously pouring out upon this earth for the last 2000 years. However we must not neglect the fact that He has been warning us all repeatedly for some 3000 years. Deuteronomy reminds quite starkly in Chapters 6 – 8. That we are to be very serious to obey Him and to note He warns us. Worldwide we are told that 1.5 billion babies have been sacrificed by their parents. I suspect that the number alone is much higher.

    This behaviour alone demands that God must act. Then there are all of the other factors, the rejection of God at every aspect of life including especially the rejection of marriage and the family.

    Biblical prophesy strongly warns us that this cannot go unpunished.
    We are currently in the most incredible warning period, ever. The whole earth is affected and is basically shut down by fear and control. I note that God is in control and He could have changed all of this. I believe that globally we have demanded that He act and He can do no more than abide by His word, He has warned us what he will do and we have this identified by the warnings throughout scripture and particularly in Revelation.

    He, I believe, is allowing satan to begin his final onslaught which he has been planning for over 6000 years. I am amazed that this enraged angel has not once accepted that he has been defeated.

    I am encouraged by the many believers who continue to stand and who will do so until the last moment, for we, by the inspiration of the blessed Holy Spirit are somehow slowing the attack. I do not see that happening for much longer, the world stage is set, our enemy has amassed his ”troops” and everything is almost in place.

    Soon, I believe, Our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth will remove the restraint that He has graciously and mercifully allowed in this world. The birth pains have become rapid and thus He, Jesus Christ, Redeemer and Lord, King of all, Creator God is going to come for His church, meet us in the air and permit the final acts of rebellion to commence.

    Until that happens let us urge everyone that we know or meet to respond to Jesus with Repentance before it becomes too late, Maranatha, even so come, come Lord Jesus .

  2. Ed Wood says:

    Glad you posted this article again, Terry. It is more true today than it was only a few months ago.

    The sad fact, in my opinion, is that those most responsible for the condition that America is in today are all of those “good people” who sat back for the last 50 – 60 years and allowed the evil people to have their way tearing us down.

    I blame them the most!

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