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Father of Fake News

Realizing not all who read this commentary will agree, I preface my thoughts with the obvious. Yours truly is ideologically (politically and socially speaking) quite conservative. Many can’t, or won’t, agree with my thinking here—nor will most who think in liberal (so-called progressive) terms even care to read what I have to say here. Nonetheless, what we have witnessed and written about over the past months and years is part of the factual historical record, and is, therefore, fair fodder for examination.
Former President Donald Trump labeled mainstream news media “fake news,”as we heard day after day of his administration. As it turned out, everything they accused him of did, in fact, for the most part, turn out to be totally fake. Two impeachment attempts were proven full of distortions and prevarications that to this day have never been corrected by any of the mainstream news outlets—at least, none I’ve read or heard.
As a matter of fact, some of the lies are being reprised to fit the evil the minions wish to perpetrate in order to establish their desired global order.
The Russia collusion hoax, the alleged illegal dealings with the Ukrainian government, and myriad other such falsehoods all proved to be without any supporting evidence whatsoever.
Those from politics, government, and the so-called deep state, who opposed and hated Donald Trump, when called before congressional committees, said under oath that they found no evidence of what they accused him of doing. However, when they went before news cameras and microphones throughout mainstream news outlets, they claimed furiously that there was overwhelming evidence of Trump’s wrongdoing. This they did while not under oath. They knew that their friends in the mainstream news wouldn’t hold them accountable for truth-telling. That was the true collusion over the past five years while Trump was lambasted from every angle.  
Now, this is in no way to say that one party is totally innocent of lying to us and the other is totally guilty of lying to us. There is enough truth about the lying to go around in regard to applying that accusation to all governmental and political entities in this nation and around the world.
However, there can be little doubt that the deliberate deception being foisted within the last decade by those who would rule over us rather than serve us has ramped up exponentially. And, this is prophetically in line with Jesus’ own words in foretelling that there will be great deception as the time of His Second Coming nears. The Apostle Paul forewarned that evil men and seducers would get worse and worse, didn’t he? Deception and lies are synonymous, aren’t they?
One judge seems to be almost a lone voice in pointing out the danger of this deception and lies that permeate every facet of life in America—particularly regarding the media-political colluding going on. Here are some excerpts of what is reported in that regard.

A federal judge this week said that the Democrat Party is close to controlling the press as he detailed what he described as shocking bias against Republicans.

D.C. Circuit Court Judge Laurence Silberman outlined his opposition to the Supreme Court’s key decision in 1964 in New York Times v. Sullivan, which has since protected many media outlets from lawsuits.

Silberman, a Reagan appointee, wrote that the ruling is “a threat to American Democracy” and must be overturned.

“The increased power of the press is so dangerous today because we are very close to one-party control of these institutions. Our court was once concerned about the institutional consolidation of the press leading to a ‘bland and homogenous’ marketplace of ideas. It turns out that ideological consolidation of the press (helped along by economic consolidation) is the far greater threat,” he continued.…

Two of the three most influential papers (at least historically), The New York Times and The Washington Post, are virtually Democratic Party broadsheets. And the news section of The Wall Street Journal leans in the same direction. The orientation of these three papers is followed by the Associated Press and most large papers across the country (such as the Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, and Boston Globe).

Nearly all television—network and cable—is a Democratic Party trumpet. Even the government-supported National Public Radio follows along,” he added.…“It should be borne in mind that the first step taken by any potential authoritarian or dictatorial regime is to gain control of communications, particularly the delivery of news. It is fair to conclude, therefore, that one-party control of the press and media is a threat to a viable democracy. It may even give rise to countervailing extremism,” Silberman concluded. (Tyler Durdan and Zachary Stieber, “A Threat to American Democracy,” Zero Hedge, March 20, 2021)

It continues to be demonstrated that we’re given daily doses of fake news by a colluding mainstream news-political power center. The danger in this all-out inculcation to convince us to accept the lies and distortions goes far beyond what Judge Silverman proposes. It is a profound spiritual danger far beyond a mere political or cultural, societal, danger.
The nation and world are being conditioned to accept the suggestions, edicts, and commands of the greatest liar of all times, for when he steps onto the stage of history, Antichrist will regurgitate the words of Satan, whom Jesus called the “father of lies.”
The Lord, in rebuking those who would not recognize the truth He spoke to them, said:
Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he spiked a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. (John 8:44)
Satan is the father of fake news. He puts forth distortions and lies diametrically opposite of God, who cannot lie (Hebrews 6:17).
The overtly observable truth that these darkening times are filled with satanic inculcation involving deception is proof that the time of Christ’s call to the Church must indeed be near.


  1. ianpomeroy says:

    This is so true, and so sad. We have been warned that it would be so and thus we know that the most dramatic change of all is just around the corner! Before that happens we, who love the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, shall be out of here.

    Who how. I long to snatch many from the fire before it is too late.

  2. Ed Wood says:

    I, for one, am not one of those who will disagree with what you said here, Terry, because you are exactly right. If I want to know what’s really going on, I check out the daily news reports featured at Rapture Ready. I’ve given up on the mainstream news media. About all it is good for is the local weather. The rest is nothing but Covid fear-mongering and leftist propaganda.

    One of the first casualties when a dictatorship begins to take over is its taking over of the media and suppression of anything having to do with God. Take a look at Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, or Soviet Russia and you’ll see this to be true. Now, it’s our turn as our formerly free nation becomes the United Socialist States of America.

    Jesus said our times would be like those of Noah and Lot. One of its characteristics of those times was that evil had gained such momentum that no other remedy was available except for God to wipe those respective societies out of existence – the first on a global scale, the second more localized.

    Looks to me like the global scenario is where we are headed right now,

    If I’m correct about this, then it would seem that the Rapture must be close at hand with God once again taking his people out of the way before dropping his judgments on a wicked and unrepentant world.

  3. MrsGWA says:

    We are on the Titanic and the band is playing and people are thinking “this ship isn’t going to sink” ….. I am done with this world and my sights are set totally on home now. And I turned off MSM long ago. May God bless you all and keep you all in His mighty care until we meet on a much more peaceful shore. MARANATHA

  4. Carol Cole says:

    I ALWAYS agree with everything you say, Terry !!! YOU are “ my Rock “, next to Jesus !

    Carol Cole

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Mary Jane Powell says:

    I agree with everything said here……I am so discouraged with our government and the media…I watch breaking news on His Channel, and rapture ready only. God bless us all and see you on the other side …maranatha..

  6. SRB says:

    I agree Satan is causing all this deception. So many Christians will not go farther than the main stream media, unfortunately. So they are blinded to the deception and lies, too. And what about the deception of this so called vaccine…which isn’t even a vaccine! There is nothing but craziness out there and you have got to search on your own for the truth. I pray that the rapture is really, really soon.

  7. Dawn says:

    Amen to all of the comments. There is nothing I can add. Come now, Lord Jesus1

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