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Book review by Terry James

By happenstance (is there any such word in God’s vocabulary?), I was sipping my coffee at a very early hour recently when my good friend Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s voice caught my ear. (I’m blind, as many know, so I get my TV through the ear gate rather than the eye gate these days.)

Jonathan was talking to the program’s host about his newest book, THE RETURN OF THE GODS. He was saying something to the effect: “I was absolutely blown away…”

Jonathan is, I believe, often given special insight by the Holy Spirit. Not that he is given new revelation in the sense of that given to prophets in the Old and New Testaments, but like insights given believers who are spiritually attuned in a special way.

So when I heard him say that he was “blown away” by something in the book being discussed, my own spiritual senses became fully engaged. I have kept up with my friend’s many efforts to bring God’s truth to this generation during these times so near Christ’s return. Everything he has written since THE HARBINGER has, I believe, been something especially commissioned by the Lord for these times.

His book, THE RETURN OF THE GODS, is no exception. As a matter of fact, after listening to that program and hearing Jonathan’s dissection of what is going on, it validated in my spirit what I sensed I was given to write a few days earlier. The article I wrote for my personal blog, Terryjamesprophecyline.com, is “The Second Greatest Prophetic Signal”.

Here is what I wrote, in part, for that article posted August 15, 2022.

“Most every Bible prophecy student is fairly certain that the number-one signal of where this generation stands on God’s prophetic timeline is centered within the modern nation of Israel. There can be no ending to this great, eternal drama if God’s chosen nation isn’t a major actor within the scenes to unfold as the play reaches its climax…

“So, to the true prophecy student, there is no doubt. Israel is the number-one signal of where things stand when the Tribulation closes in and the triumphant return of Jesus Christ nears…

“As history will attest, most every civilization that has been on earth has perpetrated the worse kind of perverseness and wickedness against children in its final throes of its existence. Even in the case of Israel, we know they made their little ones to pass through the white-hot hands of the idol Moloch. The Greek and Roman Empires each had the grossest forms of pedophilia, even within the top levels of government, in days leading up to their demise.

“Today, the murder of millions of babies in their mothers’ wombs makes our time like those days when the idol-god Moloch was used to burn children alive.

“All of the other things mentioned above–the signals we have discussed in this forum over the years—now seem to have at this advanced date of the age coalesced. The luciferically-spawned wickedness has brought the world to the point of totally depraved activity against children…

“Like in the days of Noah, the minds of men are almost always on evil continually. There seems nothing left to be done by Heaven’s governance than to institute God’s judgment and wrath.

“So I believe a case can be made that this worldwide movement to inflict Satan’s murderous intentions upon the most helpless among humankind–the children—constitutes the second greatest signal of how near is the Tribulation and God’s wrath.

THE RETURN OF THE GODS by Jonathan Cahn is a stunning, spiritual eye-opener to be sure! The author, through research for which he has a special gift, leads the reader in a breakdown expose’ of the insane evil we have been enduring lately. He informs in stark terms how the demonic wickedness of antiquity is as relevant, as contemporary, as our hourly news cycles.”

Here are some of Jonathan Cahn’s thoughts as he contemplated the release of his thought-provoking book.

“What I am about to release will be the most explosive book I have ever written—it is called The Return of the Gods. It is so explosive that I have no idea what will happen when it goes forth.  But we must speak the truth regardless–and let the chips fall where they fall.

The Mystery 

  • The mystery that The Return of the Gods will open will be of an entirely other dimension, one in which lies virtually everything now taking place in our culture. 
  • Is it possible that behind what is happening to America and the world lies a mystery hidden in inscriptions of ancient Mesopotamia?
  • Could the ancient entities known to the nations as the “gods” be more than just fiction and myth – but actually possess an independent reality?
  • Is it possible that they have returned to our world?  Could these entities lie behind what we see on our television screens and computer monitors, what our children are being taught in their classrooms, current events, news, and the movements of our times—behind what is even now influencing our lives without our realizing it?   Could this mystery be the explanation behind all the strange transformations happening to our culture in our own day?
  • Is it possible that one of these ancient entities actually entered the streets of New York City and started a cultural revolution that is still transforming our world?
  • Could there be a mystery that lies behind the sign of the rainbow and why it is now saturating our culture—a mystery that goes back to the tablets of ancient Sumer? 
  • Could the mystery of the gods actually have determined the outcome and timing of Supreme Court rulings down to their exact days?
  • Is it possible that the dynamics of ancient mythology have played out in our public squares in city streets in real time?
  • What is it all leading to? And what do we need to know in dealing with them – and in view of the future.  This is the mystery The Return of the Gods will reveal…

To this reviewer, this new book truly explains the extremely troubling, blasphemous machinations being carried on in cultures and societies at this late moment in human history. Don’t miss this one!


Author: Jonathan Cahn

Publisher: Charisma Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-63641-142-2

To Order: http://www.booksbyjonathancahn.com/ 


  1. Camilla Smith says:

    Terry—it is crucial, too, that we understand exactly what was going on back then in Days of Noah part 1, because Days of Noah part 2 is upon us, just as our Messiah warned. You already know this, but the Father is bringing this argument of “were there really giants?” to the forefront more now than ever before. Because we MUST understand the genetic manipulation that was going on then, is taking place again today! Satan’s evil ones are corrupting humans again, just as they were in the original Days of Noah. This is why the Word tells us that Noah was perfect in his generations! He was not corrupted. The Father’s Word tells us that all flesh, man and animals, was being (or had been) corrupted so that the thoughts were only evil all the time. We are rapidly seeing this happen. They are merging human and animal (mice) cells in laboratories everywhere, calling them “monoclonal antibodies”, and infusing them left and right. These cells are actually called “Immortal Hybrid Cells—Chimera”. A simple google of “monoclonal antibodies” will reveal this truth. And they are using antibody treatment in everything these days! They use them in the current “virus situation”, in autoimmune treatments, in cancer treatments and much more. I’m not a scientist, but I don’t want any immortal hybrid cells infused into my body. Anyway, thank you for continuing to be a diligent and set-apart watchman for the Father’s Kingdom.
    Your sister in Messiah Yahshua,

    • A Clark says:

      Our bodies, for believers sealed with the Holy Spirit, are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are His own, our bodies uniquely given to each one of us by God. Guard the temple, keep it pure. No micro chips, no immune system takeover by mRNA tech.

    • Ed Wood says:

      In Noah’s time, fallen angels were interbreeding with human females and the result were the hybrid Nephilim. We humans now have the technology to synthesize new forms of life in the lab. Wouldn’t surprise me if it already is going beyond this and that there are non-human entities involved today.

      Here’s another chilling thought – what about the Covid vaccines and any related ones that rely on the insertion of genetic instructions which program the mitochondria of our own cells to produce specific proteins they normally wouldn’t make?

      And . . . does this programming limit itself only to this or can it produce permanent changes within a cell nucleus that can be transmitted to a person’s descendants?

      Finally, do you think God will allow this all to continue without stepping in profoundly again as he did in Noah’s time? I don’t!

      By the way. I just pre-ordered the book because I feel I really need to educate myself a lot more as to how this all began and where it might lead.

  2. I agree but the Lord also protects the temples of the Holy Spirit.

    • Jill says:

      He also expects us to know what we are putting in our bodies and not blindly taking everything everyone in the world tells us to take! You can’t just flippantly abuse your body and expect God to protect your ignorance.

      • Thank you. Blessings.

      • Chris Madder says:

        Actually, you have just put God in a box, I do not think you can say that, the only thing you can say is that God would never do anything evil. But you have no idea how God will deal with even the most ignorant of people. I know there was a time when I was seriously deceived, do you think God abandoned me? Not a chance!

  3. Chris Madder says:

    Because people that I look up to are negative about Cahn, I have been in a quandary about him. I am very encouraged by your attitude towards him, you join the crew of Prophecy Watchers in your commendation, thank you. My mind is a lot easier, I will be buying the Book.

  4. John Newlin says:

    I think these “gods” are just the various members of the devil’s staff, the evil spirits of various authority levels as described by Paul, who are all part of the devil’s running amuck here in these last days as he knows his time is limited.

  5. David Michaelson says:

    Terry, I went back & forth today not wanting to reply because I felt it may come across as too negative.Although I would say I never really followed Jonathan, I saw enough of him that I felt he didn’t come across as genuine to me personally. Rather it appeared to me there’s a hidden agenda behind what he does. I came to this conclusion after listening to many of Jonathan broadcasts on Youtube, Daystar broadcasting, Jim & Tammy Bakker etc. He does have much to say about what he claims are the incarnation of ancient-day “spirits”, replicating their evil designs on humanity both in ancient times and now apparently today. But everything I’ve heard from Jonathan is soley for the purpose of selling his books and other materials to promote his ministry. You might say what’s wrong with that? He does have to support his work, I understand that, its just doing that doesn’t appeal to my way of thinking as a follower of Jesus Christ. I also stopped listening to Sid Roth and his ITS SUPERNATURAL! I stopped listening to him a few years ago after a broadcast I listened to with someone-I don’t remember his name now-nor would I mention here anyway-and this person Sid had on the broadcast appeared to be promoting a “prosperity gospel” quoting the Lord wants to see us reach our potential in many different ways-which He does. But the guest Sid had on his show started speaking of a person’s personal “wealth potential”, and how the Lord wants this for all of us! He wants us to follow Him 1st, then He provides our needs, as the Bible tells us. Anyway, you may cut this comment reply out, as Iwas pretty negative, and I understand if you do! Thanks Terry for hearing me here today.

    • Donna Thomas says:

      I tried to read Jonathan’s first 2 books and could only get 3/4ths through before having to stop. The first 3/4ths seemed right on, but then he went off the rail. Over time I have come to look at Jonathan Cahn as a sensationalist. He is always looking to “WOW!” people by using words and topics to excite and draw people in (“mystery” “shemitah”, etc.) He also associates with so many of the wrong teachers who are also sensationalists. He definetly comes across to me as a teacher who has one foot in the Kingdom and one foot in the world.
      Terry James is at the top of the list for me when it comes to Prophecy and he is a wonderful author. I have read several of his books and multitudes of his articles – nothing short of excellent. He is a blessing to the Church. But this endorsement of Jonathan Cahn confuses and disappoints me.

  6. A Clark says:

    I’ve listened to Jonathan for several years and appreciate his ministry. I think God chooses certain people to be out front to speak truth to the culture and the church. So we have people like Terry here and the folks at Skywatch at Prophecy Watchers as well as some others. If you listen to Jonathon, you have to understand where he comes from as a messianic rabbi who brings necessary perspectives to the church regarding ancient prophecy, warnings to the wicked culture, and calls to Repent and turn back to God. In all the times I’ve listened to him this is the consistent message from him. He is always challenging people in the church to wake up and be prepared. He is always lifting up the Lord in a way that I think honors Him. I appreciate the materials put out by all these people. They all write books. I believe God chose them to do just that so that we could benefit.

    All these people we follow here are close knit – Terry, the Gilberts, Ken Johnson, Gary Stearman, Jonathan, LA Marzoli, Etc. They know each other have a lot to communicate to us that is just not being communicated from anywhere else.

    I just want to say I deeply appreciate all of them. I do not necessarily agree with everything said by them but the stuff they put out is always carefully researched and the Lord is really opening up Revelation today through these people.

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