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Terry James’ New Book!


TRAJECTORY_3D_smThe religious leaders of Jesus’ days on earth were unable to see the powerful clouds of destiny surrounding them. The Lord called them “hypocrites” because they could discern the physical weather, but not the spiritual storm about to break. They claimed to have a direct connection with God, yet failed to see Israel’s promised Messiah standing among them at that very moment. Therefore, through their willful rejection, they couldn’t warn the people of the tumultuous time ahead if repentance and reconciliation, thus redemption, were not forthcoming.

Today’s society and culture are increasingly saturated with evil, Genesis 6-level activity. Delusion and deception (deceivers and demonic influences) assault this generation through reprobate thinking. Yet most religious leaders within Christendom, like the religionists of Jesus’ time, can’t—or won’t—recognize and warn about the spiritual storm that is stirring up the winds of the coming Tribulation.

We only have to consider how this so-called woke insanity with its cancel culture is affecting people who have been inculcated with anti-God, anti-America-as-founded education—how social, mainstream news and entertainment media and even the commercial industry and US military suffer from the upside-down thinking flowing from humanity turning its back on God.

TRAJECTORY: Tracking the Approaching Tribulation Storm projects—through seventeen Bible prophecy experts—a vivid, in-depth picture of what is happening. Each contributor, with superlative analysis of the issues and events of this end-of-the-age turbulence, lights up in radar scope-like magnification the boiling, end-times clouds and lightning of wickedness approaching from across the prophetic horizon.

Chapters within the pages of TRAJECTORY bring to the front and center of last-days dynamics the terrible times just ahead for all who rebel against the God of Heaven.

Prophecy experts such as Dr. David Reagan, Tim Moore, Nathan Jones, Dr. Tom Hughes, Todd Strandberg, Dr. Tom Horn, Jeff Kinley, Daymond Duck, Bill Salus, Mike Gendron, Jim Fletcher, Wilfred Hahn, and others give siren-like warnings of how near this generation is to the full-blown storm scheduled to make landfall on earth during Daniel’s seventieth week.

Yet beyond the gloom is the magnificent, golden sunrise with the Risen Son of God getting ready to call all into His eternal shelter. The Rapture and Heaven are, perhaps, as near as the next tick of the clock.

You will want to tune in to this coverage of the prophetic weather channel—God’s prophetic Word overlaid upon the strange issues and events of today.

TRAJECTORY: Tracking the Approaching Tribulation Storm

General Editor: Terry James

Publisher: Defender Publishing

ISBN: 13:978-1948014588

To order: AMAZON


  1. Chris Madder says:

    When will this be available on Kindle? I live thousands of miles away from you and the postal service here is completely unreliable, so Kindle is the only way I can lay my hands on books. (I ask because I have just been to the appropriate ‘seller’ and it is not recognised.

  2. Harvey says:

    I have to wonder.. Why am I not shouting a warning from the rooftops about the approaching danger which threatens the entire world? ( I am talking about the Tribulation period and have no doubt about how terrible it will be for those who find themselves in it.) Do I care? Am I such a craven coward that I would let so many face destruction without warning them? Is it not ‘imminent’ as they say? Books are better than nothing you could say, but primarily for the edification of believers. Is there time? Is the urgency and seriousness of the situation not such that we must overcome our own discomfort and tell people face to face of the danger they are in? If they were facing an approaching train, would we wait for introduction and not shout and physically move people out of the way, even at the risk of our own safety, if needs be? Can we ‘fiddle while Rome burns’, discuss it calmly over a cup of coffee or something , then explain to the Lord afterwards our lack of care or concern for the lost?
    I would like to think I am made of better stuff. I hope I am. I have thought about it – little else, in fact! I am waiting and praying for the Revival which I am assured is coming first. Then will be the time to act and tell the people that time is indeed short and there will be clear evidence that I am not talking through my hat.

  3. Ed Wood says:

    I just placed an order for this book. This is just another way to be on watch, which is what Jesus told us to do and is something we should all be actively doing without delay because tomorrow is guaranteed for none of us.

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