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Les Feldick—A Most Faithful Servant

Les FeldickLes Feldick, TV host and in-depth Bible teacher almost without peer is now in the arms of the Lord he served devotedly for many decades.

Les, I easily acknowledge, invested heavily in my own desire to serve in our Lord’s great cause. For many years, his program, Thru the Bible with Les Feldick, was and continues to be on my TV screen while I begin my mornings, usually around 4 am. His program was—and still is—on four times on various channels, and I sometimes will listen twice to hear the points he made in those hundreds of programs over the years.

Like Paul the great apostle wrote, our minds can’t truly know all the things the Lord has prepared for us when our course on earth is finished. Certainly those heavenly marvels must be spectacular beyond all human imagination for this man of God.

Thankfully, Les will, through his TV programs, continue to teach us until the Lord calls in the way the Lord has called Les, or until the Rapture—that blessed event Les Feldick so enthusiastically taught at every opportunity.

Below is the obituary his family presents to honor beloved father, grandfather, brother, and uncle.

We will soon see him again, alive and well for eternity. The great reunion with Les is just a heartbeat—or twinkling of an eye moment—away.


Dear friends,

On Wednesday, April 5th at approximately 8:30 p.m., surrounded by his loving wife Iris and family, Les Feldick passed from this world into eternal Glory. Les was a true workman that needed not be ashamed because he devoted his life to serving the Lord Jesus through teaching God’s Word rightly divided as stated in II Timothy 2:15. He was able to remain at the place he loved most on Earth, his cattle ranch in Lona Valley, until the very end. Although Les has left us bodily, his legacy will live on through the ministry he and Iris began in 1990. “Through the Bible” has and will continue to bless many with a deeper understanding of Biblical truths.

Prayers for the family are greatly appreciated but we would ask that you not send flowers, gifts, etc. Many of you have asked about the future and we want to ease your minds—”Through the Bible” will continue! Les expressed to us many times his wishes for us to carry on with the ministry, and that is what we intend to do as long as the Lord allows. Les always stressed that it took the efforts of many people to bring this teaching to the masses, and there are many who are working to insure it continues for years to come.


Les Eugene Feldick was born June 6, 1927, to Ted and Lu Feldick at home on the farm near Buffalo Center, Iowa. He passed peacefully into Glory on April 5, 2023, at the age of 95. Les was raised on a family farm. He graduated from Buffalo Center High School as class president in 1944.

As a young man, Les enjoyed farming, sports, history, and listening to good gospel preaching on the radio while he milked the cows.

Les enrolled at the University of Montana in Missoula. Out of love and commitment to his family and the land, he returned to the family farm before graduating.

Les joined the Army in 1950 and served at the Army/Navy Hospital in Hot Springs, Arkansas, attaining the rank of Sergeant.

Les met Iris Gray on Valentine’s Day in 1953. They were married on June 21, 1953. Les and his new bride moved from Hot Springs, AR, back to the family farm near Buffalo Center, Iowa. They raised three children in the love and admonition of Jesus Christ.

Early in his farming career, Les began teaching from the Bible to a small home Bible study group under the leading and encouragement of a close friend and missionary.

Other weekly home Bible studies were soon requested of Les, who was blessed greatly by God with the gift of Bible teaching. God’s Word did not return void. Many hearts, minds, and souls were transformed to the glory of God through those small, home Bible study groups.

Les moved his family to an Oklahoma cattle ranch near Kinta, OK, in 1975, not far from where Iris was born and raised. Iris continued as a registered nurse and Les developed a cow/calf operation.

Not long after moving to Oklahoma, Les was asked to lead a morning Bible study with the Stigler police force. Upon invitation, other weekly Bible studies began in Tahlequah, Wilburton, Muskogee, and McAlester, Oklahoma. A request to televise a Bible study led by Les in Tulsa, OK, was made in 1990. This locally televised and “temporary” program began what would become a ministry of world-wide impact. The sound biblical teachings of a Holy Spirit led, self-taught farmer/rancher continues to inspire and instruct millions worldwide.

Les is survived by his sweetheart of 70 years, Iris. Greg (wife-Janette,) their first-born,) and Todd (wife-Kim,)  their third child, remember their dad with love, admiration, respect, and gratitude. His sister, Jan, 3 nephews, 3 nieces, 9 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren also remain. Laura, their daughter, preceded her father in death in 2017. Les’ brother, Harley, also preceded him in death.


Les no doubt has now heard our Lord say to him: “Well done, good, faithful, servant.”


  1. Terry, and all others, it seems to be a time of the Lord calling His elders back to Himself. Les, Charles Stanley, and I am waiting for the next giant of Scripture teaching to return back to the Father.

    We are living in the most peculiar and deluded generation ever to hit this late, great planet earth. We are strangers in a strange land and that is NOT hyperbole! We all feel it. We know it. We are eagerly awaiting that trumpet sound, and the call of our Beloved to come up to where He is. Our work here on this planet is almost finished. The hatred for the followers of Christ is becoming more powerful and destructive. Hiding places are not to be sought out, only a higher hill, a much greater awareness that we are not going to stop preaching, teaching, and sharing the ONLY HOPE that this world has.

    I will say it again, we are strangers in a strange land. Our home is with the One in Whom we place our trust and our lives. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with our spirits, and with the spirits of all the saints worldwide. God bless and keep each one of you. In His Name…MARANANTHA!!!

  2. Jeri M says:

    I too so enjoyed Les’s Thru the Bible, and was so sad to hear he passed.
    What a sweet man and family.  Seems our good preachers are being called
    home after a lifetime of serving our Lord and teaching His Word. I long
    to meet them soon!

    God bless you Terry and all you are teaching us!


  3. A Clark says:

    We have lost some great Bible teachers recently. We still have some but the rest of us need to step up.

  4. Ed Wood says:

    Maybe God is taking these good people out of harm’s way earlier, rather than later.

  5. Lisa K says:

    Many times I was able to hear Les on his program. He carried old time persona with biblical knowledge that drew me in. I never knew if it was an old program that kept airing (like the other biblical scholar J Vernon McGee), or if he was still releasing new programs. Thank you for this post about Les. What a legacy. Now, deservedly, he lives in glory with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Lisa K

  6. I Loved to watch and learn from Les and his solid understanding and teaching of The Word. Many things he taught I already know but to hear them come out of his mouth was pure Joy. So many so called teachers today couldn’t fill a thimble with Biblical knowledge because of their corrupt twisting of the Word. But Les Feldick was as solid a Bible Teacher as I have seen. Graduation to the Kingdom in the Loving Arms of Jesus is the Greatest experience and one day it will be our turn.

  7. Linda Johnson says:

    My husband died of covid in 2022 and it has been a hard adjustment. WIthout the Lord I would not have made it. During these grevious days, my son and I found Les on the internet and later on our t.v. WHAT a delight to hear him expound Truth . He reminded me of the lady teacher who led me to the Lord in 1952 and taught the Bible; therefore , I had a special heart connection to his style and delivery. Loosing him and Dr. Charles Stanley both this month has been so sad!!! I think that we are a little jealous being left behind. (smile).I look forward to seeing him, along with my precious husband in the near future. THe time surely is near for many of us, besides the rapture, which keeps us looking up in anticipation.!
    Blessings and prayers to the family. God alone can fill the hole that Les left. Thank you for sharing him with us. Our parting IS temporary.

  8. Words cannot express the love,
    admiration , happiness and Truth
    that Les and Iris has brought to my husband and myself. He is such an
    inspiration and a role model to all.
    My heart sank when I heard of his death.
    We all know that he is with Our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit! Hallelujah!
    Sweet Iris, may our Awesome Lord
    watch over and give you Peace and comfort at this difficult time. Thank you
    for all the hard work that yall have endured to continue the ministry.
    You and Les have touched and changed so many lives…Given hope to the hopeless. Spread Love to the ones who need it the most. Please realize behind
    every great man, there is a loving , strong ,sweet wife who enables and shares his dreams. Thank you for sharing
    your husband with many…supporting him so that as a team , yall made and continue to make such a positive , loving and hopeful impact on so many lives. Respectfully, Margie and Gary Dungan

  9. Judy Isner says:

    Les was instrumental in my mothers learning biblical truths!
    Have been so grateful for his ministry! She passed in 2008.
    I myself loved his clear teaching of God’s word.

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