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Terry James Interview with Jan Markell

Terry James’ interview with Jan Markell on the new book, “Discerners: Analyzing Converging Prophetic Signs For the End Of Days,” will air this Saturday.
The program is heard on Jan’s Understanding The Times broadcast on 850 radio stations across America. You can find it on your stations that carry American Family Radio Network.


  1. Clint Krogman says:

    very interesting the book of Ezekiel 38 and 39, what is the plunder and booty, what is that?
    I also 38:12; “to take a spoil and to take a prey”?
    help me to make a clear what the meaning is.

    • Terry James says:

      The coalition to Israel’s north in this Ezekiel prophecy of the Gog-Magog attack apparently gets the idea to destroy Israel and take the riches Israel possesses.

      We see that coalition gathered already. The main participants are Russia, Iran and Turkey.

      At the same time, Israel has found vast new natural gas deposits and oil fields, not even to mention the many other assets they possess.

      The stage is set for that attack, which I believe will take place following the Rapture, and likely, just before the confirming of the covenant of peace for 7 years by the man who will become Antichrist (Daniel 9: 26-27).

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